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Testo Instruments 2012 overview

Testo Instruments 2012 overview



We offer an extensive range of instruments for many parameters and applications including; Temperature, Humidity, Velocity, Gas analysis, RPM, Pressure, Light, pH, Sound. ...

We offer an extensive range of instruments for many parameters and applications including; Temperature, Humidity, Velocity, Gas analysis, RPM, Pressure, Light, pH, Sound.

testo instruments are widely used in the following sectors: HVAC-R: heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. Process Industry: manufacturing industries, service companies and utilities. Food Sector: including food manufacture, transport, storage, distribution and retail. Thermal Imaging: for building surveys, maintenance, electrical inspections and production monitoring.



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    Testo Instruments 2012 overview Testo Instruments 2012 overview Document Transcript

    • We measure it.Professional Measurement Solutions:an Overview.
    • Professional Measurement Solutions: an Overview Testo. Expertise in precision. The demands placed on practice-oriented measurement Research at Testo solutions are becoming more and more complex and individual. Recognizing exactly these customers demands Employees from all disciplines: physics, chemistry, is therefore a central task, as is the constant attention paid electronics, process technology and micromechanics carry to new technologies: Testo carries out its own research, and out applied research in sensor and measurement because of this, assumes a pace-setting rôle in the market. technology. Testo is involved in cooperation with Real innovations in the area of sensor technology, but also universtities, works closely with national institutes and is progress in microelectronics, measurement data storage or represented in a number of committees dealing with communication with other media such as PCs and Pocket innovative sensor technology world wide. PCs benefit all Testo customers. This combination of years of practice and closeness to the customer, with attention to theory – also in the area of Further training and qualification fundamental research – raises the usefulness of Testo measurement solutions for all our customers, and commits To remain a market leader, one needs not only excellent to the future. products, one must also be able to adapt to change quickly. Against this background, the topic of further training and Testo offers perfected measuring instrument variants and qualification plays a crucial part at Testo – internally and services for a broad range of applications. With roughly externally. 2300 employees, 31 subsidiaries and over 80 distribution partners, Testo is represented on all continents. One of the most important prerequisites for fulfilling complex measurement tasks and increasing demands on quality is that ones knowledge is always up-to-date. On the one hand, this involves being able to provide the user with practice-oriented training and seminars, on the other hand the intensive training of ones own staff.2
    • We measure it.Qualified service ContentsTesto offers competent and fair consultation in all questions 4/5 Measurement Technology for Foodto do with measurement technology. After sale, weguarantee the user fast help – world-wide. 6/7 Measurement Technology for Air ConditioningWe are a market leader because we take all the services and Ventilationinvolving the product seriously: service, support, availability– we commit ourselves before sale, after sale and in all 8/9 Measurement Solutions for Refrigerationphases of application. We wont let you down. Technology 10/11 Measurement Technology for Heating and InstallationCertified assuredness 12/13 Measurement Solutions for Emission, Service and ThermoprocessesThere is no room for error in quality assurance. That is whyTesto Industrial Services offers certified calibration inaccordance with all valid guidelines (such as ISO 9000ff, QS 14/15 Portable Measurement Solutions for Industrial9000, DAkkS, ÖKD, Cofrac, NIST, GMP, HACCP, FDA etc.) Applicationsand various services. The calibration takes place in our ownaccredited high-tech laboratories. 16/17 Stationary Measurement Solutions for Air Conditioning and Process 18/19 Testo world-wide 3
