Lyddie:  Unit2 lesson5
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  • 1. DO NOW Entry Task - speech! • Look at Paragraph # 18-19 • Re-read …today’s test is on these!
  • 2. Lyddie Definitions Tough words (pg. # 18-19): cruel hoax: making someone believe something that isn’t true in a mean-spirited way (line 132) peon: someone who works as a slave to pay back debts; who doesn’t matter (line 135)
  • 3. Lyddie Definitions Tough words (pg. # 18-19): bargain in good faith: discussions between bosses and employees where each has an equal voice (line 139) exaggerations: statements that make something seem worse/bigger than it is (line 143)
  • 4. Lyddie Learning Objectives I can determine one of Chávez’s main claims and identify the supporting evidence for it. I can analyze the development of a central claim in the speech. I can analyze the structure of the speech and explain how each section contributes to his central claim.
  • 5. Lyddie Agents of Change UNIONS – changes since 1800s 1930s, laws passed to protect unions • Workers allowed for form unions, and can’t be threatened for doing it. • Workers have right to have union represent them. Union will negotiate contracts with employers. • Contract is legal document that both sides must follow. (hours, compensation, conditions, etc.)
  • 6. Entry Task - speech! • ONLY on Paragraphs # 18-19 • Use the speech as you take the test • Re-read your gist notes to help you focus
  • 7. Lyddie Homework When finish the test & Homework! • Add to Structure Anchor Chart: pg. 16-21 (Main Claim & Connection) • Independent Reading Book (15-20 min)