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Testo - HVAC

  1. 1. Measurement Solutionsfor Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioningand Ventilation °C/°F m/s Pa bar/psi %RH kPa pH CO MPa Lux CO 2 hPa micron O2 inch HG
  2. 2. Measurement solutions for heating, refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation A good climate can be measured before it becomes noticeable. With measurement solutions from Testo, you can ensure a comfortable room climate and keep energy consumption under control. When it comes to energy, a building is a self-contained sys- You can produce a clear analysis of your results and test re- tem, which can only be optimised as a whole. The balance ports whenever required on site. Thanks to a wide range of depends on the right interplay of system technology and vari- accessories and specially developed software, you can cus- ables relating to the physics of construction. Any intervention tomise your Testo measuring instrument individually to suit brings about interaction. Energy efficiency plays an important your requirements. This saves valuable time, enabling you role, as does the prevention of building damage, due in some to focus on your actual work. cases to increased humidity. Experts who understand their air conditioning trade are responsible for this. Testo measur- ing technology supports HVAC tradesmen, facility managers, architects, supply engineers, experts and energy consultants. Whether you are measuring temperatures, air flow rates dew Testo offers you everything you need for a good points, pH values, illuminance or sound levels, carrying out building climate: flue gas analyses or using one of our innovative thermal im- • Maximum system efficiency agers to detect thermal bridges and weak points in buildings and installations: measuring and analysis instruments from • Measurement, analysis and documentation with one Testo give you quick, reliable and accurate access to all nec- instrument essary measurement parameters. • Time savings thanks to simple operation • Quick, effective service and support worldwide Whether during commissioning or maintenance, with measurement solutions from Testo, you can adjust heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systems to optimum effect. For comfort level measurements too, you will find an extensive selection of measuring instruments and probes2 at Testo. All Testo instruments are robust, handy and easy to use.
  3. 3. At the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Rio de Janeiro, the community ofstates undertook in 1992 to introduce measures for climate protection. In existing buildings,there is huge potential for the reduction of energy consumption and harmful greenhousegases. Around the world, regulations therefore prescribe the efficient use of energy. 3
  4. 4. Heating & sanitation Comfortable heat for cosy rooms. Testo is your reliable measuring technology partner for an energy-efficient, reliable heat supply. When it comes to heating, your customers are specialists In refrigeration technology, digital manifolds from Testo because they know their system and any quirks it may have. make it easier to service, commission and maintain refriger- However, as a qualified expert, you have to be able to work ation system and heat pumps: a glance at the clear display with all kinds of complex heating systems. Your industry is tells you the pressure, temperature or vacuum on one in- continually changing as a result of advancements in technol- strument. ogy, the use of renewable energy sources, and legislation, standards and directives. The focus is increasingly on cli- With calibrated, reliable Testo measuring technology, you mate protection, emissions and energy efficiency. can offer your customers added value. As a competent en- ergy consultant, you can highlight weak points and possibil- Testo measuring technology makes it easier for your to set up ities for improvement – services you could offer. By the way, heating systems so that they comply with standards and are the follow-up costs for the robust, long-life Testo instru- energy-efficient. Our flue gas analysers with exchangeable, ments are limited. precalibrated gas sensors measure, analyse and document whether the system complies with flue gas values. Pipelines and components of supply and disposal systems must be installed correctly. There should not be any gas escaping from anywhere. Advantages of Testo in heating and sanitation: • Wide range of measuring instruments, probes and accessories • State-of-the-art flue gas analysers with exchange- able, precalibrated gas sensors Flue gas analyser • Gas pipe test and solid fuel measurement testo 330-2 LL v2010 • Maximum robustness and optimum measuring convenience4