    • Measurement Technology for Food Controlled freshness. In the food sector, different logistical tasks must act The electronic deep-fryer oil tester is a real highlight, together to ensure that cold chains remain uninterrupted, providing reliable information within a few seconds about and that product temperature and ambient conditions are the degree to which the oil is used up. monitored and documented. Testo provides the technology needed to fulfil these requirements. Irrespective of whether for spot checks or continuous measurement, whether core, Documenting measurement parameters systematically surface or room temperatures, or other parameters such as We provide system solutions, with which documentation pH values or humidity are to be measured. tasks can be fulfilled very easily. A good example of these Measurement solutions for practice are the data loggers, with which temperature and humidity In cases of doubt, the freshness of foodstuffs and the sequences can be recorded. The loggers collect up to 2 digestibility of dishes are difficult to judge. Measurements million data – readout is possible by simply conecting to a can provide help making decisions. Testo measuring PC (mini USB or SD card) without additional interface instruments, with optimized wireless or conventional probes not only cover a huge spectrum of different applications, they also provide pre-defined, clear user profiles and useful accessories for the respective application.4
    • We measure it.The right measuring instrument for every taskAlarm and logger thermometer All-round thermometertesto 735-2 testo 926• Connection of 3 plug-in probes and 3 wireless • Fast probes for every application probes • Wireless measurement with radio probes• System accuracy up to 0.05 °C possible• Instrument memory for up to 10,000 measure- • Measurement data printout on site on Testo ment values report printer• PC software for archiving, analyzing and docu- • TopSafe, the indestructible protectection case menting measurement data • New parameter: °R (degree Réaumur)• Display, storage and printout of Delta T, min., °C, °R max. and mean values °CFolding thermometer Measurement data monitoring systemtesto 103 / testo 104 testo Saveris• testo 103 – at 11 cm, the smallest folding • Measurement and documentation of thermometer in its class temperature and humidity values in the• testo 104 – waterproof (IP65) and robust environment and in processes• testo 104 – with illuminated display °C, %RH • Data transfer possible by wireless and• Especially robust probe Ethernet connection• Quickly to hand and always available • Automatic data collection and safe central• Easy to clean data storage testo 103: °C / • Comprehensive alarm management when limit testo 104: °C, °R values are exceeded • Conforms with food standard EN12830pH tester Deep-fryer oil measuring instrumenttesto 206 testo 270• pH1 probe head for liquids • Robust sensor with sensor protection layer• pH2 probe head for soft foods • Two freely selectable quality limit values• Combination: pH penetration tip with • Alarm function: 3-colour LED (green, yellow, red) temperature measurement probe • Automatic full-scale value recognition with %TPM• Maintenance-free gel electrolyte • Audible/optical alarm• Automatic full-scale value recognition • Robust, water-proof TopSafe protective case• Robust, water-proof TopSafe protectiive case • Optional hand loop %TPM, °C pH, °CInfrared temperature measurement Temperature data logger (1-channel)testo 831 testo 175 T1• Non-contact measurement of surface temperature, ideally • Professional temperature monitoring for for the food sector refrigerated and deep-freeze rooms• 2-point laser measurement spot marker and 30:1 optics • Compact data logger for long-term monitoring• Exact measurement even at greater distances of temperature, e.g. during transport of goods• Large measuring range from -30 to +210 °C °C• Hold function and display of min./max. values• Two adjustable alarm limit values• Also available as a set with the core thermometer testo 106 °C More products at www.testo.co.uk 5
    • Measurement Technology for Air Conditioning and Ventilation For a good climate. Air conditioning and ventilation is a complex and varied field. The technical demands are high. Low energy consumption, high levels of operating safety, constant availability – at the same time, the air conditioning and ventilation of single rooms should be individually and promptly regulatable. Testo offers the measurement technology required for this. Complete, for all measurement parameters. Our years of experience stand for practicable and efficient measurement solutions. No-one offers more Nowhere else is such a comprehensive selection of probes for all the parameters required in air conditioning technology to be found: Flow velocity, humidity, temperature Lux, sound, CO2, CO and degree of turbulence. In addition to classical probes with cables, wireless measurement up to a distance of 20 m (without obstructions) is possible. Damage to the cable or hindrance in usage are thus eliminated. The wireless probes are available for the parameters temperature and humidity. The optimal, easily plugged-in radio module can be retrofitted at any time. The Testo calibration certificates provide absolute security – for whichever parameter. As regards calibration, Testo has taken over the rôle of a pace-setter on the market.6
