Film Poster's and Magazine Analysis


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Film Poster's and Magazine Analysis

  1. 1. FilmPoster Analysis Terri Lucas
  2. 2. The saturated colour of yellow The strapline evokes a and black creates a misty colour. revengeful stance. With two The black connotes an enigma , contrasting words ‚vengeance‛ strength, and authority. In and ‚beautiful.‛ The effect relation to the effects created by this is that it suggests a the body language of the enjoyable and purposely character , and the poverty inflicted punishment or aspect, the black can also connote retaliation. This gives the grief. The use of the yellow is audience an idea of the very contradictory as yellow is personality of the main normally used to connote joy and character in the centre of the happiness. However in this case, poster. it adds to the disturbing effect of The position of the female actor poster. directly in the centre makesProps being a vital aspect is sure than she is the main focusexpressed in this poster, as the of the poster. This automaticallyuse of the gun helps to reinforce reinforces her role as the mainthe genre of action. The position character to the audienceof the gun is made centre with showing her importancethe character and placed very Having the strapline overlapclose to her face, suggesting a the image allows the audienceintimacy and closeness with this to make a direct link. Theweapon. Her facial expression is simplicity and style of hervery calm and mellow, portray clothing connotes a “tom boy”that she is at peace and in a look and does not depict yourserene place when with her gun. average feminine female.The effect of a bond and The incorporation of the cityattachment is shown by the way represents a part of the character.she is clutching the gun with It is evident that there is twoboth hands. This suggest the representations of two veryviolent nature of this character different societies. One looking The title of the film is place very high in the social class with directly below the main high rise and prestige buildings, image which suggest a kind and the other side looking of link with the character . This is not your average name so the unprivileged with a vast range of audience I left unaware what the meaning of this title actually favelas. The fact that there has been two contrasting communities is, working as a persuasive technique to draw the audience in. Keeping placed at different ends suggest that she is apart of a double life. with the colour scheme the shade of the font is similar the rest of the However, the favelas have been blended into her body which colour in the poster, continuing the enigma code. suggests that the unprivileged community is apart of who she is.
  3. 3. Target Audience & Representation o The intended audience for this movie has the potential to be quite broad included both men and women. The female aspect is appealed to through the choice of main character who portrays a slight female personality with curled hair and long eyelashes. However the use of the very prominent weapon will appeal to the male audience who enjoy violence. o In regards to age, the age of the character could reflect the age of the intended audience. Looking quite young (mid 20’s) the target audience could range between late teen s to early 30’s, as action is a genre that mainly appeals to the younger mid generations. o In regard to socio-economic status, those from a working class or even struggling background may find this film appealing and may have been the intended audience for producers as it can act as a reflection of their experiences or their day –to- day life, or even help them to shape and describe their personal identity Audiences members may even be from a upper class background but find the movie appealing because it can give the insight to a different side of life. o In terms of nationality, favelas are normally homes that are found within urban areas of South America, this is a perfect example of the type of people that the film could relate to, with reference to their lifestyle. o Lastly, personality type, is a key factor in determine the intended audience.. The likely personality type that producers are targeting are those with a edge, drama, violent streak, and a slight darkness/mystery about them.The representation made through the background image does reflect atypical social assumption , as it would if it was just the weapon, favelasand a male character in the frame. However, the use of a female, aweapon and aspects of the higher and wealthier people of society (highrise buildings) develops a counter stereotype. This counter stereotypehas not always existed, but saw a growth in the 21st century.The snapshot on the right highlights how the favelas have beenincorporated in the body of the character. This suggest a form of lovethat she may hold for that community, and that community has aspecial significance to her.
