Contents page statement of intent


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Contents page statement of intent

  1. 1. Contents page Statement of Intent By Tesfah Watkins-Scott
  2. 2. WHAT codes and conventions will you be usingfrom your CONTENTS PAGE RESEARCH andWHY?
  3. 3. WHAT type of images, graphics (i.e. Boxes, borders and rules) will you be using to make your Contents Page easy to navigate by your target audience and WHY?For my contents page I will be using columns to allow my contents page to have a strongand structured layout. I may emphasise the columns by highlighting the specific sectionsto make each column which will present to the audience that this particular magazine hasnot been rushed, instead it has been produced carefully. Also, the layout of the contentspage will be that in the top left hand side of the page is where the mast head and a mainimage for the contents page will be located. Then underneath this the 1st column willbegin with the text stating what page every article will be on. Then on the top right of thecontents page another column will be assembled to continue the page numbers of thedifferent articles. And finally, underneath that column 2 images will be used to link in withthe text of the contents page. Furthermore, for the two images located underneath thecolumn I have thought about rotating the images about 45 degrees which I feel would bequite unique, but also I have had an idea to put a pitch black cannabis leaf behind each ofthe two images which I feel will allow both images to stand out just as much as the largerimage used for the contents page.
  4. 4. WHAT stories will you be including in your ContentsPage and HOW will they be related to the images?For my contents page the main stories and articles that I will be including for thecontents page won’t only just relate to Reggae, instead I will involve stories that link toother sections of the Caribbean and African culture. For instance one story that I willbe mentioning is about a reader creating their very own Reggae song for a competitionwhich will allow them if they win to have there very own song played at the 2012Notting Hill Carnival on the 28th and 29th of August. Also for this specific story I havetaken a picture from when I was at the carnival in 2011. I will use this particular imageand type the number that links with the text for this article on the page in, in boldletters in maybe a bright colour so that it will stand out to the reader and tell them thatthat specific image is linked with the specific article. Also one of the main stories that Iwill be including in the contents page links in with the main image and the main coverline that is on the front cover of the ‘Reggae Beats’ magazine. This story will be about abrand new and upcoming reggae artist who is becoming a legend himself just like hisidol ‘Bob Marley’. I have done this because it is going to be the main article of thewhole magazine so I will end up mentioning the article on the front cover, contentspage and also the double page spread. This will specifically tell the reader that themain objective of the magazine is about Reggae music and also that this particularReggae artist is one of the main topics in the music industry for this particular musicgenre.
  5. 5. WHAT colour scheme (shades, tints and colours) will you be using and WHY?The colour scheme that I will be using for the contents page of my Reggae magazine willfollow the same colour scheme as the front cover which is the colours red, gold (yellow)and green. The reasons for using these particular colours is because the three colourslink in straight away with the genre of Reggae due to where this type of music wascreated and also these colours will speak out to the target audience as soon as they seethe contents page, letting the audience know that the magazine is going to be based ona Caribbean/African subject or the actual theme which is Reggae music. Furthermore,another reason why I will be using these colours is because, they are quite bright andeye catching colours which will be attractive to the audience, instead of using three dulltypes of colours which would make the contents page seem quite dull, boring and alsowill not tell the reader anything about the particular genre of music.
  6. 6. HOW will you make your Contents Page easy for youraudience to find the major cover story or other stories?Due to the research I have done of different types of contents pages, I have foundout that there are many ways to make specific sections of the contents page standout more than others. And in this case for my contents page I would like importantparts of the text to be much more appealing to the audience so that they view theimportant parts of the contents page and do not get distracted by something else.One technique that I have picked up on is using more than one font to make acertain part of the text stand out. However, I feel that this particular technique willmake the actual contents page look quite busy and congested because it will look asif more than three fonts are being used on the whole page. Although, anothertechnique that could be used could be to change the font size of the importantsection like an important cover line. But, I feel that also this would be quite astruggle because if only a section of the font is quite large it will make the wholebody of the text look quite irregular and also it will be difficult to use the guidelinesand columns on In Design because the columns would look quite irregular due tothe text not being the same sized font. On the other hand there is one techniquethat has caught my eye. This technique basically highlights the important section ofthe text in a different colour from the actual text. The reason why this is myfavourite technique is because, the fact that you can change the colour of the textto signal is important and still allow the text to link in with the actual colour schemeof the whole magazine or just the contents page.
  7. 7. WHAT type of fonts and font sizes (style of lettering used)will you be using for your Contents Page and WHY? For my contents page I am thinking about using this particular font for the subheadings that will be seen in the contents page. The reasons for this is because the font ‘321 Impact’ I feel is very bold and will catch the readers attention automatically. Also, compared with the font that I have used for the masthead for the front cover of my magazine this font is pretty similar. Like the other font ‘321 Impact’ also has a few indents in the font like the rocky type of font used for my masthead. However, this particular font looks much more street and urban which will have a great effect on my target audience. This is because my target audience even though it is very broad are mainly going to be from urban communities because that’s where the reggae genre was really created, in ethnic areas.