  5. 5. Is everything OK with the heating system? With measuring technology from Testo, you will know immediately. The testo 830 IR thermometer (Fig. onthe left) with 2-point laser sighting carries out extremely accurate temperature measurements. With one of our handy pressure gauges, you can checkthe stress resistance and leak-tightness of gas and water installations.The international “Technology Roadmap” for energy-efficient buildings works on theassumption that the energy demand for building heating and cooling will increase atthe current rate of development to 4,500 million tonnes of oil by 2050. By takingcountermeasures, the demand solely in terms of heating and DHW in buildings canbe reduced by approx. a third. 5
  6. 6. Air conditioning & ventilation Controlled ventilation of living spaces and comfort level measurement safely in hand. Whether at home or at work – with measuring technology from Testo, you have a solid handle on modern air conditioning. Room air quality depends primarily not on oxygen, but rather on the CO2 level. A reasonable ratio is max. 1 litre of CO2 in 1000 litres of air, or: 1000 parts per million (ppm). If the CO2 level in rooms exceeds this limit for a long period, people may suffer from headaches or poor concentration.6
  7. 7. Testo is used for a good working climate: with the compact testo 417 anemometer, you can determine the flow speed and volumetric flow parametersquickly and easily. And with the testo 435 multi-function measuring instrument (Fig. on the right), you can measure the CO2 level, the air temperatureand the humidity to assess the quality of the air in the room.A naturally pleasant climate and air of a high hygienic qual- Values for flow, temperature, humidity, pressure, illumi-ity are key to a healthy working environment. In the home, nance, radiated heat, turbulence and CO2 concentration cancontrolled ventilation of living spaces increases comfort and be recorded with our high-end testo 480 climate measuringreduces energy consumption. The air and climate in a room instrument in a single step. Its intelligent probes give youare only comfortable if physical, chemical and biological limit accurate measuring values, with deviations being automati-values are strictly observed. cally eliminated after calibration.That is why air technology system (VAC system) experts The robust multitaskers from Testo enable you not only tomeasure and evaluate climate and air quality. Testo measur- carry out measurements in compliance with standards, buting technology for all relevant parameters helps you to carry also to produce professional reports quickly using PC soft-out this work efficiently, safely and with time savings. ware. You can offer advice for a perfect climate in all rooms in the case of new builds, renovations or complaints. This extra service gives you an advantage over the competition. Advantages of Testo in air conditioning and ventilation: • Time-saving testing of all room air parameters • VAC systems set up in compliance with the standards Vane anemometer • Extensive instrument and probe selection for VAC testo 417 and comfort level measurements, as well as con- trolled ventilation of living spaces • Efficient room climate analysis with just one instrument 7
  8. 8. Refrigeration technology Digital technology has found its way into all areas of life and the refrigeration industry is no exception. Analogue manifolds are also still widely used. How- Advantages of Testo for refrigeration technology: ever, numerous studies show that up to three quar- • Optimum set-up of refrigeration systems and heat ters of all refrigeration systems are set up pumps incorrectly. A digital manifold can give customers energy cost savings of up to 12.5%. • Long-term monitoring for detailed error analysis • Integrated vacuum measurement and leak test for easy and time-saving commissioning • Convenient PC analysis software “EasyKool”8
  9. 9. Digital manifolds make professionalseven better.Testo measurement solutions for refrigeration technology tackle routine tasks asreliably as error analysis.Refrigeration engineers can be traditionalists. They swear Thanks to the integrated, electronically recorded proof of allby analogue technology, which has proven to work reliably measurements, correct system maintenance can be docu-in the long term during the commissioning, servicing and mented. Extensive analyses can be produced on the PCmaintenance of refrigeration systems. However, there is talk with our “EasyKool” software. Your customers benefit fromamong some about innovations. In the foreseeable future, it reliability, a high level of system availability and efficient op-may be that only digital manifolds will be used for day-to- eration.day tasks. Various operating parameters can be measuredwith just one instrument, saving time and ensuring reliabilitycompared with analogue technology.Testo measuring technology provides reliable support foryour routine checks and quick error analysis. The testo 570digital manifold is an efficient, robust tool, which tackles allconceivable measuring tasks at once. 40 refrigerants are Digital manifoldalready stored. Various probes can be connected for ex- testo 570tensive analysis of temperature, flow and oil pressure. Youcan also calculate system superheating or subcooling simul-taneously.With measurement solutions from Testo, e.g. the testo 550 digital manifold (Fig. in the centre), the proper functioning of your refrigeration systems andheat pumps is always guaranteed. Our electronic analysers and leak detectors provide you with optimum support both with routine servicing andmaintenance and with quick error analysis. 9