    • We measure it.The right measuring instrument for every taskVAC analysis instrument All-round talenttesto 480 testo 435• Digital probes with intelligent calibration • Instrument memory for up to 10,000 concept measurement values• SD card and USB interface • PC software for analyzing, archiving and• Report creation via PC software "EasyClimate" documenting the measurement data• Graphical display • IAQ probe, Lux probe and Comfort Probe• Trackpad • Vane measurement and integrated differential• IrDA printer interface pressure probe for Pitot tube measurement • Wireless probes for temperature and humidity °C, m/s, %RH, m3/h, m3/h, m/s, CO2, %RH, hPa, Co2, Lux °C, ∆P, Lux, COLarge area vane anemometer Measurement data monitoring systemtesto 417 testo Saveris• Flow direction recognition • Measurement and documentation of• Temperature, flow velocity and volume flow temperature and humidity values in the measurement environment and in processes• Multi-point and timed mean value calculation • Data transfer possible by wireless and• Max./min. values Ethernet connection• Hold button to freeze the measurement values °C, %RH • Automatic data collection and safe central• Funnel measurement (optional) data storage • Comprehensive alarm management when limit values are exceeded °C, m/s, m3/h • Additional parameters can be integrated via 0/4 to 20 mA, 0 to 1/5/10 VVane anemometer Differential pressure measuring instrumenttesto 416 testo 512• Direct display of volume flow • 8 pressure units selectable: kPa, hPa, Pa, mm• Mean value calculation by point and time H2O, mmHg, psi, inch H2O, inch Hg• Max./min. and Hold functions • 2 flow velocity units selectable: m/s, fpm• Display illumination • Tightness compensation integrated• Auto-off function • Display illumination• TopSafe, protection of instrument from dirt • Max./min. and Hold functions and impact (optional) • Printout of measurement values incl. date/time m/s hPa, m/sLight intensity measuring instrument Indoor Air Quality monitoring instrumenttesto 540 testo 623• Sensor adapted to spectral sensitivity of the eye • Analysis of past temperature and humidity• Hold function and min./max. values measurement values directly on site• Display illumination °C, %RH • Histogram shows measurement results of the last 90 days • All important values at a glance • Large, optimally illuminated display Lux More products at www.testo.co.uk 7
    • Measurement Solutions for Refrigeration Technology The benefits of digital manifolds. Testo is again setting standards in refrigeration technology Among the most important characteristics are the recording with the manifolds for measuring, recording, regulating and and documentation of the values measured on site. They analyzing refrigeration systems and heat pumps. can be directly stored in the instrument and later transferred What began with accurate and practical pressure and flow to a PC. Online measurement on site via a PC is also velocity measuring instruments and electronic manifolds for possible. the refrigeration trade, now finds its technological continuation in the manifolds testo 550, 557 and 570. The Software „EasyKool“ high-quality analyzers form a unit composed of highly The software „EasyKool“ offers professional data accurate sensors for measuring pressure, vacuum, administration on a PC, and thus optimum refrigerant temperature (up to 3 temperatures simultaneously), current management. Measurement values can be shown consumption, oil pressure and refrigerant filling quantities. graphically as well as in tabular form. If all actions are The instruments have a 4-way valve block (testo 576 and recorded during commissioning, a commissioning report testo 570). The large, backlit display digitally shows the can be drawn up. Uninterrupted documentation of data over pressure and the condensation and evaporation a defined period of time allows the causes of malfunctions temperatures. There are over 30 refrigerant curves stored in to be objectively diagnosed. the instrument, which can be updated free of charge via internet and software (testo 570). This makes the instrument family suitable for almost all refrigeration systems, and replaces the complicated mechanical manifolds.8
