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Laurent Fournier, Senior Director Business Development de Qualcomm, lors du Digiworld Summit 2011 organisé par l'IDATE à Montpellier.

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Digiworld summit 2011 laurent fournier

  1. 1. LTE : A driver to devicecomplexity for smartexperiencesIDATE 2011
  2. 2. GROWTH DRIVERS 2G to 3G Emerging New Device Advanced Smartphones Migration Regions Categories Technology2
  3. 3. Addressing Data Demand Growth Deploy 3G enhancements that increase capacity and performance Leverage advanced topology solutions Deploy next-gen LTE to complement 3G and boost data capacity Continue to optimize Airlink technology Spectrum3
  4. 4. 3G and 4G continue parallel evolution 2011 2012 2013 2014+ CDMA2000 1X Advanced 1X Up to 4x voice capacity increase SIMULTANEOUS 1X VOICE AND EV-DO/LTE DATA (SVDO/SVLTE) Rev A Multicarrier H/W Upgrade EV-DO EV-DO Rev. B DO Advanced (Commercial) DL: 3.1 Mbps DL: 9.3 Mbps DL: 14.7 Mbps DL: 14.7 Mps UL: 1.8 Mbps UL: 5.4 Mbps UL: 5.4 Mbps UL: 5.4 Mbps Rel-7 Rel-8 Rel-9 Rel-10 Rel-11 & Beyond HSPA+ HSPA+ HSPA+ HSPA DL: 14.4 Mbps DL: 28 Mbps (Commercial) DL: 42 Mbps (Future) Advanced DL: 84 Mbps (10 MHz) DL: 168 Mbps (20 MHz) DL: 336+ Mbps (40MHz) 1 UL: 5.7 Mbps UL: 11 Mbps UL: 11 Mbps UL: 23 Mbps (10 MHz) UL: 23 Mbps (10 MHz) UL: 46+ Mbps Rel-8 Rel-9 Rel-10 Rel-11 & Beyond LTE Leverages new, wider LTE LTE LTE and unpaired spectrum FDD andTDD (Future) Advanced DL: 73 – 150 Mbps2 (10 MHz – 20 MHz) DL: 1+ Gbps3 (Up to 100 MHz) UL: 36 – 75 Mbps2 (10 MHz – 20 MHz) UL: 375+ Mbps3 (Up to 100 MHz) Commercial 1R11 expands multicarrier to 40 MHz to reach up to 336 Mbps, 2Peak rates for 10 and 20 MHz FDD using 2x2 MIMO, standard supports 4x4 MIMO enabling peak rates of 300 Mbps. Peak data rates takes overhead into account, per standards 172 Mbps is achievable in 20 Mhz. 3Peak rates can exceed 300 Mbps by4 Note: Estimated commercial dates. aggregating multiple 20 MHz carriers planned for LTE Advanced (LTE Rel-10). Peak data rate can exceed 1 Gbps using 4x4 MIMO and at least 80 MHz of spectrum Created 09/19/2011
  5. 5. More RF Bands for Mobile Broadband China Japan North America UMTS/CDMA2100 CDMA/UMTS850 UMTS /CDMA AWS CDMA850 UMTS/CDMA2100 UMTS/CDMA1900 CDMA450 UMTS1700 UMTS/CDMA850 TD-SCDMA1900 UMTS/LTE1500 (B11) Extended AWS TD-SCDMA2000 LTE1500(B21) LTE700 TD-LTE2300 LTE850 TD-LTE2600 (B41) TD-LTE 2600 (B38) LTE900 MSS 1500 (L-Band) TD-LTE2600 (Bxx) MSS2100 (S-band) India CDMA850 Europe UMTS2100 South America UMTS900 UMTS2100 TD-LTE2300 S Korea UMTS2100 UMTS900 UMTS1800 CDMA450 UMTS850 UMTS1900 LTE1800 LTE850 UMTS850 UMTS1800 Australia UMTS2100 UMTS2600 CDMA1700 LTE800 UMTS2100 LTE2600-FDD UMTS850 TD-LTE2100 (B34) UMTS900 LTE26005
  6. 6. LTE Carrier #3 LEVERAGE WIDER LTE Carrier #1 Aggregated PRIMARILY HIGHER LTE Up to BANDWIDTH Carrier #4 LTE Data Pipe 100 MHz DATA RATES Carrier aggregation across Carrier #2 (bps) multiple carriers and multiple bands LTE Carrier #5 CARRIER AGGREGATION ENHANCES USER HIGHER PEAK AND LEVERAGES ALL EXPERIENCE USER DATA RATES SPECTRUM ASSETS (OVER 1 GBPS POSSIBLE)6
  7. 7. Device and OS Choice7
  8. 8. Multi-Mode Connectivity 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi, Powerline, NFC, Bluetooth, FM, Location8
  11. 11. Smart Experiences Combining Powerful Local Processing and Cloud Connectivity12
  12. 12. The Future Mobile Experience Everything The World Organized Devices Personified Connected Around You13
  13. 13. Increasing Smartphone Compute Power DMIPS 35 000 3.3 DMIPS/MHz x 30 000 2.5GHz x 4 Cores 25 000 20 000 15 000 10 000 5 000 0 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 201414
  14. 14. The Power Management Crisis Balancing Usage and Battery Management—An Ongoing Crisis Improvement Application and Services Requirements Power Battery Battery Capacity Crisis Hardware and Power Management Improvement 2G < 1W 2.5G~2-3W 3G up to 5W 4G up to 10W 2000 2008 2010 Source: Informa Telecom and Media15
  15. 15. Modems need to be Complete Built Smarter to Work Smarter Multimode 3G/4G Voice Power OS Support Optimization GPS Broadcast Soft AP RF Multiband Qualcomm Designs, Integrates and Delivers all the Pieces Advanced DSP Receivers Connectivity Simplified APIs16
  16. 16. Modems need to be Complete Solutions That Adapt to Network Conditions Delivering Faster, Smoother Real-time Connections Smoothest Always Fastest Voice and Data Connected Connections Real-time optimized 3G/4G, WLAN, BT, FM Industry leading capacity loads technologies Multimode/Multiband Seamless handoffs Real-time connection Strong reliable connection choices HD Voice in more places Smart signal clean-up Noise cancellation Smart power management and savings Pre-designed to work best with apps Support for connected processors applications17
  17. 17. Processors need to be Complete Built Smarter to Work Smarter Multimedia Power Mgmt GPS RF GPU Software/ HLOS CPU Qualcomm Designs, Memory Integrates and Delivers all the Pieces DSP Connectivity Modem18
  18. 18. Industry needs to Deliver Full Benefits of Integration SMALLER FOOTPRINT 10–20% smaller LOWER SYSTEM COSTS LOWER CHIP COSTS ~$3–$6 BOM savings ~10–20% savings LESS ENGINEERING, FASTER TIME TO MARKET POWER EFFICIENT >745 devices launched Up to 35% better in Fiscal 2010 Source: Qualcomm estimates.19
  19. 19. World’s First Multi-Mode 3G / 4G Integrated Chipset MSM8960 CPU UPGRADE MULTI-MODE MODEM New micro-architecture Integrated LTE Multi-Mode ~5x performance All 3G modes supported MDM 8960 ~75% lower power LTE/TD LTE MULTI-MODE 3G DUAL CORE GRAPHICS UPGRADE INTEGRATED ~4x performance CONNECTIVITY WLAN, GPS, Bluetooth, FM FIRST CHIP OF THE NEW SNAPDRAGON FAMILY20
  20. 20. Thanks