  10. 10. Air conditioning in buildings Managing air conditioning efficiently. Always the perfect building climate: with measurement solutions from Testo, your systems are always set up for optimum performance. By 2050, the International Energy Agency in Paris expects a The testo 480 multitasker records air conditioning parame- global increase of more than 300% in building areas, –which ters such as flow, temperature, humidity, radiated heat and will have to be heated, ventilated and cooled. This makes CO2. You get extremely reliable measurement results, as de- the efficient and environmentally sound use of energy even viations are automatically eliminated after calibration of the more important. Current and future legislation prescribes probes. For a thermographic inspection, Testo offers high- strict measures to reduce consumption. Companies are opti- resolution thermal imagers, which can be used to identify mising energy control in order to lower costs. The job of the hidden structural defects, as well as leaks in pipelines that Facility Manager is now becoming “Facility Energy Man- are difficult to access. ager”. Cutting-edge technology from Testo makes an energetic in- Testo offers you, as specialists, accurate, quick and easy- spection of buildings and plants easier. This will also make to-use measuring instruments to ensure thermal comfort you a competent partner when it comes to energy efficiency when it comes to air conditioning in work areas. That way, in future. you ensure a constantly controlled climate in store rooms “Time saving + customer satisfaction = no complaints”. and cold rooms, in production halls and server rooms. Climate measuring instrument Advantages of Testo for building technology: testo 480 • Wide range of measuring instruments for greater energy efficiency • Compact handheld instruments for mobile climate measurements • Remote monitoring of store rooms and cold rooms • High-resolution thermal images to detect hidden structural defects and leaks10
  11. 11. A controlled room climate is just as important for people as it is for sensitive instruments and products or exhibits in exhibition halls and store rooms.With modern climate measuring instruments from Testo, you can determine all relevant room air parameters quickly and conveniently, and use ourhigh-resolution thermal imagers (Fig. on the right) to check that systems and installations are working properly.VAC systems create a pleasant room climate, ensure high room air quality, eliminateodours and pollutants and divert thermal loads. To ensure this and to keep energycosts under control, regular hygienic and energetic inspections are essential. 11
  12. 12. Building trade No chance of thermal bridges. Now with SuperResolution: Testo thermography identifies structural defects reliably. Any object with a temperature higher than minus 273 degrees Celsius, absolute zero, emits thermal radiation in the IR range. Thermal imagers convert this radiation into electrical signals and make them visible to the human eye.12
  13. 13. Due to previous architectural mistakes, the operation andmaintenance of buildings now involves considerably higherfollow-up costs than originally planned. “State of the art”now means sustained, climate-neutral building and renova-tion. Visible characteristics are airtight building shells, ther-mally optimised components with a low U-value, andenergy-efficient heating systems that utilise renewableenergy or ventilation systems with heat recovery. Onlythe precise interaction of all these components rulesout building damage.Thanks to excellent image quality and innovative technolo-gies, Testo thermal imagers reliably identify inadequatebuilding elements. The display of surface moisture for local- Thermal imagerisation of areas at risk of mould is unique in building ther- testo 875mography.The new SuperResolution technology improves your im-ager’s image quality by one class: four times as manymeasuring values and a geometric resolution that is effec-tively doubled means even greater detail and greater meas-urement reliability. Along with the thermal image, the Advantages of Testo for the construction trade:integrated digital camera always saves a real image and • High-resolution thermography (NETD < 80 mK)makes analysis and documentation considerably easier. • Reliable, non-destructive detection of structuralTesto also offers modern technology for all other building defectstasks. With our material humidity measuring instruments, • Early detection of areas at risk from mouldyou can control building drying, detect moist areas or evalu- • Long-term monitoring during building dryingate when screed is ready for laying in accordance with DIN18365. Testo measuring technology helps save you timeand money.Testo offers you suitable measuring technology for checking defects and damage in buildings, e.g. long-term stable humidity sensors and material hu-midity measuring instruments such as the testo 616 (Fig. in the centre). With our high-resolution thermal imagers, you are reliably on top of even hid-den problems thanks to “SuperResolution”. 13
