Final Edit 1st Draft


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Final Edit 1st Draft

  1. 1. By Tesfah Watkins-Scott & Marcus Thomas
  2. 2. MUM’S HOUSE SCENE 1) Mid shot – Mother calling red riding hood 2) Medium close up – Red riding hood responds 3) Medium long shot/ Long shot – Mother giving red riding hood a basket of patties 4) High Angle shot/ Close Up – Taking a patty (only her hand is shown and patty being grabbed). 5) Close up – Of red riding about to eat the patty 6) Long shot– mum puts her hand on her hips and puts on her facial a expression (Di Rass), 7) Side angle shot – red riding hood frowns and puts patty back in basket 8) Panning shot – of red riding hood collecting basket and walks to the door then looks to wave 9) Extreme wide shot – mum stands at the door and waves at red riding hood and red riding hood would be a slight distance away from the door but she still turns back and waves and then continues to walk into the woods.
  3. 3. WOODS SCENE1. Camera still – red riding hood skips a few yards towards the camera and when she gets close up to the camera she walks out of the scene (camera is still going to be still)2. Extreme Long shot - red riding hood skipping (just to set the scene)3. Medium Close up - red riding hood thinks about eating a patty, and then eats one4. Long shot - wolf steps on poo whilst creeping in bushes5. Point of view shot- wolf is scene lurking in the bush, senses the smell of the patties being eaten6. High-angle shot - of red riding hood leaving packet trails of patty, Pans Down7. Extreme close up - of wolf twitching nose8. wolf buckles over his legs - pan/tilts down9. Long shot, camera follows the wolf moving backwards whilst the wolf is walking forwards - of wolf following trails10. Medium close up - of wolfs hand grabbing red riding hoods basket11. Long shot - wolf and red riding hood playing tug-a-war with the patties12. Mid shot - of red riding hood pulling the basket13. Mid shot - of wolf pulling the basket
  4. 4. GRANDMAS HOUSE SCENE/WOODS SCENE Close up - of one eye of grandmas opening up from her sleep (senses trouble) Long Shot - of both red riding hood and the wolf falling to the ground on their backside, the basket of patties fall on the ground Long shot - grandma gets up of her seat and runs outside of the door, two seconds later she runs back to get her walking stick and starts limping like and old lady outside of the door again camera tracks grandma throughout her antics POV shot - grandma running at full pace and sees the wolf and red riding hood battling Mid shot - of red riding hood getting out the way Mid shot - of the wolf making himself look scary Mid shot - grandma drops walking stick making herself look scary Long shot - of grandma and wolf fighting High angle shot - of red riding hood collecting patties and putting it back into the basket Extreme long shot - of wolf and grandma fighting Mid shot - of grandmas leg kicking wolfs head to sideways and spit comes out of the wolfs mouth Mid shot - of wolf falling to the ground Camera pans up - grandma takes red riding hoods hand from the floor goes to mid shot Long shot - grandma runs (walking stick in hand) with riding hood (basket in hand) High angle shot - wolf tries to get up but lays down again dead? Wide shot - grandma and riding hood runs to the camera Long shot - Door opened and grandma and red riding hood runs in and shuts the door out of breath Wide shot - of riding hood and grandma eat patties with a nice drink