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Making the Switch From Wimba to Blackboard Collaborate

Making the Switch From Wimba to Blackboard Collaborate






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    Making the Switch From Wimba to Blackboard Collaborate Making the Switch From Wimba to Blackboard Collaborate Presentation Transcript

    • Making the switch fromWimba to Collaborate.Charles RigdonEducational Technology SpecialistUniversity of Missouri - Columbia
    • About the crazy guy up front3 facts and 1 lie about CharlieGrew up in Northeast PennsylvaniaTwo daughters & 1 son (eta September)Tuxedo was lost in transitLove spending time outdoors 2
    • About the University of Missouri - Columbia Mizzou was founded February 11, 1839 in Columbia, Mo. First public university west of the Mississippi Enrollment (fall 2011) Total: 33,805 In-state: 25,502 Out-of-state: 8,303 Undergraduate: 26,024 Graduate: 6,545 February 24, 1839 – William Otis receives patent for steam shovel. 3
    • About the audience….yes, that means you!Which of these fits best?a) Using Wimba and do not have plans to switchb) Using Wimba but hope to switch to Collaborate soonc) Already using Collaborated) Using Elluminatee) Other? I hope this is not a one-sided discussion! 4
    • The Implementation Timeline• January 2010 - Adoption of Wimba Classroom as the campus wide web conferencing tool• July 2011 - Product launch at Blackboard World, Cohort Kickoff• August 8, 2011 - Access to product, Installed on Blackboard Learn QA server• August 15, 2011 - Installed on Blackboard Learn production server • Access was limited to pilot courses only• August 16-18, 2011 - Train the trainers, train the instructors• August 22, 2011 - Semester begins & pilot is launched• January 2012 – Full Production – • All NEW users on Collaborate, existing Wimba users had choice• January – May, 2012 – Migration of Wimba archives• May 14, 2012 – Disabled Wimba Classroom for all users• June 4, 2012 – Start of Summer semester – ALL users on Collaborate 5
    • First peek at Collaborate 11 in Las Vegas! Collaborate 11 was unveiled for the first time First impressions were good enough to convince me to go “all in” 6
    • Cohort Program Instrumental in helping us move forward rapidly Enabled us to get questions & concerns addressed Work alongside peers who have the same objectives 7
    • Our flight into Collaborate land• Installed Collaborate on our staging instance• Dived into every aspect of Collaborate and learned the product inside outInitial Observations:This product cannot be mastered overnight but thebasics canThe differences between Wimba and Collaborate aresignificantThis will be a substantial change but the benefits aremany 8
    • The Pilot 12 courses Health Professions Social Work Architectural Studies Literacy Education Nursing Agricultural Economics Textile and Apparel Management 9
    • The Pilot Live virtual class Review sessions Office hours Group work Guest lecturers Alternative to discussion boards Plan B (weather, other emergencies)“We’re gonna be in the Hudson” – Capt. Sully Sullenberger 10
    • Training Strategy• As close to a real world experience as possible • All training is done through Collaborate from a distance• Introductory session (showcase the basic features) • Best if limited to about 10 people• Advanced session (non-structured sandbox) • Best if limited to about 5-6 people• One-one-one discussions and experimentation 11
    • Lessons Learned (some the hard way)• Encourage instructors NOT to just “3-stooge” it 12
    • Lessons Learned (some the hard way)• Prepare in advance• Both the instructor and student’s need time to practice• Audio wizard, audio wizard, audio wizard• Choose an assistant (at least for the first session)• Have a backup plan • What happens if servers go down? • How do you notify the students? 13
    • Overall Usage 14
    • Attendees 15
    • Recordings 16
    • Why was the rollout a success?• It was a team effort • Support staff • Willing faculty • Blackboard Collaborate support • Patient students• Cohort Participation 17
    • Faculty CommentsSure. First the switch was made much more smoothly secondary to your support.I have found that Collaborate creates a much more user-friendly online environment for students andinstructors. There are more tools readily available for those serving as the “presenter”. From an instructorstandpoint our program has expanded the use of online instruction with the integration of Collaborate into thecurriculum. In years past we used Wimba as a tool for students to record presentations and archive thatperformance for instructor viewing at a later date. Now, the program’s instructors not only use Collaborate in thatcapacity but meet regularly in synchronous Collaborate sessions to review portfolios/projects and provide real timefeedback while being able to view written material.From our perspective the move has been positive - Lea C. Brandt, School of Health Professions 18
