2011 mothers' club scout camp survival guide


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2011 mothers' club scout camp survival guide

  1. 1. 2011 Mother’s Scout Camp Survival GuideVisitor Day: Sunday, July 17, 2011:Your Scout will be looking forward to your visit on Visitor Day. We suggest you plan to arrive between10:00 and 11:00 AM. Visitor Day hours are from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Every family is encouraged toattend. Parking at camp is limited, therefore carpooling is strongly encouraged. Troop 269 currentlyhas no organized plan to carpool this Sunday, as it has been done in the past. If you needtransportation or prefer to travel with someone else, feel free to contact 269 Scout Mom SusanMarple (816-356-1319). Your attendance and support for your Scout on this special day during eachsession helps him to know how important he is to you. Additionally, he is anxious to share with andshow you what he is experiencing.Troop 269 families provide the noon meal on Sunday. Therefore, all families should plan to contributea main dish AND a dessert or side dish to go with it. All leftover food is used to feed the boys fordinner as well because the mess hall is not open that night. Please bring enough for both meals.Food should be brought to camp in disposable containers. Due to the heat, please dont leave dishesthat contain mayonnaise or ingredients such as tuna out for more than a couple of hours and be sureto take that food home with you. Campers look forward to this day during their session becausewe all know that home-cooked food is much tastier than camp food. In previous years some familieshave stopped in Clinton to pick up food. Bring whatever serving utensils are needed for your food.Drinks: There will be a cooler of water, tea and lemonade. If you want something else to drink you’llneed to bring it. Since it is very likely to be HOT that day, water and sports drinks work best.Tableware: While Troop 269 will have plates, napkins and plastic silverware available for guests,families are encouraged to bring their own table service in order to conserve troop resources that areneeded for "Crud" sessions during the week. Bring a refillable cup or water bottle for your drink.Bring your lawn chairs. Expect the weather to be sunny, hot and humid. The camp is dusty and rocky,so wear your most comfortable shoes (sandals are not a good choice). Your son will want to show youwhere he spends his days and this requires considerable walking. You will be able to see Bartlethrough the eyes of your son. Do not bring pets to camp!Please plan your departure from the campsite no later than 4:00 p.m., as the boys will have eveningactivities to attend. If your Scout is a bit sad to see you leave, dont delay – that only makes it harderfor him (and you)! In most instances within a very few minutes after you leave your son will be off toanother adventure and a fun-filled evening. Your leaders are aware that departure time is sometimesdifficult, and have been trained to handle homesickness that might arise.
  2. 2. Visitor Sunday: The List of Things You Will……… Need Want1. Food X (traditionally, families bring their campers favorite food(s) that can be left out in the heat all day and eaten again for the evening meal after we leave). Some examples: Pizza; Fried Chicken; Rice-a-Roni; Enchiladas; Spaghetti; Watermelon; Biscuits2. Serving Utensils X (for the food you bring to share with the entire group)3. Table Service X (plate, utensils, cups, napkins for your family members)4. Extra Drinks X (fill a cooler with ice and your familys favorite beverages – its bound to be H O T)5. Sensible Shoes X (it is REALLY, REALLY rocky and dusty and you’ll be doing a lot of walking because the boys will have lots to show you!)6. Lawnchairs X (theres no place to sit, unless you like hard, rocky surfaces that are bug- filled and filthy dirty – dont forget your chairs!)7. Camera X (if you take digital snapshots of your campers, please share them with all of us at www.bsatroop269.shutterfly.com)8. Bug Spray and Sunscreen X (if you forget, the boys should have some you can borrow)9. Umbrella, poncho or rain gear X10. Anything that will help you get through a hot and/or rainy day outside X without AC!Sending Letters and Packages to Camp:You might consider mailing a short note or a funny card to your Scout on the day before he leaves forcamp so he will get some mail shortly after he arrives at camp. However, DO NOT TELL HIM ALL THEFUN YOU ARE HAVING WHILE HE IS GONE! Make your letter sound as if life is RATHER DULL AT HOME.To send them a letter or care package use the following address:H. Roe Bartle Scout CampFt. McHenry, Camp Piercing Arrow5525 NE Scout Camp RoadOsceola, MO 64776Attn: Your Son’s Name Here
  3. 3. How to get thereSouth from Kansas City via Harrisonville - Highway 71 south to Harrisonville. Highway 7 from Harrisonville, southto Clinton. Highway 13 from Clinton to St. Clair County Highway C. Stay on Highway C approximately 12 miles toa stop sign. Turn right (south) through the town of Iconium, Missouri. The camp entrance is less than a mile fromIconium on County Z. Signs will point the way. Before we turn off on Highway C, some of us will continue South on Highway 13 for another quarter mile or so toNorth from Springfield - Highway 13 through Lowry City to is much cleaner than the outhouses aton Highway C use the clean, cool restrooms at the convenience store which St. Clair County Highway C. Stay camp – Yes,approximately 12 milesfar off the route andTurn right (south) through the town of Iconium, Missouri. The camp OUTHOUSES! It’s not to a stop sign. is well worth it.entrance is less than a mile from Iconium on County Z. Signs will point the way.West from St. Louis - Take I-70 to exit 78, and then go south on Highway 65 through Sedalia,Missouri to Warsaw,Missouri. Stay on Highway 65, two miles south of Warsaw to State Highway 82 to Harper, Missouri (approximately17 miles). At Harper, take St. Clair County U to Iconium, Missouri. The camp entrance is less than a mile fromIconium on County Z. Signs will point the way.