  4. 4. The majority of the poster is The use of the dark makeup around covered with black, with the only the characters eye, links and other colour being apart of the continues the black colour scheme main characters face. This of the poster. They has the ability predominant black has the to attract the eyes of the spectator function to portray a number of and portrays a fierce and things including power, death, dangerous edge. Suggesting evil, mystery, strength and something about her personality authority. However, contrary to and her role within the film. The this it can also connote elegance, full fringe hair cut restricts the prestige , elegance and formality. audience from seeing her full face, This suggest gives the spectator a connoting that some of her identity range of ideas on what type of is hidden, linking to the strap line movie this will be and how Being that this a close-up that takes characters will be portrayed. up the most of the poster, facialThe strap line uses a question expression is very important iswhich tells the audience a bit of connecting with the audienceswhat they can expect from the response. In terms of this particularmovie. This could include doubt, poster her facial expression is veryinvestigation or the revealing of minimal with neither a smile or asomething.. This leads them to frown, but simply emotionless.automatically question the This could possibly symbolise thatidentity of the main icon. This her character is cold-hearted andreinforces the idea of mystery emotionless. The intensity that iswhich is created by the extensive being portrayed through her eyesuse of the colour black ‚Salt’‛ suggests a deep focus andbeing a type of food seasoning concentration, which suggestcan create confusion amongst the something about her work ethicaudience members as it is used and ability to get things donewith the possessive pronoun The type of font chosen is very‚who‛ which usually used to clear and bold, eye- catching to thedescribe a human. This forces spectator but resembles a fontthe audience to think , and found on computer devices. Thispossibly act as a persuasive shows the modernity of the filmtechnique to draw the public in A typical convention of a film poster is the date of release. The release and the relation to technologicaland test their ideas against who date of this movie is at a time when the film industry is at one of its aspect. This connotes that theSalt actually is., peaks, in regard to the releasing on films.. Summer being an exciting character may be intelligent, and time of year ad the best part of the year for some, gives the audience knows her way around modern something else to look forward to. technological devices.
  5. 5. Target Audience & Representationo The intended audience for this movie, has the potential to be quite broad included both men and women. The female aspect is made prominent and appealed to through the choice of main character who portrays a slight female personality with the use of eye make-up.o In regards to age, the age of the character could reflect the age of the intended audience. Looking quite young (mid 20’s – 30;s) the target audience could range between late teen s to early 30’s, as action is a genre that mainly appeals to the younger mid generations.o Lastly, personality type, is a key factor in determining the intended audience. The likely personality type that producers are targeting are those with an attraction to the personality reflected through the main icon. This could be daring, secretive, sneaky and fierce..The representation made through the close-up is against the social assumptionof the female gender . It has been overturned, purely as the result of use of darkmake-up and effective facial expression. Typical social assumption about thefemale gender are that they are calm, caring , sensitive, nurturing, and live by the male ideology of being passive and subordinate, to males. However, in themain image, the female portrays a controlling, self-reliant and powerfulcharacter. This goes against what the audience would typically expect from anaction movie including a woman.
  6. 6. The setting of the film is The use of the dark blue ofmade evident in the the sky could representsposter. Iconic and popular darkness that the audiencebuildings are shown in the could expect from the film.background including the The use of this colourLondon Eye , and house of throughout the poster.Parliament. This instantly gives it a masculine feelgives the audience insight according to studies, it isto where the characters highly accepted amongwill be from and the type males. Dark blue isof movie it will be, associated with depth,meaning it is likely to be a expertise, and stability,young and urban movie along with power,instead of your regular integrity and seriousness.American teen-flick. This suggest that the film is associated with theThe six different unveiling of the truthcharacters all portray a which is to be takendifferent persona through seriously.their clothing. In regardsto the females, one is The only other use ofbarely dress which colour is the use of the redsuggests a provocative strike through the title.and sexual nature. This This is usually associatedsuggests a very brave and with the horror genre as it‘out there’ personality, relates to blood and death.whereas the other girl is However, in this case itclothed in a dress and could relate toboots with curly hair. the danger within the film.This suggest a very However, it could show passion,feminine and ‘girly’ desire and love as there are bothpersonality. The body males and female characterlanguage connotes maybe positioned on the poster. The redthat she is feisty and could also could be used tospoilt. purposely contrast against the blue, a masculine colour, whereas the red being associated with women dangerous and deviant women. This could relate to the female characters.
