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On scroll visibility study

  1. 1. Are your ads being seen? Andy Evans @ DigitalAndy The $11 Billion problem How you can increase ROI by eliminating wastage
  2. 2. Andy Evans CEO & Founder of Net Communications 1999 CEO & Co-Founder OnScroll, September 2011 @DigitalAndy @OnScoll @NetCommunities
  3. 3. Some of our Publishers Some of our Advertisers OnScroll clients:
  4. 4. 40% of Global Internet Advertising is Display = £31.8 billion ZenithOptimedia Forecast 2014 – MarketingCharts.com The size of the market 24% of UK Internet Advertising is Display = £730 million IAB & PWC Report H1 2013 – TheMediaBriefing.com
  5. 5. The size of the problem
  6. 6. There are over 4 trillion display ads served per year now. However, a huge chunk of them are never seen by any human. The Viewable Impression Sea Change, July 2012 “
  7. 7. 46% of online display advertising is wasted and on average 77% of the online advertising that is visible ATF classed as ‘viewable’, may remain unseen. The uncomfortable truth about online ads and viewability, September 2013 “
  8. 8. OnScroll measured an average 54% of display ads are not viewable and remain unseen. “
  9. 9. £17.17 billion of £31.8 billion Wasted advertising? £394.2 million of £730 million
  10. 10. What is the industry doing?
  11. 11. Introduced Viewability standards in 2011 Accrediting UK Vendors later in 2014 Backing Standardisation of viewable impressions
  12. 12. Currently accrediting vendors in the US Making a move from ‘loaded impression’ to a ‘viewable impression
  13. 13. So…. What is a viewable ad?
  14. 14. Viewable for at least 1 second 50% Definition of a viewable impression
  15. 15. Why are they not seen? User doesn’t scroll Ad blockers No plug-ins for rich media User clicks away Mobile/Tablet not configured Multiple tabs open
  16. 16. How are advertisers and publishers reacting?
  17. 17. Viewability rates are a key benchmark in performance. Early testing showed a 37% increase in ROI by focusing on sites with high ad visibility. Money Super Market Invest In Viewability Tech, January 2014 “
  18. 18. Viewable impressions are the only way that advertisers can truly experience the brand impact that display advertising is capable of delivering. Now you see it: Viewable Impressions, March 2012 “
  19. 19. We want to make it clear that not every impression is created equal. If a user never makes it to the bottom of an article, they’ll never see such ads. ESPN.com wants to go legit, May 2012 “
  20. 20. All impressions are not created equal, and we believe that by taking these significant steps to ensure viewability and targeting of large premium ads, we can create a vehicle where marketers can best showcase their products. Now you see it: Viewable Impressions, March 2012 “
  21. 21. It’s estimated that nearly half of all online ads are placed in spots where users aren’t able to see the. Google will now only charge for ads that people actually see. Google will now only charge for ads that people can actually see, December 2013 “
  22. 22. ATF Above the Fold vs. BTF Below the Fold
  23. 23. Would we only place 3 ads in a newspaper?
  24. 24. So why do it online? ?
  25. 25. Un-monetised whitespace 63% White Space OnScroll site audit across 250 sites: White space should be ad space
  26. 26. How much white space is there? How important is it?
  27. 27. A recent site audit by OnScroll Average ‘engaged’ article dwell time on page – 1:37 minutes BTF Ads ATF Ads Time Above the Fold: 13 seconds No Ads User engagement:
  28. 28. BTF Ads ATF Ads No Ads Users Below the Fold: 85.54% Time Below the Fold: 31 seconds A recent site audit by OnScroll Average ‘engaged’ article dwell time on page – 1:37 minutes User engagement:
  29. 29. BTF Ads ATF Ads No Ads 47.19% Reach the 4th fold Time Below the Fold: 84 seconds A recent site audit by OnScroll Average ‘engaged’ article dwell time on page – 1:37 minutes User engagement:
  30. 30. Audit of UK’s largest newspaper sites
  31. 31. Audit of UK’s largest newspaper sites
  32. 32. It’s not all doom and gloom…
  33. 33. Ad Verification Identify the problem
  34. 34. Viewability Vendors: Retrospective Vs Pro-Active Retrospective Approach Proactive Approach A different approach… 1. Identify the problem 2. Solve the problem
  35. 35. Viewable ads Demo - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBuQvaR3s1o&feature=youtu.be
  36. 36. Across 50 million ‘viewable’ impressions, Gold below the fold 3.2x longer viewable time 66% CTR Uplift Below the fold out-performed Above the fold
  37. 37. 55% increase in programmatic eCPM’s All ads are premium Exchange
  38. 38. 79% increase in CTR 70% increase in revenue per thousand Serve All ads are premium betanews
  39. 39. A few things to take away…
  40. 40. www.ViewableImpression.co.uk
  41. 41. www.onscroll.com A-year-in-viewability-infographic-2014 http://www.bit.ly/viewability2014
  42. 42. OnScroll made it this easy…. 3 min 26 seconds
  43. 43. Thank you for listening! Get this deck at www.onscroll.com/blog Andy Evans @digitalandy @OnScroll Andy@onscroll.com