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Testo - Industry
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Testo - Industry


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Measurement Solutionsfor Industry °C %RH td hPa mbar bar Lux m/s Nl Nm 3 /h L/h g/m 3 O2 CO CO 2 NO NO 2 SO 2 H2S CXHY
  • 2. Measurement Solutions for Industry Keeping the heart of industry beating. Out of tradition, with modern technology: Testo offers you precise measurement technology for various applications. Research and Project planning Production & Quality Cleanroom & building Maintenance Storage & transport development Assurance climate2
  • 3. For many applications in industry, Testo offers a special solution: For guaranteeing system availability, improving production security, or when youcontinuously monitor temperature and humidity, for example.Raw materials, energy and complex system technology are Our practice-oriented measurement solutions have theirthe main components of highly organized production. In- roots here. Your strength lies in the diversity of the techno-dustry spends billions annually on these. And for that rea- logical methods.son, invests large sums in more efficient processes whichsave raw materials and energy, keep machines and systems Testo instruments measure, analyze and document parame-running, and improve process security, and thus also prod- ters such as temperature, humidity, air flow velocity, pres-uct quality. Innovative measurement technology from Testo sure, pH value, CO2 concentration and many more reliably,supports production processes in every phase, from devel- safely and accurately. All Testo measuring instruments areopment to the finished product. provided with ISO or DAkkS calibration certificates. And in courses, seminars and trainings, Testo transfers up-to-date,With the expertise of a global player, we meet you as equal practice-oriented know-how on measurement technologypartners. Because we offer professional products and serv- and your applications.ices on site worldwide. But also because we have the samebackground: The origins of measurement technology arefound in the tradition of fine mechanics in Germany.More service, more security:With our subsidiary Testo Industrial Services Testo offers:(TIS), we offer you specialized, certified services • Measurement solutions for different applications infor quality assurance. TIS has a worldwide industryunique combination of DAkkS-accredited labora- • Professional measurement technology with highesttories for 112 measurement procedures at vari- accuracyous sites. Thanks to the high level of quality, theyalways fulfil the required norms and legislation. • Service guarantee and efficient supportThanks to new measurement and calibration pro- • Professional services, consultation, seminars, trainingcedures, new media and individual services, TISincreases the availability of your test and meas-urement equipment. 3
  • 4. Research and development In many applications in research and development, the measurement of temperature and temperature cur- ves is essential. Because unfavourable temperature developments, e. g. on electronic components, can reduce the quality of the product. The use of a ther- mal imager, which presents the infrared radiation of the measurement as an image, allows the reliable measurement of surface temperature, even on the smallest objects in the micrometre range. Thermal imagers thus already support the maintenance of the quality and specifications of the final product at the development stage. Your Testo benefits in research and development: • Exact monitoring of the measurement parameters and ambient conditions • Measurement solutions for the verification of specifications • Reference measurement technology for product and process development • More accurate results thanks to precision4
  • 5. In the name of progress.With Testo measuring instruments, you create standardized conditions forreliable results.On the long path from the idea to the product, the risk of in-conclusive test series must be minimized in the interests ofeconomic viability. However, it is possible to guaranteeconstant parameters as a prerequisite for successful re-search and development. Precise Testo measurement tech-nology supports you reliably when you are recreatingcorrosive environmental influences in a laboratory, simulat-ing loads on an engine test bench or testing integrated cir-cuits in a cleanroom.The optimization of the heat flow in assemblies and compo- Thermal imagernents is a central topic in product development. With the testo 890thermal imager testo 890, you not only measure surfacetemperature, you also record thermal processes exactly inreal time. The data of the thermographic video recordingcan be stopped and analyzed at any point: at any moment,all temperature measurement points per pixel are available.Controlled ambient conditions such as constant temperature and humidity values are a basic prerequisite for successful research in laboratories. testo Sa-verisTM (Fig. centre) takes over the central monitoring and documentation of ambient conditions or measurement series, in stationary as well as in trans-port applications. 5
