[Investigacion] China Tibet Issue


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* Overview of the history of Tibet
* Major cases
* Dalai clique’s view
* Chinese Central government’s perspectives
* International position
* Possible scenarios
* Conclusions

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  • For the most part of Western countries said human rights and peaceful dialogue when criticize Chinese aggressive suppression in Tibet. But in their calculation, reasons to support Dalai lama is different to formal reasons. They think Tibet is the important cause that they can pressure to China and contain the rising of China. But now we can see the ‘big Change’ of Westerns. I chose France is the representative case of many of Western countries.
  • Traditionally, French often said they are beginner of revolution for liberty and supporter of weak people from French revolution in 1789. So French government tried to define their position neutral and mediate. When China announced to start ‘The one China Policy’, they criticized China and sold their weapon to Taiwan during 1990’s. And their bilateral relationship resumed in 1994. And since then In 2008, conflict is re-happened. French president met Dalai lama in Poland, China criticized their attitude and started boycott about French material in China. As you know, this time, Olympic torch problem is also happened in Paris. But situation is changed. In 2009. 4. 1, French foreign minister announced Nonintervention policy about Chinese Intra-national problems include Tibet independence problem. We discussed about the reason of French attitude change. The point is national interest. Their bilateral relationship growing up and China is great market for them. And they agree the Strategic Partnership. France has expressed the hope to enhance its publicity on the Chinese market and to promote it to be the second largest trade partner of China next only to Germany within EU. And they know China needs their technology of railway to make a railroad and subway. Finally France choose getting a interests than keep the traditional spirit of liberty.
  • India face to china directly and they was great supporter to dalai lama. Post World War 2, India recognized Chinese social government at first. They established diplomatic relation in 1950. But since India accepted Tibet people include Dalai lama in 1959, bilateral relationship is frozen rapidly. Since then they start to dispute of territorial problem. Finally they had war in Radak Region in 1962, and China won this war. After the war, according to China supports to Pakistan during 2 nd , 3 rd war between India and Pakistan, they became a enemies each other.
  • In 1976, ambassador level relation was rebuilt. They have minds that economic/cultural relation first and Political/territorial problem second. As a result the quantity of trade between them growing up. But India still prudence of going into India of Chinese Corp’s, because they can not trust China perfectly. In 2005, Chinese prime minister visited India and they sign the agreement. In treaty, India recognized that Tibet is part of China and China announced that Shikim region is India’s Territory. And They also accepted many other parts. We think there are several reasons of this treaty. First, They knows benefits from economical partnership is bigger than conflict of territory each other. Second, Indian military strategists think their security strategies have to go with China to survive. Third, they willing to synergy effect from combination of Chinese Hardware industry and Indian Software Industry. As a result, Dalai lama was so distressed from unexpected compromise.
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