Culture of Innovation for ESADE


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Materials presented for 2013 ESADE Digital Masters program (Barcelona & Madrid)

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  • Not just bragging. Making a point: We can all engage personally with Innovation
  • Visits with Pixar
  • Flying car
  • CEO John Chambers explains how abandoning command-and-control leadership has enabled the company to innovate more quickly, using collaboration and teamwork.
  • Pixar less open than e.g., Lucas Arts
  • I suspect that most of the people in this room understand that no single technology tool can be a success, no single organizational practice change can be a success. We need to design our work as a system.We’ve known this since the 1950s if not before. That said, the term sociotechnical systems -- that’s what we call this mixing in academic jargon -- is not itself very plugged in. My colleagues and I are trying to provide an accessible way for all of us, individuals, teams, organizations, To mix human, technical, and organizational dimensions naturally
  • Culture of Innovation for ESADE

    1. 1. Culture of Innovation:PersonalOpenGenerativeRapidLeveraging PlatformsEvidence-BasedPsychological SafetyTerriGriffith
    2. 2. Personal Engagement with Innovation
    3. 3. Business Model Generation, 2012
    4. 4. User InnovationHackathons
    5. 5. Less Formal: Riding Giants
    6. 6. Riding GiantsCastLaird Hamilton -- FeaturedJeff Clark -- FeaturedGreg Noll -- FeaturedCrewStacy Peralta -- DirectorPeter Pilifian -- Director of PhotographySam George -- ScreenwriterAgi Orsi -- ProducerNathalie Delest -- Executive ProducerFranck Marty -- Executive ProducerLaird Hamilton -- Executive ProducerJane Kachmer -- ProducerAlice In Chains -- Additional Music/SongsStray Cats -- Additional Music/SongsStacy Peralta -- ProducerStacy Peralta -- ScreenwriterMatter -- Composer
    7. 7. Prizes
    8. 8. KickstarterQuirkyTechShopChallenge.govShapeways Funding Options
    9. 9. Exceptions
    10. 10. Design Thinking
    11. 11. Brainstorming IDEO Style
    12. 12. Creativity vs Innovation"All innovation begins with creativeideas…creativity by individuals and teams is astarting point for innovation; the first isnecessary but not sufficient condition for thesecond" Amabile et al. (1996)
    13. 13. Not JustHigh Tech
    14. 14. Platforms• Components• Processes• Knowledge• People and RelationshipsMore than Physical (Robertson & Ulrich, 1998)
    15. 15. Platforms & Streams• Understanding the Building Blocks ofInnovation• Better ability to Manage the “Product” Line• Better ability to Manage Implementation
    16. 16. Psychological Safety(for Failure)
    17. 17. Pixar
    18. 18. Pixar“they could have very intense and heateddiscussions; they always knew that the passionwas about the story and wasn’t personal.” EdCatmull, Pixar
    19. 19. Data is Apolitical
    20. 20. How to Choose?
    21. 21. Culture of Innovation:PersonalOpenGenerativeEvidence-BasedRapidPlatformsPsychological Safety
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