Unit3 lesson1


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Lyddie Unit 3
NYS Common Core Module 2, Unit 3

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Unit3 lesson1

  1. 1. DO NOW Entry Task – think • When you get a job, what do you expect your working conditions to be like? Hours? Health, safety? Compensation? Treatment?
  2. 2. AND NOW… Discuss with a shoulder partner! • When you get a job, what do you expect your working conditions to be like? Hours? Health, safety? Compensation? Treatment?
  3. 3. Lyddie Learning Objectives I can explain some of the differences between working conditions in developing and developed countries. I can participate in discussions that help me form my opinions about what constitutes fair working conditions. I can articulate my beliefs about fair working conditions, considering my position as a future worker.
  4. 4. Lyddie Working Today Next two weeks: • Research working conditions of TODAY • Have the issues of the past been resolved? • In the US? • In the world? • For businesses or consumers?
  5. 5. Lyddie Working Today Wegmans • Example of a “good” place to work in NY • Look at their website! Click on me! • Working Conditions Chart
  6. 6. Lyddie Working Today Wegmans • Turn & talk to shoulder partner • What is it like to work at this store? • Add again to the “Examples of FAIR Working Conditions” on the chart
  7. 7. Lyddie Working Today Next two weeks: • Research the garment industry • Garment = clothes • Where are most clothes made today?
  8. 8. Developing Country • Relatively poor (low “cost of living”) • Low wages • Not much industry or technology • Changing and growing
  9. 9. Lyddie Working Today FOUR CORNERS protocol: • See a fact/ statement • Go to the corner matching your opinion • Strongly agree • Mostly agree • Mostly disagree • Strongly disagree
  10. 10. Lyddie Working Today Because all wages and the cost of living are lower in Bangladesh, it is fair that the average hourly wage for a garment worker there is $0.24 while in the United States it is $8.25.
  11. 11. Lyddie Working Today It is never fair to have children younger than 16 working in factories, even if their parents give permission.
  12. 12. Lyddie Working Today It is the responsibility of the governments of other countries (not U.S. companies) to make sure the garment factories are safe. Governments there should pass and enforce laws to protect their citizens.
  13. 13. Lyddie Working Today U.S. consumers (buyers) have some responsibility for poor working conditions and low wages in garment factories in other countries, because they demand cheap clothes and don’t demand that companies provide fair working conditions to the people who make them.
  14. 14. Lyddie Working Today Researcher’s Notebook: • What are current working conditions like in the garment industry? • Look at Part I of the Notebook
  15. 15. Lyddie Homework Homework! • Independent Reading Book (15-20 min)