  14. 14. Energy consultancy Your energy system fully in hand. With Testo measuring technology, you can always make the right diagnosis. IR technology in thermal imagers is ideal for effective and extensive energy consultancy. The thermal image enables you to see, in detail, energy losses while heating or air con- ditioning buildings, as well as inadequate insulation on exter- nal windows and roller blind casings or thermal bridges on the roof structure and building shell.14
  15. 15. Energy consultants will find an extensive range of special measurement solutions at Testo for building analysis, e.g. high-resolution thermal imagersfor thermographic analyses of the building shell (Fig. on the right) or the testo 175-T3 temperature data logger (Fig. in the centre) for parallel tempera-ture monitoring at two measuring points, for example at the flow and return of a heating system.For air conditioning and the supply of hot water in buildings, We open doors to old buildings in need of complete reno-large quantities of energy are generated and consumed. vation with the new Testo thermal imager testo 885. It deliv-New builds therefore have a low-energy level as early on as ers thermal images with a high resolution, making everythe construction stage, and old buildings are brought to the detail visible. This means that you can identify weak pointssame standard through subsequent renovation. Insulation of in the building shell reliably, and detect mould. And withthe building shell or the installation of a modern heating and solar mode, you can even detect photovoltaic system mal-ventilation system enable considerable energy savings. The functions. A glance at the thermal image clearly shows theprerequisite for this is professional evaluation of the struc- energetic quality of the building and makes it easier for thetural condition. This prevents expensive damage. owner to make renovation decisions. With building ther- mography as an added value service, you are guaranteed aWith mobile measuring technology from Testo, you can tidy return. A smart investment!monitor all relevant measurement parameters comprehen-sively. You can prepare the results for your customers in aclear way. Based on an energy diagnosis, you can recom-mend concrete measures and carry out a profitability analy-sis to check whether they are worthwhile. Thermal imager Advantages of Testo for energy consultancy: testo 885 • Efficient measurement solutions for building analysis • Handheld measuring instruments for temperature, humidity, U-value • High-resolution thermal imagers including surface moisture indicator, real image mode and exchange- able lenses • Professional reporting with Testo software 15
  16. 16. Product overview A good climate can be measured. Take a look at the world of Testo measurement. Here is a small selection of measurement solutions for heating, refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation. IR temperature measuring Vane anemometer Digital manifold instrument with integrated vane to record up to 999 h measuring for non-contact measurement values of the surface temperature testo 417 Set testo 570-2 testo 830-T4 Through integral measurement with the 100 mm vane, the The testo 570 offers you all you The testo 830 is a quick, univer- testo 417 anemometer is ideal need for your work on refrigeration sally applicable IR thermometer, for measurements at the air outlet systems and heat pumps. The data which can measure the surface and inlet. The flow direction is memory replaces manual work temperature of even small objects visible in the display. steps and its ease of use enables at a safe distance thanks to you to carry out long-term 2-point laser sighting and measurements without any a 30:1 lens. problems. inch HG psi MPa kPa °C °F °C m/s bar °C °F hPa micron Air conditioning & Refrigeration Heating & sanitation ventilation technology Flue gas analyser Humidity/temperature measuring Digital manifold with memory for instrument for refrigeration systems and heat 500,000 measuring values The multitasker for ventilation and pumps room air quality testo 330-2 LL v2010 testo 550-2 testo 435-4 The main advantages of the testo The robust 2-way valve block in 330-2 LL v2010 are its high-resolu- The testo 435 multi-functional mea- the testo 550 is made of metal tion colour display for graphical re- suring instrument is a reliable tool for and has three connections and presentation of the measurement the evaluation of room air quality – three hose holders, enabling quick data and advanced measurement for example, it shows CO2, relative and easy work. The stable hou- menus for extensive analysis of humidity and air temperature para- sing reliably protects the instru- your heating system. meters, as well as absolute pressure, ment against impact. Lux, U-value and surface tempera- ture. % hPa CO O2 CO 2 CO 2 CO °C %RH bar psi °C/°F kPa m/s hPa Lux MPa inch HG16