    • We measure it.Exactly the right measuring instrument for every applicationDigital manifold Leakage detector for refrigerantstesto 550 testo 316-4• For all measurement tasks on refrigeration • Optical and audible alarm systems and heat pumps • Permanent sensor check• Calculation of superheating and subcooling in • Easy change of sensor by the user real time • Maximum indicator shows maximum leakages• 2-way valve block with 3 connections • Earplug socket for secure localization of• Display illumination leakages in loud surroundings• 39 refrigierants stored in instrument• Display of MIN/MAX/MEAN bar, psi, kPa, °C, °F g/aDigital manifolds Infrared thermometertesto 557 testo 830 T2additionally to testo 550 • With 2-point laser measurement point marking• The ideal solution for commissioning, • Possibility of connecting an external probe for service and maintenance contact measurement• 4-way valve block with sight glass • 12:1 optics allow accurate measurements over• Integrated vacuum measurement for large distances evacuation of systems• Calculation of the evaporation temperature of water kPa, mbar, micron, °C bar, psi, °C/°FDigital manifold Long-term data loggertesto 570 testo 176 T4additionally to testo 550 and 557 • Simultaneous temperature measurement at up• The professional solution for commissioning, to service and maintenance 4 different locations• Serial measurements up to 999h possible 4 x external °C, °F • Memory up to 2 million measurement values• Optional software EasyKool • Various thermocouple probes connectable• Report printout on site (Type J, Type K, Type T) kPa, mbar, micron, bar, psi, °C/°FTemperature measuring instrument Temperature measuring instrument(1-channel) (2-channel)testo 110 testo 922• Wireless measurement with radio probes • 2-channel temperature measuring instrument possible with optional wireless probes• TopSafe, the indestructible protective case, • Display of differential temperature protects fom dirt and impact (with TopSafe • TopSafe, the indestructible protective case, and fitted: IP65) protects from dirt and impact• Audible alarm (adjustable limit valuesr) • Cyclic printout of measurement values, e.g.• Large, backlit display once per minute °C °C More products at www.testo.co.uk 9
    • Measurement Technology for Heating and Installation Combustion under control. A new opportunity: The market for the supply of heating for buildings is changing. Solar energy systems, heat pumps, gas calorific value instruments, solid fuel combustion (pellet systems) and other technologies, integrated concepts for the provision of energy, as well as electronic control systems are becoming standard. The objectives remain: heat supply by demand, low energy consumption and minimal pollutant emission. Every combustion plant must work optimally – irrespective of the technology used. This means regular checks and adjustment. Our contribution – we provide the best measurement technology. We closely follow developments, recognize trends and are thus able to offer fully developed applications very early. Spoilt for choice? Whichever gas analyzer you decide on, you can depend on the reliable functioning of the gas sensors, „the heart of the analyzer“. This avoids susceptibility and corrosion. And your measurement results are immediately available thanks to modern interfaces (USB, IrDA, .BLUETOOTH®, infrared.) Easy and comprehensible operation, an ingenious measurement case system and practice-oriented accessories additionally facilitate your work – reliable, fast, professional.10
    • We measure it.Exactly the right measuring instrument for every requirementExhaust gas analyzer Exhaust gas analyzertesto 330 LL visualizes measurement data graphically testo 327• Colour graphic display, self-explanatory graphics • 4-line segment display and symbols • TÜV approved• Extended measurement menus for • Easy data documentation on site on Testo comprehensive analysis printer• Logger function • Store for 20 measurement data blocks• °C, hPa, O2, CO2 determination, ambient CO/CO2 (testo 327-2) measurement, gas leak measurement, ∆T, P, Eta, • Li-ion batteries (chargeable in instrument or qA, gas pipe testing charger)• Long sensor life up to 6 years, warranty 4 years °C, O2, hPa, CO, Eta, qA,• USB interface CO/H2 (testo 327-2)• BImSchV menu, manual CO switch-off, qA mean valueDigital smoke tester Checking system for gas and water pipestesto 308 testo 314• Digital measurement value display • Gas-tightness and load tests on gas pipes• Single and threefold measurement acc. to • Pressure check on water pipes (high pressure BlmSchV (TÜV-tested) measurement up to 25 bar)• Li ion rech. battery (chargeable in and • Fast determination of gas leak quantity outside the instrument) (serviceability test)• Data transfer by infrared interface to the • Safe detection of gas leaks with testo 316-1 flue gas analyzer or printer • Evaluation software for the presentation of Smoke count• Optional: BLUETOOTH® interface measurement sequences hPa, l/h, ∆T, ∆PThermal imagers Carbon monoxide monitortesto 875, 876, 881, 882, 885, 890 testo 317-3• Excellent image quality with optional • Warns of dangerous CO concentrations in the SuperResolution technology (up to 1280 x ambient air 960 pixels) • No zero phase, instrument is ready for use• Exchangeable lens for more flexibility immediately• Panorama image assistant for large • Settable alarm threshhold measurement objects • CO-zeroing at the measurement location• Professional analysis software for high- • Optical and audible alarm quality thermography reports CO• Measurement mode for the presentation of °C, %RH mould-risk areasFlue gas analyzer for emission measurement Electronic gas leak detectortesto 340 testo 316-2• Max. 4 gas sensors (pre-calibrated, can be • Flexible measurement probe for inaccessible changed by the user) places• Up to 3 freely selectable sensors (CO, COlow, • Optical and audible alarm with bar display for NO, NOlow, NO2, SO2) increasing and dangerous gas concentrations• Integrated differential pressure and flow • Trend display shows maximum leakage velocity measurement • Integrated pump• Measurement range extension for one sensor, CH4, C3H8, H2 • Earphone connection for secure leakage optionally for all sensors simultaneously localization in loud surroundings • High duration of use thanks to rechargeable CO, COlow, NO, battery NOlow, NO2 and SO2 More products at www.testo.co.uk 11
    • Measurement Solutions for Emission, Service and Thermoprocesses Precise values for the sake of efficiency and the environment. Modern emission analysis must fulfil a range of demands – · High accuracy (comparable with infrared or Testo continuously adapts to these demands: from ongoing chemiluminescent technology from the area of stationary emission checks, via the setting and optimization of applications). combustion plants up to process monitoring in thermal · Long-term measurements (quasi-stationary) from several manufacturing. The adaptable exhaust gas analysis hours to several weeks. systems, which Testo has now been developing, producing · Versatile sampling probes for many different sampling and distributing for more than 30 years, focus not only on locations. precision, but above all on practicabilty and handling. · High to extreme measuring ranges for use in raw gas or in special furnace atmospheres. Directly with the customer The demands in the area of exhaust gas analysis are The particular advantages excel in day-to-day use becoming more and more complex and individual – Testo The practice-oriented Testo instrument concept for has reacted to this, especially in the industrial customer emission measurement offers essential features: Pre- segment: qualified Testo specialists analyze the requirement calibrated gas sensors with plug-in electronics, which are profile, design and define the optimum system solution. as easy to change as batteries, as well as the long working life of the sensors, which considerably reduces test gas For special use in industry calibration intervals. A further distinctive characteristic of The exhaust gas analyzer family is especially tailored to the the Testo instruments is the integrated Peltier gas demands of industry: preparation with a hose pump for condensate disposal.12
    • We measure it.Exactly the right measuring instrument for every requirementReference analyzer Compact exhaust gas analyzertesto 360 testo 340• Max. 7 gas sensors • Max. 4 gas sensors (pre-calibrated, can be• In terms of accuracy, fully compatible with exchanged by user) stationary measurement technology • Up to 3 selectable sensors (CO, COlow, NO,• Tested for suitability for all systems according NOlow, NO2, SO2) to TI air, • Integrated differential pressure and flow velocity 13. and 17. BlmSchV measurement• Integrated, low absorbtion Peltier gas • Measuring range extension for one sensor, preparation optionally for all sensors simultaneously• Data logger function over several days and O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, O2, CO, COlow, NO, weeks HC, CO2 (NDIR), ex- NOlow, NO2, SO2 haust gas humidity NEWPortable exhaust gas measurement system Starter exhaust gas analyzertesto 350 testo 325-I_S02• Max. 6 gas sensors (pre-calibrated, can be • Exchange of sensors by the user exchanged by user) • Instrument protection thanks to removable• Colour graphic display with user-specific condensate trap menu and helpful instrument pre-settings • Measurement value printout on site incl. date• Removable operating unit and time• Measuring range extension for various gas • Exhaust gas probe with 3 m hose sensors with selectable dilution factors• Integrated Peltier gas preparation O2, CO, COlow, NO, NOlow, NO2, SO2, H2S, HC, CO2 (NDIR)Portable exhaust gas analyzer Thermal imagerstesto 350-MARITIME testo 875, 876, 881, 882, 885, 890• Measurement of flue gas emissions • Excellent image quality with optional according to MARPOL Annex VI and SuperResolution technology (up to 1280 x 960 NOx Technical Code (MEPC.177(58)) pixels)• Germanischer Lloyd (GL) certificate no. • Exchangeable lens for more flexibility 59 488 - 08 HH • SiteRecognition for regular inspection tours• DET NORSKE VERITAS (DNV) certicate • High temperature measurement up to 1,200 °C no. A-11316 • Professional analysis