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Benefits of 999 Legendary Selling The program for Enterprise.

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  • 999 promotion presentation 100406

    1. 1. Legendary Selling<br />For The 21St Century <br />By Terrie Anderson<br />
    2. 2. Legendary Selling For The 21St Century <br />Agenda<br />What Is 999?<br />WIIFM<br />The Program<br />Enterprise Benefits<br />Who Is Terrie Anderson?<br />Why Use 360plus5?<br />Delivery<br />Program Outline<br />999er Culture<br />Summary<br />Testimonials for Terrie<br />360Plus5 References<br />
    3. 3. Legendary Selling For The 21St Century <br />What Is 999?<br />A Book and Coaching Guide<br />A 3 day High End Sales Training Program<br />Option For Psychometric Testing of Your Sales Team<br />A Culture That Will Represent Top 5% of Sales People<br />High Energy, Dynamic, Adaptable and Results Driven<br />Available Now from www.amazon.com<br />
    4. 4. Legendary Selling For The 21St Century <br />A Sales Legend Does Not Cruise, They Are On Fire! <br />Extensive Coaching in What Differentiates Sales Legends from Average Sales People<br />Working and Learning at the Highest Level<br />Better Lifestyle Balance<br />Less Stress<br />More Useful and Harmonious Relationships<br />Increase in Results of 10-50% (Average of 28% in Year One)<br />Consistency of Wins<br />You may even become a Sales Legend!<br />Tell me.....WIIFM?<br />
    5. 5. Legendary Selling For The 21St Century <br /> The Program<br />
    6. 6. Legendary Selling For The 21st Century <br />Generic Training Enhances Existing Methodology, Framework, CRM and Operational Systems<br />Therefore Your Technology Investment is 100% Protected<br />Excellent Return on Investment<br />Positive ROI normally within 6 months, often sooner<br />Measurability:<br />Testing Option allows you to understand Start Position<br />Repeat Testing and Quota Results Allows You To Accurately Benchmark Performance<br />Improves Human Resource Accountability And Decisionmaking<br />Improves Headcount Ratios<br />Relationships between Sales and Other Divisions will be enhanced<br />Reduces conflicts and cost<br />Customers Will Be Delighted which means increased revenue<br />Improved Qualification and Resource Deployment reduces costs<br />Consistency of Forecasting and Wins<br />Better Executive Level forecasting<br />Increased Revenue<br />Increased Referral Business<br />Explain The Enterprise Benefits<br />
    7. 7. Legendary Selling For The 21St Century <br />Who Is Terrie Anderson?<br />Senior Sales Executive with Over 30 Years Experience Exceeding Targets<br />Successful Track Record in Complex Solution Sales and High Value Sales.<br />Motivator of High Performance Teams That Consistently Over Achieved<br />Coached and Mentored some of the worlds’ Top Sales People<br />Outstanding Sales Leadership in the market leaders in Telcommunications, Service Providers, Software and Hardware Vendors and FMCG.<br />Lived, Sold and Worked Globally<br />Author of 999 Legendary Selling For The 21st Century<br />Been there, done the hard yards, and consistently over achieved targets!<br />She is still doing it!<br />Advisor for Analysts and Board Members on Sales and Branding Issues<br />Passionate and Engaging Speaker<br />Considered by many to be a ...................... <br />Sales Legend<br />
    8. 8. Legendary Selling For The 21St Century <br />Why Use 360plus5 for Delivery?<br />360plus5 has invited some of the most experienced executives available throughout the world to be Fellows. The selection process was conducted by finding C-Level people who have more than 20 years experience. They are all proven entrepreneurs who have a track record of outstanding achievement and success.<br /> Fellows are articulate and well known within their chosen field of knowledge. They have an excellent network of colleagues and call upon real life experience to deliver their insights into improving your business.<br /> Coaching from these people is interesting, engaging and above all is the best way to learn new techniques.<br /> A wide variety of specialist and general coaching programmes have been developed in conjunction with 360plus5's Fellows. The subjects are based upon the skills and expertise that is on offer from them. <br /> Coaches are available in every part of the globe, and will work with local languages.<br />
    9. 9. Legendary Selling For The 21St Century <br /> can be delivered anywhere on the globe<br /> can be delivered in generic form or tailored to meet special needs<br /> can be delivered in a way that emphasises a particular element<br /> can be delivered with limited number of elements if required<br /> can be delivered in three parts or a single three day program<br /> can be delivered in your language if required<br /> will be delivered by very senior sales leaders<br /> will be delivered with passion and enthusiasm<br /> will increase your sales and customer loyalty<br />ers will absolutely delight your customers and win more deals!<br />Program Delivery<br />
