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Russian group (.ppt)

  1. 1. Devoted to Franz Halberg
  2. 2. CHRONOMEDICINE Research Group of Russian Research Centre for Radiology and Surgical Technologies
  3. 3. CHRONOMEDICINE The CHRONOMEDICINE research group was established in 2000 in CRIRR of Russian Public Health Ministry based in the clinical radiology department. In 2007, CRIRR was reorganized into the Russian Research Centre for Radiology and Surgical Technologies.
  4. 4. The Chronomedicine research group consists of three research workers who investigate the following areas: 1. Development of chronodiagnostic methods that employ modern computer technologies; 2. Perfection of chronooptimization methods of combined treatment in oncology; 3. Creation of palliative anti-tumor therapy methods based on a chronobiomedical approach; 4. Introduction of methods of synchronous combined anti-tumor therapy that take into account the types of toxicity from medicines and exposure to irradiation; 5. Study of the full range of factors that influence the toxic effects of physical and chemical agents; 6. Development and perfection of hardware and software for monitoring the main indices of the patient’s vital functions; 7. Individualization of combined treatment schemes in oncology based on the patient’s chronobiological indices.
  5. 5. Scientific production of the Chronomedicine group • In 2003, a doctoral thesis was defended • 2 scientific discoveries were registered • 3 patents were acquired • 3 book chapters were published • 4 books were published • In the last 5 years, 45 scientific papers were published
  6. 6. Thesis
  7. 7. Discoveries
  8. 8. Discoveries
  9. 9. Patents
  10. 10. Patents
  11. 11. Patents
  12. 12. Book chapters • Blank M.A., Ryabykh T.P. Chronooncology. A chapter in the handbook “Chronobiology and chronomedicine”. Moscow, “Triada-X” , 2000, p. 329-355.
  13. 13. Book chapters • Blank M.A., Blank O.A. Chronotherapy of oncologic diseases. A chapter in the book “Irradiation therapy in oncogynaecology and oncourology”. Edited by A.M.Granov, V.L.Vinokurov. Saint Petersburg, Foliant, 2002. p. 309-337.
  14. 14. Book chapters Blank O.A. Investigation of the influence of exogenous and endogenous factors on the intensity of haemodepressive effect of subtotal body irradiation in patients with malignant lymphomas. A chapter in the book “Information technologies in medico-biological research” edited by V. Duke, V. Emmanuel. Saint Petersburg, Peter, 2003. p. 453-468.
  15. 15. Our books Dictionary of oncopharmacological terms. A.N.Stukov, A.A.Akimov, E.V.Zyrlina, M.L.Gershanovich, M.A.Blank, V.A.Filov Edited by V.A.Filov and M.L.Gershanovich Saint Petersburg: NIKA, 2005. 122 p.
  16. 16. Our books Medicinal tumor treatment. A.N.Stukov, M.L.Gershanovich, M.A.Blank, E.L.Neustadt, V.A.Filov. Ed.: M.L.Gershanovich and V.A.Filov. Saint Petersburg: NIKA, 2006. - 528 p.
  17. 17. Our books Symptomatic therapy in oncology. A.N.Stukov, M.L.Gershanovich, M.A.Blank, O.A.Blank, E.V.Zyrlina, V.A.Filov. Ed.: M.L.Gershanovich and V.A.Filov. Saint Petersburg: NIKA, 2007. 288 с.
  18. 18. Our books Medicinal tumor treatment. A.N.Stukov, M.L.Gershanovich, M.A.Blank, O.A.Blank, E.L.Neustadt, V.A.Filov. Ed.: M.L.Gershanovich and M.A.Blank. Saint Petersburg: NIKA, 2009. - 648 p.
  19. 19. The group’s scientific relations In Russia • Scientific Research Institute of Oncology (Saint Petersburg) • Russian Oncologic Scientific Center (Moscow) • Russian Scientific Center of Surgery (Moscow) • St.-Petersburg Institute of Informatics and Automatics of Russian Academy Science, laboratory of biomedical informatics Abroad Halberg Chronobiology Center, University of Minnesota, USA
  20. 20. Very best regards to Franz, all his friends and followers