software for high-quality• Russian Maritime Register of Shipping thermography reports O2, CO, CO2 (NDIR), (RS) Certificate no. °C, %RH • Fully radiometric video measurement for NO2, NO, SO2 thermal processesManometers for gas and water fitters Fibrescopetesto 312-3 testo 319• Load and gas-tightness test on gas pipes • Optics: 6,000 pixels with a field of view of 50°• Pressure test on water pipes • Low bend radius (50 mm), small diameter (6• Fast measurement of gas leak quantity mm)• Switchable measuring range, optimum resolution • Inherent stability thanks to Decabon sleeve• Compensation of measurement fluctuations caused by temperature• Alarm display when user-defined limit values are exceeded• Clear display with time hPa More products at www.testo.co.uk 13
    • Portable Measurement Solutions for Industrial Applications Secure measurement values in industry. Measurement tasks in industry place differing demands on the technology used. It is crucial for all measurement tasks that the measurement technology is reliable. Testo offers portable measuring instruments and systems for the parameters temperature, humidity, pressure, rpm, flow and current-voltage, which are adapted to the following applications: · Qualification and verification of plants · Administration, maintenance and calibration of measurement equipment · Check measurements on products or in processes · Maintenance and service in production plants · Monitoring of the storage, transport and production climate Preventive maintenance using industrial thermography Thermography has proven itself as a tool in preventive maintenance for monitoring mechanical as well as electrical systems or production processes. Testo thermal imagers discover abnormalities and weak points quickly and efficiently, for example, during production monitoring. Materials and components undergo completely non-destructive testing even during operation. In this way, problems are discovered even before a breakdown occurs or fire risk develops. Unrivalled products and professional services Our products and services in the areas of software, calibration, validation in accordance with the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 and qualification demand a high level of metrological knowledge and experience which you can count on. Particularly for these difficult tasks, it is good to have a competent partner in industry.14
    • We measure it.Exactly the right measuring instrument for every applicationThermal imagers Long-term data loggertesto 875, 876, 881, 882, 885, 890 testo 176 T4• Excellent image quality with optional • Simultaneous temperature measurement at up SuperResolution technology to 4 different locations (up to 1280 x 960 pixels) • Memory up to 2 million measurement values• Exchangeable lens for more flexibility • Various thermocouple probes connectable• SiteRecognition for regular inspection tours 4 x external °C, °F (Type J, Type K, Type T)• High temperature measurement up to 1,200 °C• Professional analysis software for high-quality thermography reports• Fully radiometric video measurement for thermal processes °C, %RHAlarm and memory thermometer Differential thermometertesto 735-2 testo 922• Connection of 3 plug-in probes and • Two-channel measuring instrument with optional 3 wireless probes wireless probe• System accuracy up to 0.05 °C • Display of differential temperature• Instrument memory up to 10,000 readings • Continuous display of max./min. values• PC software for archiving and documenting • Cyclic printing of readings, e.g. once per minute measurement data • Robust, waterproof TopSafe protective case• Storage of single measurements and °C measurement series by location °CMulti-function measuring instrument for Long-term data loggersventilation and Indoor Air Quality testo 176 H1testo 435 • Long-term drift-free humidity sensor with fast• Instrument memory for up to 10,000 measurement reaction time values • Memory up to 2 million measurement values• PC software for analyzing, archiving and °C, °F, %rF, %RH, • Parallel temperature and humidity td, g/m³, WB documenting the measurement data measurement• IAQ probe, Lux probe and Comfort Probe • Various combined temperature/humidity• Vane measurement and integrated differential probes connectable pressure probe for Pitot tube measurement• Wireless probes for temperature and humidity °C, %RH, m/s, hPa, ppm CO2, LuxFibrescope Infrared temperature measuring instrumenttesto 319 testo 845• Optics: 6,000 pixels with a field of view of 50° • Non-contact measurement of surface temperature• Low bend radius (50 mm), small diameter with reference accuracy ±0.75 °C and fast (6 mm) measurement technology• Inherent stability thanks to Decabon sleeve (Scanning 100 ms) • Switchable optics for measurements in the far field (75:1) and in close focus (1 mm, distance 70 mm) °C, %RH • Instrument memory for 90 measurement reports • Probe input for TC probe for the determination of emissivity More products at www.testo.co.uk 15
