EDU platform - a new dimension to EDUcation in IT


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EDU - platform supporting IT trainings

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EDU platform - a new dimension to EDUcation in IT

  1. 1. A new dimension to EDUcation in IT
  2. 2. Problems with IT courses „Unmaintained training knowledge disappears quickly. No one participates in the same training twice to learn how it has changed.” „Trainings became one-time events with little impact on practice. They are organised when there is time, not when they are needed.” „During trainings there is no time to discuss and talk about practical issues due to the need to discuss the agenda.” „Participants learn basic or simple things that could be independently read before a training.” „Course materials are usually lowmodern, paper textbooks. They can be easily destroyed or can get lost.”
  3. 3. What is EDU? EDU is a platform that supports the process of learning and preparing for exams through: traditional course conducted by a trainer online course materials knowledge management system
  4. 4. Course materials for participants Documents, standards, norms Examples of use Sample exams Exercises
  5. 5. Knowledge management system Additional (new) materials after a training Alerts BEFORE and AFTER a training Trainer’s support AFTER a training* * for selected trainings
  6. 6. EDU platform EDU gives access to materials open to general use without having to log in. EDU allows you to use course materials while being logged in. Additional course materials and the alert system are accessible only for training participants.
  7. 7. EDU method EDU allows to divide the process of learning into three steps: BEFORE a training • participant is given materials allowing him to prepare for a training DURING a training • participants are given additional printed materials, describing key elements of the agenda AFTER a training • knowledge maintenance through constant access to course materials and an alert system with news from the area of training agenda.
  8. 8. EDU platform BEFORE DURING AFTER • access to online materials allowing you to prepare before a training • alerts suggesting subjects to learn • courses conducted by a live trainer • the most important materials in printed form • sample exams • constant access to course materials • automatic alerts about new interesting materials from a given area of knowledge
  9. 9. EDU example • EDU for the ISTQB Foundation Level training and exam BEFORE DURING AFTER • participant is given access to electronic versions of: • course conducted by an experienced trainer • participant receives a printed textbook and sample exam questions • participant is given an unlimited number of the ISTQB sample exam • constant access to all online materials • automatic alerts about new versions of the ISTQB syllabus and software testing glossary • alerts about interesting publications on ISTQB Foundation Level certification • the ISTQB syllabus and glossary • additional materials and explications • suggest when to start learning
  10. 10. EDU Responsive Design • The website can be viewed at any resolution. • All functionality is accessible on mobile devices. • The website does not require you to install any additional applications.
  11. 11. EDU solution for IT courses We give you a lifetime post training support with updates to course materials and alert system not to let you forget! Materials will be accessible whenever and wherever you want to use them. Knowledge will be written so as you could always return to it. During a training as much as in additional materials every element of the agenda will be supported by an example and use case. Participants will be given the opportunity to prepare for a training ahead. Simple topics will be omitted, more difficult ones will be discussed in more detail. Course materials will be available online and accessible on any device that supports modern web pages.
  12. 12. visit us: write to us: call us: (+48) 32 73 30 958