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Who is she?
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Who is she?


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Ada Lovelace's Biography

Ada Lovelace's Biography

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  • 1. Analyst, Metaphysician, and Founder of Scientific Computing
  • 2.  Her name is Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace. She was born on 10 December 1815 and she died on 27 November 1852. Her father and mother separated when she was a baby. She was raised by her mother and grandmother. Ada was ill when she was a child and spent much time in bed. Ada’s mother promoted Ada’s interest in Mathematics and logic. She was privately schooled by well-known tutors. She also learned music. She married William King and they had three children. teteg.13
  • 3. Ada when she was a child teteg.13
  • 4.  Throughout her life, Ada was strongly interested in scientific developments . With Charles Babbage, she studied “The Analytical Engine” and the “ Difference Engine”. In 1842, Charles was invited to give a seminar at the University of Turin about his analytical engine. Luigi Menabrea a young Italian engineer, wrote up Babbages lecture in French, and Babbage asked Ada to translate it into English. She also added some notes and explanations to the original.. teteg.13
  • 5.  In 1953, over one hundred years after her death, Adas notes on Babbages Analytical Engine were republished. The engine has now been recognized as an early model for a computer and Adas notes as a description of a computer and software. teteg.13
  • 6. teteg.13
  • 7.  Ada died of cancer in 1852, at the age of 37. Her contributions to science were resurrected only recently. Ada Lovelace is widely held to have been the first computer programmer. teteg.13
  • 8.  “Ada Lovelace Day" is an annual event celebrated in mid-October whose goal is to "raise the profile of women in science, technology, engineering and maths". The Ada Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the involvement of women in the free culture and open source movements. teteg.13
  • 9.  On the 197th anniversary of her birth, Google dedicated its Google Doodle to her. The doodle shows Lovelace working on a formula along with images that show the evolution of the computer. teteg.13
  • 10. teteg.13
  • 11. This is a portrait of Ada’s father. He was a very famous poet.However, she was buried beside him at the Church of St.MaryMagdalene, in Hucknall, Nottingnall. teteg.13
  • 12.  Sally Ride  Eugenie Clarke Luise Zietz  Clara Zetzin And many more…………… DO YOU KNOW ANY? teteg.13
  • 13.  WRITE a composition about a woman in science, technology, engineering math or literature whose achievements you admire and share it with us. REMEMBER:  Introduction : who is it? Why is she important’  Body : write about short biography.  Conclusion : why do you admire her? HAND IT IN: before Easter. teteg.13
  • 14.  Images taken from Google. Information taken from: Ada_Lovelace. /blog/2012/oct/13/Tuesday-ada-lovelace-day- inspirational-women teteg.13