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96980-2010 SWRON ROMP Registrar Statement of Duties.doc (Download)

  1. 1. SYDNEY WEST AREA HEALTH SERVICE SYDNEY WEST CANCER NETWORK RADIATION ONCOLOGY NETWORK Statement of duties and responsibilities TITLE Radiation Oncology Medical Physics Registrar Department Sydney West Radiation Oncology Network Medical Physics Team Award Classification Public Hospital Medical Physicists (State) Award Hours 12-month renewable contract – 38 hours per week Responsible to Director of Radiation Oncology Medical Physics Essential criteria 1. Degree in Bachelor of Science (Physics major) or equivalent discipline from an Australia or New Zealand tertiary institution. 2. Eligible to enrol in an Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM) accredited Medical Physics MSc course. 3. Eligible to enrol in ACPSEM Radiation Oncology Medical Physics (ROMP) TEAP. 4. Be an Australian citizen or have permanent residence. 5. Demonstrated ability to produce work of a high professional standard. 6. Demonstrated ability to work effectively as a member in a multi-disciplinary team and commit to customer service and quality assurance. 7. Demonstrated good organisational and interpersonal skills. 8. Be willing to work flexible work hours (early or late) at times. 9. Demonstrated good academic results. Primary Function To provide a safe, efficient and effective clinical physics services to Radiation Oncology Network (RON) under the direction of the Director of Radiation Oncology Medical Physics. To participate in all in-house and ACPSEM ROMP TEAP training. The Radiation Oncology Medical Physics Team is fully accountable to the Director of Radiation Oncology of RON. Conditions of employment 1. Appointment as a ROMP Registrar is for a period of 12 months. 1
  2. 2. 2. Yearly renewal of contract is subject to review against training competency benchmarks and funding allocation. 3. The ROMP Registrar must participate in the department’s training program and carry out tasks required to successfully complete the Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM) accreditation program in Radiation Oncology Medical Physics. 4. The ROMP Registrar must demonstrate progress in the ACPSEM training program to the satisfaction of the Director of Radiation Oncology Medical Physics. The training program requires postgraduate studies at an accredited university for the medical physics course work and clinical training at Sydney West Radiation Oncology Network. 5. The clinical medical physics training may require the ROMP Registrar to attend and work in other hospital departments (such as Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Surgery, etc) and other NSW accredited radiation oncology centres. 6. The ROMP Registrar must undertake research and study in accordance with the ACPSEM training program. Criteria of the on-going assessment of the successful applicant 1. Participation in the hospital’s education and clinical training programs for ROMP Registrar. 2. Appropriate enrolment and performance in a post-graduate medical physics degree at an ACPSEM accredited university. 3. Satisfactory completion of examinations and other assessments assigned as part of the post-graduate course and clinical in-house training programs. 4. Significantly advanced in the attainment of qualifications and clinical experiences, and eligible to be considered for ACPSEM accreditation. 5. Full payment of fees required for the university higher degree and the ACPSEM Training, Education & Accreditation Program (TEAP) necessary for participating in all the required components of the TEAP program. 6. Successful completion of TEAP to gain ACPSEM accreditation within the maximum period of 5 years. SUMMARY of DUTIES: Under the direction of Director of Radiation Oncology Medical Physics or his nominee: 1. Undertake the Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM) training program that culminates in successful completion of the ACPSEM Accreditation in Radiation Oncology Medical Physics. 2. Undertake research and study in accordance with the ACPSEM training program. 3. Participate in the department’s medical physics quality assurance program. 2
  3. 3. 4. Participate as required in the maintenance of radiation oncology radiation apparatus. 5. Participate in the treatment planning clinical physics work. 6. Participate in the brachytherapy clinical physics work. 7. Participate as required in the preparation and maintenance of safety protocols. 8. Participate as required in the patient in-vivo dosimetry service. 9. Participate in the physics acceptance testing and commissioning of new, refurbished or re-commissioned radiation oncology treatment apparatus. 10.To maintain a cooperative and productive working relationship with the multidisciplinary staff in the department, and contribute towards the provision of high quality radiation therapy services. 11.This position will be primarily located at Westmead Cancer Care Centre, but may be required to travel to other hospital in RON to participate in physics duties or for educational, research & educational meetings, as requested by the Director of ROMP. Universal statement of obligations 1. Policy on smoking in the workspace Smoking by staff, clients, patients and visitors is totally prohibited in the building and vehicles within the Public Health System in NSW. This will apply to Public Hospitals; Community based services, Area Health Services and associated organizations. 2. Equal employment opportunities – employee responsibilities Sydney West Area Health Services is committed to the policy that discrimination or harassment in the workplace will not be tolerated. All staff has a responsibility to ensure that they do not act in any way, which constitutes harassment or discrimination against other staff, and to help maintain a work environment free of harassment and discrimination. 3. Occupational health and safety responsibilities of an employee Sydney West Area Health Service is committed to Occupational Health and Safety for all employees. All staff have a responsibility to ensure that they use safe work practices at all the times and that they do not compromise the health and safety of any person, including themselves, at their place of work by their acts or omissions. 4. Ethical practices and confidentiality Employees are expected to demonstrate a commitment to ethical practices in the workplace and are not to divulge or discuss to any unauthorized person any confidential data or information collected for the purpose of patient care or for the administrative, statistical or other purpose. 5. Health promotion 3
  4. 4. To undertake Health Promotion activities relevant to the Department targets for Health Promotion. Statement by Department Head The information detailed above is an accurate statement of the duties of this position. Department Head Date Statement by Employee As occupier of this position, I have read and noted the contents of the duties and responsibilities of the position described in this Statement of Duties. I understand that other duties consistent with this position may be required from time to time and that I may be required to work in any area under the jurisdiction on the Board of Directors of Sydney West Area Health Service. Employee signature Date 4