  • 6. Project planning Designed, optimized, built for the sake of simplification. With Testo measurement technology, you develop innovative and energy-saving solutions for all areas of industry. For the purposes of lowering costs in production and in the final product, industry is reliant on re- source-efficient processes, on machines whose mechanical, electric or pneumatic drives con- sume as little energy as possible. The expression used is “green automation” – the technical pro- duction prerequsite for “green” consumer prod- ucts. This includes grippers made of lightweight materials or pneumatic systems with low com- pressed air consumption, robots which use less electricity, gearbox units with minimized friction, abrasion-proof cable carriers which work with rolling resistance rather than slide friction, effi- cient drive technology as well as intelligent con- trol and ventilation systems.6
  • 7. You are familiar with industrial processes. As a manager oremployee in an engineering office or consulting company,you are an expert for the project planning, installation, com-missioning, maintenance and servicing of all kinds of sys-tems. As a planner and consultant, you show yourcustomers what can be improved regarding process effi-ciency and costs. The basis of every industrial process –and therefore also of the project planning – is the exactrecording of measurement values. This can be achievedonly with high-performance measurement technology. Testosupports you in all measurement tasks, with precise and ro- Humidity/temperaturebust instruments which always fulfil the required norms and transmitterguidelines, and are also able to cope with dirt and challeng- testo 6621ing process conditions.Convince yourself of the diversity of our measurement so-lutions: From stationary transmitters via special solutionssuch as cleanroom-compliant pressure measuring instru-ments for the exact diagnosis and detection of critical con-ditions, up to monitoring systems for the recording anddocumentation of measurement data, we offer you every- Your Testo advantages in the project planning ofthing you need for efficient and successful work in your machines and systems:field. For example the transmitter testo 6621 with a • Flexible solutions for various measurement taskspatented humidity sensor: It fulfils the high requirementsplaced on accuracy, reliability and safety in project plan- • Diverse interfaces for the integration of measurementning. data • High application competenceTemperature is one of the most important process parameters in industry. The necessary know-how for this is provided by our sensor specialist TestoSensor GmbH. They develop and produce temperature probes – individually tailored to your areas of application: from a custom-made one-off produc-tion to a large series. 7
  • 8. Production & Quality Assurance Measured by the product. In the end, only quality counts. With Testo measurement technology, you achieve this safely and efficiently. For media such as electricity, water or even gases, complete transparency exists in every industrial company. Compressed air, on the other hand, is generated internally and distributed without know- ing how much is consumed in total and in individ- ual areas. Without this knowledge, however, there is no motivation to repair leaks or to aim for more economical consumption. An expensive error. In- dependent research has shown that up to 40 % of compressed air produced is wasted. In an aver- age industrial company, this waste adds up to over 100,000 Euros per year.8
  • 9. The compressed air counter testo 6441 serves to record, monitor, control and document the compressed air consumption, thus ensuring transparency.This increases the motivation of those responsible for the process to undertake cost reduction measures and to save energy.You manufacture goods with a consistently high standard of You are already well familiar with our precise portable meas-technology, and invest in the most modern equipment. uring instruments, designed for fast use on site, and yourSolid background knowledge and years of experience are daily practical testing would often be unthinkable withoutthe basis for your always being able to safely reproduce the them. However, Testo is also a specialist for innovative andresults. You are reliant on permanent system availability and convenient measurement technology which is used in con-process security. One of the most important prerequisites tinuous process control and quality assurance. The monitor-for this is the monitoring of all parameters which influence ing system testo Saveris TM automates the monitoring andquality, such as temperature and humidity, but also flow documentation of temperature data. SaverisTM collects allvelocity, pressure or gas concentration. Testo offers you necessary data, forwards them wirelessly or via Ethernetabsolutely reliable measurement systems with which you and alarms you when upper or lower limit values are ex-can consistently monitor and regulate the production cli- ceeded – in real time by SMS or e-mail.mate and the optimum adjustment of your systems. You in-crease product quality and reduce energy consumption. Your Testo advantages in production and quality assurance: • Mobile measurement technology for fast testing on site • Stationary measurement technology for process control and quality assurance • Data monitoring for continuous testing Measurement data monitoring system testo SaverisTM 9
