The expanding android apps development industry


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This article states the reasons of Android application development and its popularity, by giving its various advantages, mentioning its features, etc.

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The expanding android apps development industry

  1. 1. The expanding Android apps development industryTechnology has never been so advanced till date. Nothing faster thantechnology advances at such a rapid pace. As far as the mobileindustry is concerned, there is huge demand for Android applications.The current on-going demand of Android apps has compelled Androiddevelopers to design and develop some of the most advanced andfresh apps for users worldwide. They are preferred over otherapplications because more features can be incorporated in Androidapplications.We have advanced to a significant level, where smart phones havebecome so efficient that we have replaced our laptops and computerswith them, as Smart phones are more handy and mobile. They aresimilar to computers as they need an operating system. This platformis most popular of all the available operating systems in the market.Many high term applications are developed using this technology.Android application development helps in the development of newand dynamic apps for users. As everyone wants more features andthe latest functions in their mobile phones, however, to fulfill thedemands of all users, the developers have to strive to make morepowerful applications for users. Android, being one of the mostpowerful platforms for mobile applications, is most preferred over restof the technologies by developers as well as users. With Android, onecan develop feature-rich applications with the use of Java andAndroid framework.Android is a multipurpose and feature-rich platform. You get GSM,CDMA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and UMTS technologies to send and receivedata over mobile networks. Features of video camera andtouchscreens, P2P using Google talk, SQL for data storage. Librariesfor 2D and 3D graphics, Libraries for images, audio and video filesconsisting of mpeg4, mp3, jpg, bmp, gif, png, wav, midi and manymore formats.Android Application development is a booming technologyplatform with a brighter future. Developers must be fully experiencedto build new applications to stay in competition. Hence, androiddevelopment is also outsourced. Many companies have come up withsuch facility and cost effective solutions to the clients. Android apps
  2. 2. development is perfect for you if you possess a set of applications &want to integrate or promote each other. Thus it is referred to as anInter application development.When a strong rapport is created between the developer and theapplication, it creates a whole new experience. Apparently, the use ofsmart phones is increasing internationally due to the facilities multiplethey offer today apart from calling and texting. Or may we say, thatthe technology Android itself has resulted into the increased use ofsmart phones for both personal as well as business relations.This increase in the demand of applications, has made mobileapplications truly famous and Android Apps developers populartoo.Author Bio: The author comes with some solid reasons that have ledto a strong liking for the Android application development byusers as well as android developers.