  7. 7. Target Audience & Representationo The intended audience for this movie has the potential to be quite broad included both men and women, but it could be argued that the female aspect is made the most appealing with more female characters and them standing more in the foreground. The men and women to do not hold an equal status in the poster, which could suggest to the audience the type of role they will take it the movie. This could be a dominant and leading role.o In regards to age, the age of the character could reflect the age of the intended audience. Looking quite young (early 20’s) the target audience could range between mid teen s to late 20’s, as action is a genre that mainly appeals to the mid 20’s generations.o In terms of nationality, there are a range of ethnicities in the poster, ( white black, black, mix race etc) this could represent London’s society today which is very multicultural. It could also portray how the youth of society have integrated very well over the years, which has created diversity. By representing a range of ethnicities , the poster is able to apply to the different types of people and members of the audience. The representation of the female gender could be argued to be similar to the male gaze a argument presented by Laura Mulvey, who argued that in films, women are just sexual objects rather than the possessors of the gaze. The sexual nature is reflected through the character wearing minimal clothing. Theorist Berger argues that images like this “record the inequality of gender relations and a sexualisation of the female image that remains culturally central today. They reassure men of their sexual power and at the same moment deny any sexuality of women other than the male construction. They are evidence of gendered difference “
  8. 8. Magazine Analysis
  9. 9. Colour Scheme: The colour Masthead: The colour and sizescheme is consistent of the masthead makes surethroughout, with a range of that it is bold, stands out, andboth dark and bright colours catches the eye of the reader.that work well together. The of The choice of word empirered in the masthead and apart connotes authority, formalityof the clothing of main and power. Suggesting to thecharacter connotes a horror on lookers the qualities of theand dangerous element, which reinforced with the black Main Image: The main imagebackground. uses a medium close-Slogan: The slogan describes a up, which ensures that thehigh status in the film face and facial expression ismagazine industry successfully been portrayed., automatically making this His importance is highlightedparticular seem like the best. being that he stands alone , predominantly owning theCover Lines: The use of extra front cover. The expressioncover lines acts as a way to portrays seriousness and painshows the readers what else suggesting the type of rolethey can expect from the that he will take in the film.magazine, showing value for Cover Lines: The position ofmoney. Positioning it as a list these two particular coverhelps to effectively express the directly beneath the main image,quantity.. along with the language used shows a direct correlation. Words like “bloody hell” and “fighting” accompanies the type of image being portrayed through the main image. Barcode: The position makes sure that it does not affect interfere abruptly with the image, cover lines, etc , but still noticeable and compact in the corner of the page.
  10. 10. Colour Scheme: The Skyline: The skyline onmajority of the front this front cover acts as acover , including the more special cover linecolour of the icon, is black and it tells readers what toand white, this connotes expect inside but suggestsmystery and darkness. that it is something special, with its boldness. Masthead: The colour and size of the masthead against the background makes sure that it is bold, stands out, and catches the eye of the reader. TotalCover Lines: The use of film connotes completion,extra cover along the edge, quality and huge quantity.placed vertically, acts as away to shows the readers Main Image: The use ofwhat else they can expect this close-up, assistedfrom the magazine, showing with the eye-level anglevalue for money. Positioning and black and whiteit as a list helps to effectively colour, suggest mystery asexpress the quantity.. well as equality. There is a deep focus being shownSell Line: The use of through the eyes of the‚world exclusive,” acts as icon which suggesta persuasive technique for something about hisaudiences as its tells them character. The facialthat the content involved expression is veryin this magazine is neutral, making theexclusive to solely this audience not know whatmagazine. By using to expect.“world” shows a muchwider scale thansomething that is justnational. This connoteshonesty, truth, and gossip.
  11. 11. Masthead: The size of theSlogan: The slogan describes masthead ensures that it is eyethe purpose of the magazine, catching and remain relevant.and gives it some positive The chosen colours makesrecognition. However , sure that the colour scheme iscritically, the colour of one of consistent throughout (whitethe words makes it hard for and red). The red colour of thethe reader to establish what letter “I” is similar to thehas actually been written due chosen colour of the coverto it blending in with the hair lines and the hair of the mainof the main icon. icon, creating cohesion. TheCover Lines: The use of Sans serif font shows howcover lines acts as a way to contemporary the magazine isshows the readers what else and would therefore appeal tothey can expect from the a contemporary audience.magazine, showing value formoney. Positioning it as a listhelps to effectively express the Main Image: The main imagequantity. The language used in takes up the whole front coverthe cover lines like “cinema,” with the use of a big close-up.“film,” and “cameras,” all The effect of this is that itinter connect, reinforcing the gives the audience a chance topurpose of the magazine to get up close and personal withthe audience, and what the the main icon, presenting acontent will include. This acts clear neutral expression. Theas a persuasive technique. minimal use of make-upBarcode: The position makes connotes simplicity, beautysure that it does not affect and purity. This could be usedinterfere abruptly with the as a way to relate to regularimage, cover lines, etc , but readers of the magazine whostill noticeable and compact in prefer the simple look. Thisthe corner of the page, suggest something about thehowever on this front cover it persona of the main placed in the left handcorner. This shows how eitherside of the magazine , it stilllooks professional.