  • 10. Cleanroom & building climate Precision not only in cleanrooms. Measurement solutions from Testo make reliable climate control easier for you. Sensitive products, the staff who produce them and the in- The highly sensitive world of cleanrooms requires extraordi- struments used for the purpose, are dependent on good cli- narily precise measurement technology. Only the right hu- matic conditions during the critical phase of the production midity and temperature as well as exactly determined process. Reliable monitoring of temperatures, fresh air sup- pressures guarantee absolute safety from contamination ply and humidity values in production halls, warehouses and with the smallest possible particles or microoorganisms. office buildings is therefore crucial to industry. Taking the The differential pressure transmitter testo 6381 was devel- already energy-intensive production into account, this must oped specially for monitoring differential pressure from 10 be carried out particularly efficiently. Technology from Testo Pa to 1000 hPa. In order to keep the conditions constant, makes it easier for you to reliably fulfil and prove your obliga- the testo 6381 additionally calculates the parameters vol- tion to excercise care. ume flow and flow velocity. The automatic zero point ad- justment as well as the integrated self-monitoring and The testo 480 is the professional climate measuring instru- early warning function guarantee a high level of measure- ment for the monitoring of temperature and relative humidity ment accuracy and system availability. in work and storerooms. It records, stores, prints and evalu- ates all required values continuously. Your Testo advantages in cleanrooms and buil- ding climate: • Reliable testing of all factors relevant to the ambient conditions • Avoidance of quality loss due to ambient conditions • Creation of optimum ambient conditions • Ensurance of staff well-being10
  • 11. In cleanroom technology, the maintenance of positive pressure prevents the entry of contaminated air. In order to keep the cleanroom conditionsconstant, the transmitter testo 6381 additionally calculates the parameters volume flow and flow velocity from the measured differential pressure.Thanks to optional measurement probes, the simultaneous recording of humidity and temperature in one instrument is possible.Cleanrooms are classified in ISO classes from 1to 9 based on particle measurements, ISO 1 beingthe cleanest level. The “cleanest cleanroom in theworld”, which is operated by the Fraunhofer IPAin Stuttgart, exceeds the ISO Class 1 by a factorof ten: Only one single particle, with a size of 100nanometres (0.1 micrometres) is allowed to occur Climate measuringin one cubic metre of air. In the semi-conductor instrumentindustry, one particle with a diameter of 0.1 mi- testo 480crometres can destroy a chip. And in the automo-tive industry, a 100-micrometre particle can dis-able an injection jet. 11
  • 12. Maintenance Improve life cycle performance. With Testo measurement technology, you ensure system availability, and minimize operating costs. The acquisistion of energy-efficient technologies is often more expensive than that of standard technolo- gies, and they frequently only pay for themselves through lower energy costs in use. In order to ade- quately evaluate this economically, the total life cycle costs must be included in the calculation, in addition to the initial investment. For this reason, “Total Cost of Ownership” is increasingly the basis of purchase decisions for machines. Industry, in particular the large automotive manufacturers and the electrical in- dustry, demands from machine suppliers guaranteed statements on the maintenance costs and the sys- tem availablility to be expected.12
