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This presentation was shared as part of the Enabling e-Learning online series 2012.

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  • Play this as an introduction via web tour safeshareyoutube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtL51VME4QoKM – Love it!...what’s the key learning here?
  • An e-learning portal – purpose of Enabling e-Learning: to raise student achievement through the effective use of e-learning tools and processesKM – love it!
  • Take-a-ways…All very good – I wonder if we need to tailor them to a schools’ context i.e. how would an individual use it with their colleagues? Maybe separate the slide into two…ideas for them on their own with their PLN – and ideas for use with colleagues (blended)?
  • Leading and learning online

    1. 1. Leading and learning online Presented by Tessa Gray, Online facilitator, Blended e-Learning Programme, Core Education, Te ToiTupu
    2. 2. This session will clarify: How can I help others? Why people How can I come extend my together learning online? online? How online communities can facilitate new learning? Purpose of the Enabling e- Learning community groups
    3. 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtL51VME4Qo
    4. 4. How does thisspeak to me?
    5. 5. Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly. Etienne Wenger
    6. 6. Where do your interests and passions lie, currentfocus at school?
    7. 7. How can you pursue/enhance your professional interests/foci online?How could you share your experiences/expertiseto enhance the learning of others online?
    8. 8. People can learn informally by Viewing ListeningReading Talking to each otherInquiry
    9. 9. Online communitiesFacilitate/extend new learning Encourage connectionsFoster collaboration Invite participationExpand accessibility
    10. 10. What does this look like already?A shared repertoire of resources, experiences, stories, tools, ways of addressing common issues • MessagingLeadership • BloggingTechnologies • BookmarkingTeaching • File sharingProfessionalLearning • Forums • Live events
    11. 11. Teaching and learning
    12. 12. Leadership challenge
    13. 13. Professional learning
    14. 14. Technologies
    15. 15. This takes time and sustained interaction – plane analogy from Etienne Wenger, “A goodconversation with a stranger on an airplane may give you all sorts of interesting insights,but it does not in itself make for a community of practice”Don’t underestimate the lurkers.
    16. 16. How might we lead and learn in the VLN groups?
    17. 17. How might we: Develop practice through inquiry? Welcome, encourage and motivate? Socialise and Construct culturally knowledge? connect? Exchange information?
    18. 18. Tips for growing your PLN• Sustain and maintain your personalisedportal• Find mutual friends, join and make specialisedgroups your favourites• Keep up-to-date and informed through RSS feeds, email notifications, bookmarkingfavourites
    19. 19. Tips for growing your/our community• Understand the purpose for connecting and sharing, model this by initiating conversations in your communities• Take people on a walking tour in the VLN• Send personal messages, shoulder tap and mentor others online• Provide regular postings - questions rather than statements work best in own or EE groups• Encourage sharing of links, resources, ideas, experiences etc• Demonstrate good practice, share stories