Ancillary double page spread research
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Ancillary double page spread research Ancillary double page spread research Presentation Transcript

  • Ancillary Double Page Spread Research By Tesfah Watkins-Scott
  • Introduction The silent comedy that Marcus & I will be producing will need to have some sort of film review which will actually give feedback about our particular film with some sort of rating. The double page spread review will need to be viewed as appealing by our target audience as they would be the audience that would allow our short film to become successful when seen. As I decided to research into film posters for the first ancillary product, I think that it would be wise to do some research on the second ancillary task also which is the review or double page spread. For the double page spread review I will be presenting some research that I have done to help me create a successful review page whilst involving professional skills and conventions that have been used in other magazine reviews.
  • 1st Review: Spider-Man 2
  • The font that has been used for this masthead is quite unique as it only uses lower case lettering, and also each letter is created using both straight edges and also curved edges. Furthermore, I like the way that the masthead has not been made to look overpowering which could cause many problems as it would cause the reader to not notice other aspects of the Also, I feel that using two different shades of colours review for example the main image. for the background works well in this case. Due to the fact that both colours have come from one colour which is ‘blue’ allows the whole masthead to seem as one, but also makes each section of the masthead look distinctive.This is the strapline which is placed justunderneath the masthead. With this particulartype of double page spread which is a reviewa conventional technique that is used is to puta strapline underneath the masthead or thetitle of the film which will have a variety ofratings for the audience to view and decidefor themselves. I feel that using a dark colour for the background of the strapline and a bright colour for the text will definitely work well. However, due to the fact that I will be doing a review on a silent comedy I have yet to decide whether my double page spread will be in colour or in black & white.
  • Due to the fact that this film is known for being action packed I feel that using one large image for the double pageFrom previous spread is useful. This isresearch from because, they want tostudying AS Media show the audience howStudies I haverealised that most exciting the film looksarticles/reviews with every detail whichstart with a drop you wouldn’t see with acap. Using a drop smaller image becausecap to start the all of the other aspectsreview will appeal of the page wouldto the reader probably end upstraight away and overpowering the mainwill prevent theactual article from image.being overpoweredby the main imageor masthead. The technique of using a pull quote allows the readers toThe use of columns is very important have a small insight into somewhen creating a double page spread. When viewing this particular magazine of the information that will beIt will allow the magazine to look less review I have become very fond of allowing involved in the review. I havecluttered and busy to the audience. there to be some sort of verdict at the end noticed that when magazinesAlso, as you can see using columns of the review which will present to the use pull quotes they tend to usewill allow the text on the page to look audience the actual rating for the film from one of the most importantstructured and professional which will the public (conventionally presented with phrases that is in the article totherefore increase the chance of a stars) which will show the audience that the keep the reader magazine will involve them.
  • 2nd Review: SALT
  • I feel that visually this pull quote looks much more adventurous than the pull quote used in the previous magazine review. However, I feel that the colours used do not really work together due to the background colour and the font colour being bright. Furthermore, I have noticed that the colours used for the pull quote have actually been used to link in with the colour scheme of the whole double page spread. Although, I feel that the area where the pull quote has been placed is quite unusual. Conventionally, pull quotes are normally placed in- between the actual article so that it catches the readers eye straight away.I feel that the use of borders that has beenused for this particular review works well.Doing this allows the page to look moreorganised and structured. Furthermore, whenusing borders if they match the colour schemeof the actual magazine like this example, thenthey look very appealing towards the audience I feel that the font used for this particular film is quite basic. However, because the genre of the film is action I feel that this font goes with the review due to the fact that it suits the type of film that is being exhibited. The use of using the same blue colour for the font which has been used for the masthead works well as it allows the two sections to link together. This will show the audience that the magazine has been well thought out and sticks to the colour scheme.
  • For this magazine they have The main image that has been used for this actually put the issue date of the review will look very appealing towards the magazine which makes the reader. This is because, from this one main magazine look much more image the reader will be able to figure out the professional. type of movie that is being reviewed.I like the fact that thearticle includespromotional informationabout the particularfilm. This will allow theaudience to know moreabout the film’sbackground. Also, theuse of changing the fontcolour for each sectionof personal informationallows the reader toview it much easier. I like the way this particular magazine film The use of page numbers on this particular magazine works review makes the use of columns to well as it is quite small, which means that the audience will structure the layout of the text for their not be distracted by the page numbers instead of reading the review. Also, they have created columns review or viewing the main image. Furthermore, when the which actually surround the lower half of audience go through the magazine they will notice the page the main image which will allow the actual numbers which allows the double page spread to look much article to look more appealing to the more professional. magazines audience.