Statement of intent (front cover)


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Statement of intent (front cover)

  1. 1. Statement of Intent (Front Cover)• By Tesfah Watkins-Scott
  2. 2. WHAT is the name of your music magazine and WHY?My chosen title is Reggae Beats because just from reading the masthead you will nowhat type of music genre the magazine will be about. Also, with this specific title itsnot too long or too short so I can add some nice visual effects to it. Furthermore, Ihave chosen this title because I would not like a title that is too complicated to reador pronounce for novice readers therefore, I feel that ‘Reggae Beats’ would suit theaudience more because it is pretty straight forward and informs the audience whattype of magazine and what genre of music the magazine will be about. Furthermore,for the design purposes I feel this particular name will suit well because it has thecombination of two words so it will allow whatever design I pick to look much moreadventurous and unique compared to using just one word which will look quiteboring. Also, through the use of two words I can use more than one colour for themasthead which will allow this area to stand out on the front cover and also link inwell with the actual colour scheme of the whole Reggae magazine which will appealto the reader automatically because, it will allow the magazine to look organised andthought through.
  3. 3. WHAT will your music magazine be about and WHY?My Reggae music magazine will be mainly about the different types of artists from allover that create Reggae Music. But also I have decided to expand the actual stories thatwill be included in the magazine. For instance I have decided that I am going to add anarticle about Notting hill Carnival 2012 which is quite different from the theme of themagazine being about music. However, I have linked this particular article with somesort of competition to be able to create your own Reggae piece of music and whoeverwins gets their particular song to be played at the actual Notting Hill Carnival 2012 inAugust. Also, I have added two main artists for my magazine which will contain an articleabout their upcoming rise to success in the Reggae music industry which will include aninterview also. Moreover, I am going to add on the contents page that on a specific pageof the magazine their will be a few word searches and puzzles and games like this so thatthe magazine will also appeal to the younger generation and will not just be aimed atpeople who are of middle age and above.
  4. 4. DESCRIBE the design of the title? (Colour: What colour you are going to use, how you intend to place the masthead, layout and fonts you are hoping to use?)For the design of my title I am going to use a font that looks similar to fonts thatI have seen on reggae magazine front covers that I have analysed. This isbecause, the mastheads that have been used I feel instantly appeal to thetarget audience not only from the colour but also from the way the font hasbeen designed. The type of font I feel has to look quite tropical in a way so thatit looks as if it is part of the Caribbean islands. For example if the particularfont had slight cracks in specific areas of the letters, it would allow the font tolook much more free and would symbolise the nice rocky environment that ispresented in the countries where reggae was developed. Furthermore, thecolours I wish to use for my masthead will be red yellow (gold) and green. Thereasons for this is that these specific colours are actually linked with theCaribbean and African culture and music. To the target audience these colourswould instantly tell them that the magazine is something to do with theCaribbean or Africa. These colours also symbolise peace and harmony towardsthe conventional target audience which is another reason why I would like touse these specific colours. However, one problem with these colours for themasthead is that I don’t feel as if 3 colours will look appealing just for 1 sectionof the magazine because it may make the masthead look quite busy andrushed, so I have though about using only 2 of the colours for the masthead.
  5. 5. WHAT will be the dominantimage on your magazinecover? WHY will you be usingthis image(s)?The dominant image on my front cover will be a photograph of my dad playing a musicalinstrument. The reason I have chosen this particular type of image is because, the model I willbe using (my dad) is actually a big fan of Reggae music and he also has the conventional clothesthat reggae musicians would where when playing there instruments. I feel that this type ofimage will explain to the reader as soon as they see the magazine that the magazine will beabout reggae music due to the props I will be using for the Mise-en-Scene such as the guitar andhis ‘Rasta Hat’ which also involves the colours red gold and green which will be the main colourscheme that I will be using for the whole magazine so I feel the image will work very well. Theprop that I have used for my main image is of a guitar which is a musical instrument which hasbeen used by many different Reggae Musicians such as ‘Bob Marley’. This will allow my image tolink in well with the specific genre of music and will also link in if I decide to use a cover linewhich links my model and another reggae musician from the past. Furthermore the mediumlongshot that I have used to take this specific photograph didn’t really emphasise the way theinstrument is being played by my model, so in Photoshop I cropped the image so that the imagewas still a medium longshot but because the image is quite big u can see the facial expressionsof my model which presents him to be quite peaceful and concentrating on the music whichlinks in with this particular genre of music.