    10. 10. Legendary Selling For The 21St Century <br />Day One<br />Program Outline<br />Module 2400 Introduction & ObjectivesA comprehensive exchange of ideas and objectives ensures that there will be a match between deliverables and expectations. The open and free flowing style of content delivery is highly interactive and the class members are encouraged to have a high level of participation. <br />Module 2401 Integrity Understand if you really operate from integrity. Establish a start position, and reputation, of Integrity. Understand what integrity means and manage any weaknesses to ensure they are also perceived as a person of integrity. <br /> Module 2402 Human ConnectionSelling is a human to human transactional communication. This is the foundation of the 999 Philosophy. Understand how critical this is, and then how to connect on a positively impactful level with colleagues, customers and the executive management of both organisations. We contend that if you can establish outstanding human connections you will exceed even your own expectations in terms of sales result. This is way beyond communication skills, this coaches you to be memorable.<br />This element will be the main focus of day one.<br />
    11. 11. Legendary Selling For The 21St Century <br />Day Two<br />Program Outline<br />Module 2403 Political ReferenceSales Legends do understand the environments in which they work and know the reality of influence and command. Their connections are spread wide and deep, they are not vulnerable to a reorganization. They can access anyone in their own, or their client, organization, at almost any time. <br />Module 2404 Hard Line Qualification <br /> Hard Line Qualification is a critical success factor. Sales Legends know they will win because they only choose to bid for business they have fully qualified that they can win. Thus they will maximize their time and availability of resources to pursue opportunities that they know are theirs. Sales Legends will win an average of at least 8 out of every 10 bids they make. They will then go on to maximize further business within those clients, often excluding competitors from gaining a foothold. This is not Qualification 101, this is about selecting bids you WILL win!Module 2405 FocusSales Legends have one outstanding quality that is found in every single one of them – the ability to truly Focus on their work when they are working. This extraordinary ability to focus, also allows them a better quality of life, and simultaneously increases their productivity and attention to detail in their sales. This is personally rewarding for sales people, not just about the job.Module 2406 Follow UpFollow-Up is one of those elements that is so blindingly obvious, it is easy to forget to pay sufficient attention to it. More than half of the average day of a Sales Legend is spent following up a person, or aspect of their sales process. Checking that others, whose priority may not be your sales process, have done what they committed to do. Might sound like sucking eggs, but 95% of sales people do not understand the importance of this, or execute on it reliably.<br />
    12. 12. Legendary Selling For The 21St Century <br />Program Outline<br />Day Three<br />Module 2407 StrategyNow we are coming to a really interesting, but very critical differentiator, between most sales people and those who win, often seeming effortlessly, yet consistently. <br />Strategy , the element where a sale that you could win, and should win, can be easily lost. Poor strategy is often the cause of a surprise loss of a large opportunity. Strategy should be developed for the client, but also for the individual bid or opportunity. A Sales Legend will be very aware of what strategy the key competitors are likely to adopt and be ready to prevent their perfect execution by proactively leading the sales process. Module 2409 Customer EnthusiasmSales people should get very passionate when it comes to generating Customer Enthusiasm. When your client is enthusiastic about you and your offering, then you have just increased not only your chances to win, but for referral business as well. Enthusiastic customers will even go with you from employer to employer, and they will remain loyal to companies and products because of this element. They will always make time for you or open doors to other opportunities for you. Module 2410 Networking & ReputationThe Sales Legend is always working on personal and business networks to be truly connected. Reputation and Networking skills are a logical flow on from sound integrity Without an enhanced network, sales people will wither and die on the vine of annual renewal! Most Sales People stop actively expanding their network as they mature, thus the flow of new opportunity is stymied.<br /> What Now?<br />Wrap Up and Final Question Time includes certificates and 999er Club membership.<br />
