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Think Power: Negotiate Well
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Think Power: Negotiate Well


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Presentation for Silicon Valley Women in Human Resources...and Friends group.

Presentation for Silicon Valley Women in Human Resources...and Friends group.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Looking for stakeholders, issues, outcomes, values of outcomes across stakeholders, role of time, BATNA
  • First Job111000100000Retirement, 3% Raise303241273190Retirement, Male 3.5% Raise357515273190
  • We bring an image
  • Great graduation & on-boarding skills
  • Call to action: I'd love you to read the book, I'd love you to review the book, I'd love you to subscribe to the blog, but more importantly I hope you will use and share these ideas to leverage your business.The research behind the book continues. If you have an organization that you think could benefit from these ideas and would like to participate in the on-going research…. Please… let me know. We are at the stage of doing another round of validation.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Think PowerNegotiate Well TerriGriffith #PIM The Plugged-In
    • 2. Imagine a world where it was simply understood that women were the best negotiators & change managers
    • 3. Worksheet“Describe your last negotiation in outline form” What were the key aspects of the negotiation?
    • 4. “WomenUnderestimateTheir AbilitiesCompared toMen”
    • 5. Depressed Entitlement Effect Jost, 1997$8.22 $9.73
    • 6. Negotiation’s Impact Over Career400000350000300000 Male250000 Female200000 Male .5% Raise Increment150000100000 Based on Babcock & 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 Laschever
    • 7. Post-MBA Earnings 35 Yr Total750000070000006500000 Male Female6000000 Male .5% Raise5500000 Increment5000000 Male Female Male .5% Raise Increment Based on Babcock & Laschever
    • 8.
    • 9. “If you areoffered a seat onarocketship, don’task whatseat, just get on.”
    • 10. Find Your Power Place
    • 11. “scientia potentia est”Knowledge is PowerAttributed to Thomas Hobbes 1658
    • 12. Not what people want, butwhy they want it … and finding ways to address underlying preferences/priorities that satisfy your own
    • 13. Best Alternative to The Negotiated Agreement…BATNAs can be power too
    • 14. Be Strategic In Your Preparation• What’s your BATNA?• What’s the other party’s BATNA?• What are the issues & outcomes?• What are the other party’s issues & outcomes?• How are the outcomes valued?• Strategies and techniques you can apply?
    • 15. Project Lead You Other Team MemberStart DateToday +7 +7 -2Next Week +6 +6 -1Two Weeks +5 +5 +5ProjectDeadline1 Month +4 -4 -42 Months +2 0 03 Months -1 +1 +1
    • 16. Getting the Details• Ask Questions• Give Information• Offer Packages – For 2 Reasons• Add Issues• Break Issues Apart
    • 17. Think Power Set the Scene Trade-Off Solve PuzzlesCreate Value for All
    • 18. Negotiation…It’s not just for deals:
    • 19. • Using All Your Resources• Being Effective in Your Job• Being Effective in Your Teams• Being Effective in Your Leadership of Others
    • 20. Business objectivesUniverse (context, history)Information needsLaws (policies, required procedures, regulations)Dynamics (timeframe, sequencing)Events (milestones)Reach (magnitude)
    • 21. You Have to Ask
    • 22. Would The Plugged-In Manager begood for an on-boarding goodie bag?Do you know any Plugged-In Managerswho would do 20 minutes of scenarios for our scoring key?
    • 23. TerriGriffith