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Webquest (1)

  1. 1. WebquestBy Letitia, Liam and Chantelle.
  2. 2. This is Our Original Spread Sheet: We chose to set our book in the Gold Coast.The weather is Sunny and hot, there is rain-forests, themeparks, out backs and deserts. For survival we could build ashelter out of trees and other plants, and eat off coconuts.
  3. 3. The Cost$2,781 For flight, Accommodation, Travel and Food.We need the money because if we go to the place where we wantthe book to be set it will give us a better idea about whateverything looks like, and we need the extra money for food andaccommodation.Flight$431 return (from Auckland to Gold Coast Airport) Air New ZealandSep 3 Sep-13Accommodation:Hotel Grand Chancellor Surfers Paradise $145, per night, Staying 10days. ($1,450)Food:$45,Breakfast: $15 Lunch: $10 Dinner: $20($450)Travel:$45 A day for car hire($450
  4. 4. This is our story plan 
  5. 5. Our StoryThe bus pulled up outside Dreamworld and everyone piled off, we saw there was no queue at theticket desk so we quickly ran up to it before anyone else did, but it was pointless. The lady said to us“Sorry kids, Dreamworld is closed” “For how long?” I asked “Well... It could be forever She replied“But why?!” Exclaimed Brendon “The staff weren’t told, but good luck trying to figure that one outkids!” We left the ticket area and decided what we would do next. “Well, we could see if movie worldis open?” Suggested Brendon “Yep, I suppose that’s just as good.” So we headed back to the busstop only to find that the bus had left, we looked at the bus schedule and it looked as though we’d bewaiting another two hours! The only thing left to do was to walk there, surely it can’t be that far, right?Wrong. It had taken us at least an hour to find the exit of dreamworld, but we didn’t give up. We wenton the side of the road, and it must of been our lucky day moment. My auntie Jo happened to bedriving to work and Movieworld was on the way so she said she’d give us a lift. We told her howDreamworld was closed and she said that she would wait and see if movieworld was closed, and if itwas she would drive us to wet ‘n wild.Just our luck, it was also closed. Except there was just a sign on the ticket booths ‘Closed UntilFurther Notice, Sorry For The Inconvenience.’ Wet n’ Wild was just the same. I asked Auntie Jo if shecould take us to where she worked and we could get a bus from there, luckily auntie Jo works athabourtown, a huge shopping mall. So there was definitely a bus stop there, when we got there wethanked auntie Jo and headed to the bus stop. We looked on the bus schedule here for one that saidSoutport, we found it but it was under the one that said ‘Dreamworld’ (that bus takes you to all of thetheme parks) but it was crossed out, all of the dreamworld ones were. Brendon and I were talkingabout it for the whole trip home. “I wonder why someone crossed off Dreamworld on the busschedule” I said to Brendon “Because they are all closed and there is no point in taking a bus there”He replied “but why are they all closed, what’s going on?”
  6. 6. We rushed up stairs saying a quick ‘hi’ to mum when we got home, I turned the computer on and typedin dreamworld, it said, where the sight should have been ‘This website is no longer available’ it lookedas though all of the theme parks were closed though, apart from one. Disney world. Why are all theother theme parks closed and not this one? That’s exactly what I asked Brendon “I don’t know, but weare going to find out.” He said. Then I noticed that there was a name on the bottom of every website‘Dr. Drakken’ and I have been on the dreamworld website a LOT, and I have never seen that logo on it.I moved the mouse towards it and noticed that I could click on it, so I did and it took me to a websitelabeled www.dr.drakken.com I looked around it and came across an address, I showed Brendon andhe said that it was by his house. We went downstairs and asked mum if she could drop us off atBrendon’s house.When we got there he showed me where he thought it might be, all we could see was a little shed, wecarefully crept up to it just in case there was someone in there, first we looked through the dustywindow on the side of the shed, there was no-one and nothing in there. First we opened the door, itcreaked a bit but that didn’t matter there was no-one around. We looked around and I moved over tothe window but something caught my shoe, I looked down and saw a small trapdoor, Brendon bentdown to look at it, he tried opening it, it sort of budged but not enough for us to see what was in it, Ibent down to help him, neither of us saying a word, we didn’t have to, so in silence we pulled at thelatch, lucky for us it swung open, revealing some sort of secret hide out.
  7. 7. In there we could see, a large group at a big office type table, and another group of peoplecrowed around computers. They were all wearing a dark red uniform, except for one, he waswearing a bark blue uniform. We thought he was probably the head of all of this. Then we heardsomeone say, “Dr. Drakken, have a look at this, we have shut down rainbows end in NewZealand!” Then the man in the blue suit (obviously Dr.Drakken) said “Great. Now quit telling meevery time you shut one down.” “Sorry boss” We watched for a bit longer, but nothing else reallyhappened, then after about twenty minutes, Dr. Drakken said “OK everyone gather around Ithink it’s time I told you how I am shutting everything down” We both looked at each other thenand leaned in for a closer listen. “You see, the button you press that says ‘Destroy TP’-” then hegot interrupted by one of the workers “What does TP stand for?” angrily he said “Theme park,anyway, when you press it, it sends a radio wave that somehow stops the buttons that controlthe rides. And it also stops all water from running down tubes.” Then there was a lot of mutteringand questioning. They all started heading towards the trap door, so we quickly ran out, makingsure we left it the way they had it.We ran into a bush where we could still see the little shed that held a huge evil cooperationunderneath it. We saw all of the people coming out, once we thought everyone was out we wentback to the shed, I helped Brendon open the trapdoor then he looked around the hide out to seeif it was empty, “All clear” he told me. We carefully climbed down the ladder and looked in frontof us into a place we hadn’t seen from where we were. It was a room full of Disneylandsouvenirs. “wow.” we said simultaneously. I turned to look at where we saw all of the people, Icould see a lot more computers now, they were all off, so I tried to turn them on, but they didn’thave a normal on switch. While I was doing that Brendon had found a piece of paper and hewas reading it with a shocked expression on his face. He said to me “Dr. Drakken is trying toclose down every single theme park except for the Disneylands, he’s making sure people onlygo to his theme park!”
  8. 8. We heard footsteps in the shed above, we were hiding next to the ladder that they willuse to get in. It looked as though only Dr. Drakken was coming down, luckily he didn’tsee us, as he got nearer to the bottom Brendon nodded and we both pounced at him,we had him pinned down, “We know what you are trying to do, now tell us how wereset everything or we will call the police” I told him firmly. “Haha. I’m not going to givein to some kids, what are you like 13?” He said, “Sixteen actually” Brendon told himwhile I searched for a reset button. I got my phone out and he saw me dial the first ‘1’“OK, OK I’ll tell you where it is, first you need to look under the computer to your left,then open the little latch and you’ll see four buttons, press the orange one then the redone, another little door will appear, then press the button on that that says ‘reset’” Ifollowed his instructions and pressed that button, then Brendon got out his cellphoneand dialed 111. Once the police had arrived we were able to leave them to it, but notbefore I got a pair of mickey mouse ears.“Why did you grab those?” Brendon said pointing to the ears. “Just a little souvenir.”The next day we were all over the news and newspaper, that shows people that alotcan happen in a little town like southport.
  9. 9. ConclusionOverall we thought that even though it was quite hard, andwe had a couple of problems at the start, it was still fun. Andwe hope we can do another one this year.
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