2nd p civil rights researching people and terms


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2nd p civil rights researching people and terms

  1. 1. Researching People and TermsMaterialsSMART BoardYou can use Video/Audio clips – But no more than 30 seconds in lengthResearch to be done on Netbook’s in classMust present using either a Poster Board or PowerPointPresentations need to be no less than three minutes and no more than four minutes in length.For those who chose to do a Poster Board, it must be more than just numbered/bulleted answers. You mustinclude things such as: Pictures, personal sketches, clip art etc.AssignmentEach student will be assigned either a key person or key event/term from the Civil Rights Movement. Youwill be required to do research on the topic assigned to you; you will have almost two entire class periods toconduct research on your own via Netbook’s. You are expected to address each of the following questions inyour presentation: • How is the chosen figure or event relevant to the Civil Rights Movement? • The Effect – how did they/this change society and culture and what were the consequences? Support your evidence! • What impact do they still have on society today?In addition, for homework due Thursday, you will be required to do an assignment of choice between: • 16 line poem on the Civil Rights Movement • 2 Haikus • 1-2 page reflection on your own personal thoughts on the movement. • A short video clip using Movie Maker • Write an original song that mimics the style of the songs sung by protesters during the Civil Rights Movement.PurposeThe purpose of this activity is to learn the key people and terms of one of the greatest movements of CivilRights in history. At no time in America was racial tension higher and at a boiling point ready to explode.These people are some of the key people to marching this movement forward and progressing Civil Rights inthis country. The terms we will discuss are the key tangible things that transpired: desegregation, the right tovote etc. Learning about these key people and terms will help better your understanding of the movementitself, but also the lasting effects that it has had on our culture and society today.ScheduleTuesday: Overview of the assignment, what is expected, what is needed, and what person or term you areassigned to. Research on your topics will be done via Netbook’s, personal books, articles etc. All researchmust be done by the end of class Tuesday.Wednesday: Assembling of PowerPoint’s/Poster Board’sThursday: All Presentations and assignments are due.Friday: PresentationsPoint Total/Breakdown70 Points Total5 Points – For how well you use time to conduct research in class5 Points - Speaks clearly, eye contact, delivery of presentation (do not read directly from slides)20 Points – Homework assignment of choice40 Points – For presentation, this is based on how well you meet the criteria required in the assignment.Rubric is attached.