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  • 1. Exam – Part 2 British Film
  • 2. What does it mean to be British?
    • What make a person a ‘Brit’?
    • For example:
    • Race
    • Religion
    • Region
  • 3. What is British Film?
    • In your groups create a mindmap to show what you believe makes a film ‘British’.
  • 4. Which film is British?
  • 5. All of them!
    • All of these films are considered British within the definition of the UK Film council as they are co-productions with other companies.
    • In an audiences eyes they would not be considered ‘British’ in terms of content, cast, locations, setting or crew.
  • 6. British Film
    • Defining what ‘British’ means is problematic due to the constant influx of other cultures it is impossible to state what is ‘typically’ British without resorting to crude stereotypes.
  • 7. DCMS & UKFC
    • According to The Department of Media Culture & Sport (DCMS) and The UK Film Council (UKFC) the official definition of a BF (British Film) is based on where the economics:
    • Where the funding came from
    • Who supplied production money
    • How many British cast & crew are employed
  • 8. BFI - British Film Institute
    • BFI divides films into the following categories:
    • A – films made with British money, personnel & resources
    • B – films co-funded with money from Britain
    • C – films with mostly foreign (but non-USA) investment & a small British input
    • D – films made in UK but with USA finance
    • E – American films with some British involvement
  • 9. Why are we learning this?
    • For this section of the exam you will need to develop a case study on a particular production company.
    • It must be contemporary and produce/distribute films to the UK.
    • You will focus on this institution in 3 ways:
  • 10.
    • Production – making films
    • Distribution – promoting films and getting them into cinemas, on DVD, spin offs and media related products
    • Consumption – people paying at cinema, renting or buying DVDs, downloading and purchasing related products.
  • 11.  
  • 12. Debate
    • How do we categorise British Film?
    • There are several things to consider, is it made in UK, funded with UK money, starring UK actors, part financed by UK and so forth.
    • How does British film have an advantage over European Film in appealing to an American audience?
    • Language, Americans speak English so this gives our film industry an advantage.
  • 13.
    • How does America have an advantage over the British Film Industry?
    • They have enormous amounts of capital.
    • Do the British audience consume more British or American films?
    • More American as the distribution of films into our shops is dominated by US companies who choose to fund their own products over others.