  • 13. Complex production plants are necessary to keep indus-trial production running. Their acquisition is expensive, how-ever the operative costs amount to many times theinvestment sum. Savings represent a great competitive po-tential for the operator, and for this reason, the focus todayis on the costs over the entire life cycle. Downtimes have anespecially negative influence on this calculation, not tomention production losses. This is why the electrical, airconditioning, media and mechanical supply must be pre-ventively maintained. Thermal imagerTesto measurement technology for industrial thermography testo 885simplifies the monitoring of critical areas which threaten todisable operation. With a temperature resolution of < 30mK, the thermal imager testo 885 makes even the smallestdifference visible, its 30° lens records the heat distributionin large image sections. You thus prevent malfunctions andfire risks, and never have to wonder whether, behind the de-ceptive calm, the system might not just be going out of Your Testo advantages in the servicing ofcontrol. machines and systems: • Early recognition of possible problemsWith Testo SiteRecognition technology, you moreover savetime and effort in periodic inspections. The recognition, • Avoidance of malfunctions and downtimesstorage and administration of the thermal images after each • Cost efficiency thanks to smooth operationmeasurement tour is carried out by the thermal imager fullyautomatically.For the daily inspection and servicing of your production plants, we offer you a comprehensive range of measuring instruments for almost anyapplication – e. g. the climate measuring instrument testo 480 for all measurement tasks in the air conditioning and ventilation field. 13
  • 14. Storage & transport Many raw materials, intermediate products and end products in various fields are hygroscopic: they bond with humidity in the ambient air . Fine Your Testo advantages in transport and storage: granular substances such as dry chemicals, • Measurement solutions for a completely self-suffi- powders, granulates, effervescent tablets or pig- cient 24-hour documentation ments, which are used in the manufacture of • Automatic warning when upper or lower limit values medicaments, foods or paints, tend towards ad- are exceeded hesion and agglutination. Corrosion due to incor- rect humidity values in storage and transport is a • Uninterrupted documentation of proof in case of threat to electronic components. Humidity can complaints thus make products unusable for further process- ing or sale.14
  • 15. For safe turnover of goods in industry.Testo measurement solutions simplify the uninterrupted monitoring and documentationof climate data.24 hours a day, 7 days a week. High availablility is the real-ity in industrial manufacturung – and in logistics. Raw ma-terials, intermediate products and end products mustcirculate freely, and be at the right place at the right time. Ajam threatens the entire supply chain. These are alwayshigh-value, and often extremely sensitive products, whoseabsolute quality you guarantee. Strict customer specifica-tions define ambient conditions, the compliance with whichmust be constantly monitored, and documented without in-terruption – in order, in case of damage, to be able to pro-vide legal proof. Testo measurement technology makes thishighly responsible work easier for you.The most important thing in storerooms, containers or walk-in refrigerators are exact temperatures and humidity values.The instruments of the data logger series testo 176 are es-pecially well suited to applications in demanding surround- Logger seriesings. They allow the parallel measurement of temperature testo 176and humidity at several measurement sites. Robust metalhousings which protect from mechanical influences ensurereliable measurement results.The testo Saveris probes (fig. centre) transfer their measurement data wirelessly or by Ethernet to the testo Saveris base station. When deviations fromdefined limit values occur, the system triggers optical or audible alarms, by SMS or e-mail. 15
  • 16. Product overview Quality is measurable. Here is a short extract from the Testo measuring world for industry. Thermal imager Humidity/temperature transmitter Compressed air meter testo 890 testo 6621 testo 6441 Thanks to the 640 x 480-pixel detector, the The testo 6621 stands out due to its patented The compressed air counter testo 6441 is de- thermal imager testo 890 fulfils the highest humidity sensor which guarantees highest ac- signed for the recording, monitoring, checking demands. In combination with the SuperReso- curacy. Via the external interface, the P2A and documentation of compressed air con- lution technology, thermal images in software can be used to adjust, analyze and sumption, and thus not only for the identifica- megapixel quality can be recorded. parameterize the sensors and the analog out- tion of leakages in compressed air systems Thanks to the fully radiometric video measure- puts. and the allocation of costs by consumption, ment, thermal processes can be recorded in but also for the implementation of peak load real time. management. °C °C %RH Nl Nm3/h L/h Research and development Project planning Production & Quality Assurance Data loggers Temperature probes Measurement data monitoring system testo 175-H1 testo SaverisTM For the important process parameter tem- The data logger testo 175 H1 is used for the perature, Testo offers tailor-made tempera- The monitoring system testo SaverisTM pro- professional long-term monitoring of tempera- ture probes for various areas of application. vides uninterupted and fully automated moni- ture and humidity in work and storerooms. It toring and documentation of ambient data in has a USB and an SD card interface, making storage and during transport. It records all readout of the data fast and easy. necessary data centrally, forwards them wire- lessly or via Ethernet and alarms you when limit values are exceeded – in real time by SMS or e-mail. °C %RH °C hPa bar mbar L/h °C %RH16