  17. 17. Data monitoring Thermal imager Material humidity measuring Thermal imagersystem (testo base) in an ergonomic instrument in an ergonomic camcorder designfor constant monitoring camcorder design for non-destructive and quick measurement testo 885-2testo SaverisTM testo 890-2 testo 616 In conjunction with the high-qualityThe testo SaverisTM data The testo 890-2 thermal germanium lens, the 320 x 240 pixelmonitoring system with imager meets the highest The testo 616 enables a quick and detector achieves an excellent imageintuitive operation mea- of requirements thanks non-destructive observation of quality. The 30° wide-angle lens im-sures the temperature to its 640 x 480 pixel de- the material moisture of building mediately detects large image secti-and humidity values of tector combined with its materials and wood and helps you ons and the temperature distributionsensitive goods and pro- high-quality germanium to monitor the drying progress of of the object to be measured.ducts in the environ- lens. Through full radio- floors, walls and surfaces.ment, in processes and metric video measure-during transportation. ment, thermal processes can be recorded in real time. °C %RH °C %RH % °C %RH Air conditioning Building trade Energy consultancy in buildingsClimate measuring instrument Thermal imager Temperature data loggerwith an intelligent calibration with integrated digital camera (2-channel)concept for up to a million measuring testo 875-2 valuestesto 480 Thanks to a temperature resolu- testo 175 T3With the high-end testo 480 climate tion of < 80 mK, even the smallestmeasuring instrument and its digital temperature differences are visible The temperature often has to beprobes, you can record parameters with the testo 875 thermal imager. monitored and recorded at twosuch as flow, temperature, humidity, With SuperResolution technology, points at the same time. With twopressure, illuminance, radiated heat, the image quality is improved by interfaces for thermocouple pro-turbulence and CO2 extremely reliably one class. bes, the testo 175 T3 is ideal forusing just one instrument! this task. °C hPa m/s °C %RH °C%RH CO 2 Lux Visit www.testo.com for further products 17
  18. 18. About Testo Precision condensed. Working for you worldwide. The requirements for practical measurement solutions are be- coming increasingly more complex and specific. Testo has set itself the key task of identifying these customer requirements in industry and trade and translating them permanently into new technology. We carry out our own intensive research, which has given us a leading role in the market for decades. Certified reliability Real innovations in sensor systems, as well as advances Quality assurance is serious business. Testo Industrial Serv- made in microelectronics, measurement data storage or com- ices offers certified calibration in accordance with all valid di- munication with other media such as a PC and mobile termi- rectives, as well as the qualification and validation of portable nals, benefit all Testo customers. and stationary measuring technology. Calibration is carried out in accredited, in-house high-tech labs or directly at the Competent service customer’s premises. Testo offers professional, reliable consultation for all ques- tions pertaining to measuring technology. We provide users with quick assistance also after the purchase is made – worldwide. Research and development Every year, Testo invests roughly 10% of turnover in re- search and development. Employees from a number of differ- ent disciplines, e.g. physics, chemistry, biology, electrical engineering and process technology, carry out applied re- search in sensor systems and measuring technology. Testo is in international cooperation with universities and research facilities and is represented on a variety of committees re- lating to innovative measuring technology for various areas.18
  19. 19. Global presenceClimate protection, energy efficiency, legislation anddirectives play a role globally. Testo is always on handto offer their expertise. We aim to provide support toour customers at their premises, with 31 subsidiariesand more than 80 trade partners worldwide. Testo hasmore than 2300 employees around the world. 19
  20. 20. Our customers around the world rely on Testo’s 50 years of experience and quality. 0981 1054/msp/Q/04.2012 Subject to change, including technical changes, without notice.www.testo.com