  6. 6. WILL your target audience find your front image appealing? WHY OR WHY NOT?I think that my target audience will find my main image very appealing for manyreasons. Firstly, The image that I will be taking will actually look as if my model isreally playing the guitar because, I am going to make him/her look down at the propas if they are really concentrating on playing instead of the conventional techniqueof getting the main image to look directly at the audience. Secondly, The clothesthat I will make my model wear will involve the three main colours in the reggaeculture which is red, gold and green. This will allow the reader to notice that theartist on the front is actually a reggae musician which will also co-inside with themasthead which will tell the audience directly about my main image. Also, whenthe image is taken the background would not be appropriate for the genre of musicso I will crop the background of the image out using the magic eraser tool and thenI will place the image in the top right hand side of my front cover. This will allow thered, yellow and green background I am going to use to also link with the colouredclothes my model will be wearing for the image. Furthermore, due to the size of myimage it allows the target audience to see the facial expressions of my model whilstplaying the guitar which will present the image to represent the genre of musicbecause my model seems quite peaceful and looks like he’s concentrating on thechords of the musical instrument like a normal reggae musician.
  7. 7. WHO is the potential target audience for your magazine? HOW do you know?My target audience for my particular Reggae music magazine front cover, contents pageand double page spread will be quite a secluded audience. This is because the specificgenre that is the objective of the whole magazine is the reggae music genre. Reggaeoriginated from the Caribbean which was mainly populated by African American people.However, today the reggae genre has become a worldwide type of music and involvesmany different races in the world. For example the reggae group called Ub40 who wereactually a Caucasian group made the famous reggae song Red Red Wine. This shows methat the audience for my reggae magazine actually links with a wide variety of the publicbecause reggae music is so popular. Furthermore, for my particular magazine reggae musicmagazine Im going to make my target audience be quite modern, so ages between around45+, even though I am going to involve a bit of slang and youthful phrases into the coverlines, and the main body of the double page spread. Although, the ethnicity of my musicmagazine I feel will be a wide range because all types of races such as Asian and whitecould have been brought up in quite Urban areas where they are used to using andunderstanding the slang terminology. Also, I thought about making my target audiencequite broad and wide however, I have now changed my mind and feel that my targetaudience can appeal to different ethnicity’s but the main target will be black Caribbeanand African people because I feel that this specific audience will be the most interested inthis particular genre of music. The reason that I have chosen this particular age group isbecause some of the articles that I will include in my double page spread and cover linesfor my front cover and contents page will include old Reggae artists such as ‘Bob Marley’and so forth which will therefore allow this particular target audience to relate to mymagazine because these particular musicians were around when Reggae was their maingenre of music in their time.
  8. 8. HOW many different fonts (style, colour and size)will you be using for your front cover? Will yourtarget audience find these appealing? WHY ORWHY NOT? The image above is of a downloadable font called SQUARE ROUGH from the website This particular font has gained my interest to be a part of my reggae magazine project for quite a few reasons. The shape of the font is quite irregular but unique which caught my attention straight away. To me I felt that this type of font could be used for my masthead on my magazine front cover due to the quite straight and jagged lines which make it look quite sharp and pointy like rocks on the ground. However, looking back on my research I found that most reggae magazines that have been produced have used fonts that are quite roundly shaped and less square which I have taken into account.
  9. 9. Now the font above is a font also from dafont.comcalled ROCKS and I feel it would suit my magazinevery well. However, I dont think that this kind of fontwould be quite effective for my masthead of mymagazine, but I feel that the font would work verywell if it was to be associated with the cover lines ofmy magazine. Compared to the other font that I haveanalysed above the shape of this font is not asstraight and sharp instead the shape is quite roundedand curved like the letters used for my analysedreggae magazine front covers. Furthermore, whenlooking at this particular font it makes me think aboutpalm trees and tropical islands due to the way theletters look when typed, which would directly link tothe theme and genre of my music magazine. Anotherasset of this font is that the letters when typed arevery bold and thick which will allow the cover lines tostand out just as much as the main image especiallywith the colour scheme that I will be using for thecover lines.
  10. 10. The screen print above is of another font Ihave decided to think about using for themasthead of my reggae music magazine. I havedecided to think about using this font becauseduring my research I realised that most of thereggae magazines I have analysed use fontsthat are quite rugged and rounded. Thereforewhen I saw the font above I felt that it wouldlink right in with the reggae theme of themagazine. Also, visually I feel the font is quiteadventurous due to the slight cracks andbreaks in the letters which give the targetaudience the feel of actually being a part ofthe Caribbean islands and the reggae culture.