    • Faculty CommentsI have found Collaborate to be useful whether it be in the classroom or online. Regarding the former, Collaborateallows students to share their work with the rest of the class in real time. This has been especially helpful in largerclasses and precludes the need for trudging back and forth to the blackboard and for the sharing of longerdocuments, different types of formats, etc. Regarding the latter, I teach several online classes and Collaborateprovides a sense of presence and inclusiveness with the university setting that our part-time, online students donot always feel otherwise.– Dale Fitch, Social Work 19
    • Faculty CommentsCollaborate is the better of the two for me. I am no expert and probably miss functionality that is there in bothsystems, but here are my impressions. And some of the improvements may be MU improvements rather thanCollaborate. But my impressions: First the system seems more stable.I like being able to load PPT on the fly, practically, and have had to do that. It seems easier in Collaborate.It’s very easy to invite virtual guests, no establishing passwords and permissions ahead of time. I make a lot of useof this. Showing web sites and navigating through websites is much easier. I do a lot of that.There are many settings for Collaborate once you’re inside it, and my eyes don’t always distinguish when a settingis on or off, but I find that in both systems. More color distinction would be helpful if the vendor could do that.My students don’t seem to crash as much with it or experience problems in the middle of the class, so my classesare running more smoothly.- Chris LeBeau, Librarian III and Assistant Teaching Professor 20
    • Faculty CommentsDue to the long-distance learning aspect of our program, Collaborate has greatly enhanced our ability to meet withstudents in smaller groups in order to better meet the needs of our program. Of course, the most obvious for ourstudents (as well as instructors) is the cost-saving benefits of not having to drive to a campus with ITV capabilitiesin order to meet for a short period of time. As a program, instructors as well as students, love it!Stephanie Allen, Clinical Instructor, Missouri Health Professions Consortium 21
    • Staff CommentsFor various reasons, our faculty were resistant to use Wimba, though were in need of a web conferencing option.When Collaborate came, many of our faculty jumped on the opportunity to try it in hopes of it being more dynamicthan Skype and easier to use than Wimba. So far, the response has been very positive. Most of our Collaborateusers love how easy it is to install, the ability for users with low bandwidth to connect and the "digital classroom"tools, like the follow me web app and PowerPoint sharing. The fact is, we had very little interest in Wimba, butgreat interest in a better conferencing tool.For support, I usually give interested parties a demo, then send them to one of Charlies workshops so they canpractice and be exposed to all the tools and techniques. I will often sit in on their first sessions and be there in theclassroom to set up the camera and microphone and help students configure their tools as well. I have found thatboth students and instructors only need this support for the first few sessions and we have never had a studentmiss the content due to technical problems, thanks to archiving and the multiple communication tools(chat, audio, video).While our users generally like Collaborate, they also have some criticisms. They would love for it to show more thansix videos. Lack of echo cancellation is a huge factor for our instructors who are using Collaborate to bring indistance students or guest speakers to a live class (which is the most common use of Collaborate in our college).Also, every user asks about mobile features for Collaborate--they would love for students to be able to log in withtheir phones and miss the ease of the phone bridge that Wimba had. Even though our instructors explore otherconferencing tools, almost all of them choose Collaborate.Jenna KammerAcademic Technology Liaison, College of Human Environmental Sciences 22
    • Thank you for your time!Questions, Comments andDiscussions are welcome! 23
    • We value your feedback!Please fill out a session evaluation. 24
    • Photo Credits:The pilot:http://articles.nydailynews.com/2009-10-01/news/17937145_1_hero-pilot-chesley-sully-sullenberger-flightBored Audiencehttp://www.badhaven.com/film/film-features/badhaven-vs-week-batman-vs-batman-vs-batman-vs-batman-vs-batman-the-ultimate-showdown/attachment/bored-audience/Roman Cohorthttp://nwhistoricalwargames.wordpress.com/2012/01/03/the-light-roman-cohort/Poker all Inhttp://techmediatainment.blogspot.com/2010/08/business-execs-politicians-go-all-in-on.htmlCalendarhttp://www.sd35.bc.ca/Pages/news.aspx?IID=268In the Hudsonhttp://blogs.reuters.com/global/2009/01/15/hudson-river-plane-crash-breaking-news-from-the-office-window/ 25