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Presentación lisboa. trabajo de inglés
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Presentación lisboa. trabajo de inglés

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Lisboa by Alberto

Lisboa by Alberto

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  • 1. English work By Alberto Name: Alberto First name: Lago Course : First Bach Date: 03/03/2014
  • 2. LISBOA Lisbon is capital of Portugal. It has 474,697 inhabitants. The Atlantic Ocean lies to the West and to the East is Spain.
  • 3. Multicultiral city Lisbon is visited every year by Chinese, Japanese, Brazilians , Spanish, English… they are prepared to speak English.
  • 4. Underground It also has a subway that runs through the city in combination with a tram
  • 5. The magic of the tram Praça do Comércio Typical balconies city The magic of the tram takes you to every corner of the city
  • 6. A cup of coffee in the Camoes Square The famous "A Brasileira" is in the uptown of Lisbon. You have to wait about 10 minutes to be served. But coffee is delicious. That afternoon I had three coffees. I remember it because I did not sleep that night slept
  • 7. Gastronomy Restaurants around the world fill the city. But Italian food is very present. The secret of Belém, ammmm…like! delicious.
  • 8. Sunshine and good weather! I think the sun is very important in our lives. Lisbon boasts stunning beaches and good hospitality
  • 9. The Castle of “San Jorge” Muslim conquered castle in the nineteenth century by King Alfonso Henrique of Portugal. It has the best views of Lisbon
  • 10. A fun and lively city Entertainment for children and adults. Aquarium Lisbon Night city and aqueduct
  • 11. MY OPINION Lisbon is magic. It is located in an area with nice weather. It is well connected with other countries. It is also a safe city where several languages are spoken.​​ The Portuguese are very polite and friendly. The new quarter as the old quarter are highly recommended to visit.