  • 17. Climate measuring instrument Thermal imager Logger seriestesto 480 testo 885 testo 176The climate measuring instrument testo 480 The thermal imager testo 885 in new cam- The loggers of the series testo 176 allow theprovides support in all applications in the air corder design, offers many innovative features parallel measurement of temperature and hu-conditioing and ventilation field. In addition to and ideal ergonomics, with a rotatable handle midity at several measurement sites. Robustduct flow and grid measurements, the testo and a rotatable, fold-out display. The 320 x metal housings ensure reliable measurement480 records all measurement parameters rele- 240-pixel detector, combined with the out- results, USB and SD card interfaces make thevant for energy consumption and human standing NETD < 30 mK, ensures sharp-focus readout of the data fast and easy.comfort. thermal images and more safety in mainte- nance and quality assurance. °C %RH hPa m/s °C %RH mbarCO 2 Lux m 3 /h °C td g/m 3 hPaCleanroom & building climate Maintenance Storage & transportDifferential pressure transmitters Flue gas analyzer Infrared thermometerwith high accuracy and long-term stability testo 350 testo 830-T4testo 6381 With the portable flue gas analyzer testo 350, The testo 830-T4 is an infrared thermometer the optimization and operational measurement for non-contact temperature measurement.In order to keep cleanroom conditions con- of industrial burners, stationary industrial en- Even small, difficult-to-access or dangerousstant, the transmitter testo 6381 calculates gines or flue gas scrubbers, as well as the measurement objects can be measured with-the parameters volume flow and flow velocity checking and monitoring of officially prescribed out any problems from a safe distance.from the differential pressure measured with emission limits, can be carried out in flue gasan accuracy of ± 0.8 % of the measuring analysis.range final value. °C O2 CO CO 2 CO l o w NO hPa Nm3/h m/s NO 2 NO l o w SO 2 H2S CxHy hPa °C More products at 17
  • 18. We are Testo The essence of precision. Made in Germany – on the job for you worldwide. The requirements for practical measurement solutions are be- coming increasingly more complex and customized. At Testo we have made it our business to recognize these customer requirements in industry and trade, and to translate them per- manently into new technologies. We carry out our own inten- sive research, and for decades have been at the cutting edge Certified reliability of the market. Real innovations in sensor systems as well as Quality assurance allows no leeway. Testo Industrial Services advances made in microelectronics, measurement data stor- offers certified calibration according to all valid guidelines, age or communication with other media such as a PCs and as well as the qualification and validation of portable and sta- portable terminals benefit all Testo customers. tionary measurement technology. The calibrations take place in Testo’s own accredited high-tech laboratories at Competent service our facility, or directly on site at the customer’s business. Testo offers professional and reliable consultation for all questions pertaining to measuring technology. We provide users quick assistance also after the purchase is made – worldwide. Research and development Testo invests roughly 10 percent of turnover in Research and Development annually. Staff from many different disci- plines such as physics, chemistry, biology, electrotechnol- ogy and process technology conduct applied research in sensor and measurement technology. Testo maintains inter- national cooperation with universities and research insti- tutes, and is represented in a number of committees which are concerned with innovative measurement technology for various fields.18
  • 19. Worldwide presenceClimate protection, energy efficiency, legislation and guide-lines play a global role, and Testo always provides you withexpert support. For us, what counts is being close to thecustomer and supporting him on site. We achieve thiswith 31 subsidiaries worldwide and over 80 distributionpartners. Testo is represented all over the world withmore than 2300 employees. 19
  • 20. Our customers worldwide rely on Testo’s 50 years of experience and quality. Subject to change without notice. 0981 1064/msp/Q/