    • Stationary Measurement Solutions for Air Conditioning and Process The Testo humidity sensor. The Testo humidity sensor has been in use for over 15 years, and has been continually improved - from the very beginning, the focus was on the two accuracy parameters measurement uncertainty and long-term stability. Owing to the design of the humidity sensor and the high degree of stability in Testo production and calibration, it is possible to guarantee a measurement uncertainty of 2 %RH, optionally also 1 %RH. In addition to this, the humidity sensor also has a high level of long-term stability. This has been proven in an inter-laboratory test, in which several Testo humidity sensors were passed through a number of international calibration laboratories (PTB, NIST etc.), and did not exceed the limit of 1 %RH. Precision saves costs The more accurate the humidity measurement, the lower the operating costs of the air conditioning system. Air conditioning systems are required by international norms (ASHRAE Fundamentals, DIN 1946 etc.) to deliver air humidities of between 30 and 65 %RH. In order to fall within the target range, higher humidities must be dehumidified and lower humidities humidified. If a measurement transmitter with a total measurement error of 2 %RH (uncertainty including long-term drift) is used for the humiditiy measurement, noticeably lower operating costs are incurred than if a typical measurement transmitter with a total measurement error of 6 %RH (uncertainty including long-term drift) is used. In the course of the year, operating costs are thus incurred which are 20 to 40 % higher than operating costs based on the precision humidity measurement transmitter (Testo hygrotest). This comparison is even more extreme in favour of the high quality measurement transmitter, if the target %RH-range to be achieved is more narrowly defined, e.g. for cleanrooms.16
    • We measure it.Exactly the right measurement solution for every requirementClimate humidity measurement High performance humiditytransmitter measurement transmittertesto 6621 testo 6651/6681• Application: VAC in rooms or in ducts • Application: Drying processes, cleanrooms,• Accuracy ±2.0 %RH (0 to 90 %RH) critical air conditioning applications• Simple adjustment concept for adjustments • Accuracy up to ±1 %RH on site %RH, °C/°F, °C td/°F td, • Highest system availability due to self-• Connection to P2A software for g/kg, g/m3, °C/°F wet monitoring and digital probes parameterization, analysis and adjustment bulb • Special solutions for high humidity and trace humidity applications • P2A software for parameterization, adjustment %RH, °C, °F and analysisMonitoring trace humidity Differential pressure transmitterstesto 6781 testo 6381/6383, testo 6321/6351• Application: Adsorption dryers, granulate • Application: Cleanrooms, paint finishing dryers, medical compressed air systems, filling processes• Measures dewpoints in measurement range • testo 6383 panel version for flush wall -90 to -20 °Ctd, primary use below -40 °Ctd mounting in cleanrooms• New, highly condensation-resistant sensor • Automatic zero point adjustment system • Integration of transmitter in customers• Auto self-adjustment ∆P, °C, %rF, %RH, m/s, Ethernet network• Optional display with operation menu m³/h • P2A software for parameterization, adjustment• Self-monitoring transmitter °Ctd, °Ftd, %rF, %RH, and analysis• P2A software for parameterisation, °CtdA, °FtdA, ppmV, g/m³, adjustment and analysis g/ft³, g/kg, g/lbCompressed air counter Compressed air countertesto 644X testo 6448• Application: Saving operating costs • Installation under pressure possible• Leakage detection or cost allocation by • Recoil protection and ball valve ensure safe consumer and fast installation and deinstallation of the• Convenient operating menu for all compressed air probe on site. parameterization • Mobility: several measurement sites can be• All required signals integrated – from the sequentially covered using one shaft probe analog output to the totaliser• Available for different diameters Nm3/h, Nl/min, m/s, °C, Nm3/h, Nm3, °C Nm3/min, Nm3 Temperature and humidity data loggerDewpoint transmitter (2-channel)testo 6740 testo 175 H1• Measurement of dewpoints in the measuring %RH, °C, °Ctd, °Ftd, °CtA, • Professional long-term monitoring of range from -45 °Ctd to +30 °Ctd °FtA, ppmv, mg/m3, °F temperature and humidity in work and storage• Testo polymer humidity sensor with high rooms accuracy and long-term stability • Fast reaction time thanks to external humidity• Convenient operation via display menu probe °C, °F, %rF, %RH, td, g/m3 More products at www.testo.co.uk 17
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