    13. 13. Legendary Selling For The 21St Century <br />Options<br />Program Outline<br />Module 2408 The ConsortiumSome of you may have not had the need for The Consortium. Many of you will, with varying degrees of success. This is the most difficult bid, or sales, process. Many chefs in the kitchen, often without a nominated, or effective, leader and agreed code of practice. This is an exciting way to sell and win very large deals, however some very special skills need to be learnt to be consistently successful in this process. <br /> This is an optional Module offered, as not everyone works in a consortium. <br />Tailored Options<br /> The 999 and 360plus5 team will be happy to tailor any specific module to meet your requirements or special sales needs. <br />Elements such as:<br /> Sales Leadership<br /> Telemarketing<br /> Interdepartmental Cooperation<br />Conflict Resolution are available.<br /> In addition the 360plus5 team have options such as:<br />Presentations That Rock<br />Raising Venture Capital<br />Managing Brand Equity<br />Accountability in Marketing<br />Boosting Effectiveness <br />
    14. 14. Legendary Selling For The 21St Century <br />999er Culture<br />Graduates will be known as 999’ers, some will become a<br />999The Legends Club<br />Leather Key Ring<br />Electronic logo<br />Sales Ladder Competition<br />Access to 999The Legends Club Merchandise<br />Must achieve 100% of Quota each year to retain membership<br />Exclusive Annual Chairmans Club event <br />Invited after 125% quota for two consecutive years<br />Exotic location ( Inaugural Event - Chaa Creek Lodge Belize)<br />30% remotivation, updated material, legend keynotes<br />70% recharge batteries and network ( fun)<br />999Chairmans Circle of Legends<br />Lifetime membership after 5 x Chairmans Club<br />Exclusive benefits and recognition as a <br />Sales Legend<br />
    15. 15. Legendary Selling For The 21St Century <br />Summary<br />Is a coaching guide for Sales People who want to be the best.<br />Available from www.amazon.com<br />It is also a 3 day Sales Coaching Program that will skyrocket your company sales!<br />It is generic, and protects your investment in CRM, and sales methodolgies and technology.<br />Will reduce Cost of Sales and would normally provide an ROI within<br /> 6 months, possibly sooner.<br />It is written by a proven achiever, delivered by senior executives with <br /> passion and enthusiasm.<br />“Do not let your competitors deploy ers before you do!”<br />
    16. 16. Legendary Selling For The 21St Century <br />‘A Sales Legend Never Cruises,<br /> They Are On Fire!’<br />Terrie Anderson<br />Author <br />‘Coaching from our Fellows is interesting, engaging and above all is the best way to learn new techniques.’<br />Andi Elam<br />Founder 360plus5<br />
    17. 17. Legendary Selling For The 21St Century <br />References<br />
    18. 18. Legendary Selling For The 21St Century <br />Testimonials for Terrie<br />StefaanHinderyckxEMEA Sales Director Managed Security Services, Symantec <br />Terrie is a top-notch sales leader. ...She excels in qualifying, developing and closing significant deals across the globe. Terrie gets things done. Every <br />time again.  November 19, 2008<br />Ruth Bowen Head of EMEA IT GRC specialist sales, Symantec Corporation <br />“...Her straightforward and open manner makes her great to work with and drive for a successful outcome.” November 23, 2008<br />Jay EptonEMEA Channel Account Director, Symantec Corporation<br />“Her straightforward and open manner makes her great to work with and a positive attitude that is truly infectious! Highly recommended, one of the <br />best managers that I have had the pleasure to work for.”  November 24, 2008<br />Mike ChalfenPartner Apax Partners <br />…..A pleasure to deal with. Great skills for today's environment...”November 10, 2008 <br />Damian Hicklin BA (Hons) FRECTeam Leader - IT Network Security & Test , Advanced Resource Managers Ltd “Terrie is someone who always gives you her time, and makes sure that that time is as productive as possible. Hugely respected .....and as a minor aside, <br />is a lovely person to boot!” April 7, 2008 <br />Sian John Senior / Principal Consultant , Ubizen / Cybertrust<br />“.....Terrie combines excellent sales management skills on both an operational and strategic level with exceptional people management skills. <br />Terrie is the most effective business executive I have ever worked for.” March 31, 2008 <br />Stephen VentnerSenior Principal Consultant‘ Terrie was an inspiring person to be acquainted with. ....She hasan incredible ability to get people motivated and get things happening. October 4, 2005<br />JeremyBraithwaite Telecommunications Executive Equant APAC “Terrie is just great to work with! She's straightforward, understands immediately what you want to do business and just makes it happen with no <br />complications.” June 17, 2005<br />Guy Vancollie Chief Marketing Officer Ubizen Inc– “.....She is a world-class sales executive with extensive experience” March 15, 2004 <br />Richard Gray Channel Development Manager Cisco Systems– “Terrie was one of the most inspiring bosses that I've ever had,......she is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met.” March 13, 2008<br />
    19. 19. Legendary Selling For The 21St Century <br />360plus5 References<br />
    20. 20. Legendary Selling For The 21St Century <br />Thank You<br />www.999thelegend.com<br />Contact Us: Email information@easyonlineportals.com<br /> Phone +1 415 830 3890<br /> +61 7 31023890<br /> +32 478322335<br />