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Target Audience Commuters
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Target Audience Commuters


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  • 1. TARGET AUDIENCE: COMMUTERS Matt Aaronson Mo Gruley Kara Joseph Terra Neukam
  • 2. OUR AUDIENCE: BROADLY DEFINEDRegular metropolitan-areacommuters and heavytravelers.
  • 3. COMMUTERS: WHO ARE THEY?In the United States: 128.3 million commuters(U.S. Census, 2000)
  • 4. COMMUTERS: WHO ARE THEY?Focus: Metropolitan areas
  • 5. COMMUTERS: WHO ARE THEY ?Unifying Characteristics Behavior --> commuting regularly (usually daily) Destination-oriented Dependence on external conditions Roads Traffic Trains, buses, trolleys, etc. Weather Car operation
  • 6. COMMUTERS: WHO ARE THEY?Demographics - Age (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • 7. COMMUTERS: WHO ARE THEY?Demographics (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)Race: 73.2% White, 12.7% Hispanic, 9.7% Black, 4.4%AsianGender: 53.1% male, 46.9% femaleMarital Status: 55.5% married, 44.5% unmarried
  • 8. COMMUTERS: WHO ARE THEY?Fast Facts $1.192 TRILLION – Consumer expenditures on transport in the U.S. in 2010 (Source: Euromonitor International) 10.44% of disposable income 3.7 billion - Hours spent in traffic per year (U.S.) (Source: USA Today) 14%: Increase in public transportation use int he U.S. from 2005-2009 (Source: Washington Post)
  • 9. COMMUTERS: WHO ARE THEY?Commuting and Stress “The daily activity most injurious to happiness is commuting.” - David Brooks, New York Times Columnist
  • 10. COMMUTERS: WHO ARE THEY?Commuting and Stress “...commuting is the daily activity that generates the lowest level of positive affect, as well as a relatively high level of negative affect...” -Scandinavian Journal of Economics “Commuting is more stressful when people are not in control of certain factors that can crop up during the drive to work, e.g. due to traffic congestion or when they are under considerable time pressure.” - Koslowsky, et al.
  • 11. COMMUTERS: WHO ARE THEY?Consequences of Commute-related Stress Raised blood pressure Musculoskeletal disorders Lowered frustration tolerance Increased anxiety and hostility Bad moods following commutes (morning and evening) Increased lateness Absenteeism Damaged cognitive performance
  • 12. COMMUTERS: WHAT DO THEY DO?Where They are Going
  • 13. COMMUTERS: WHAT DO THEY DO?Where They are Going
  • 14. COMMUTERS: WHAT DO THEY DO?Modes of Transportation - U.S. CitizensU.S. Census (2000)
  • 15. COMMUTERS: WHAT DO THEY DO?Video: How do you commute?
  • 16. COMMUTERS: WHAT DO THEY DO?Modes of Transportation - Our Survey Our survey results show: bus: 1 subway/train: 3 plane: 1 car: 13 bike: 1 walk: 4 *29% of our participants use more than one mode of transportation when commuting to their destination (VIDEO)
  • 17. COMMUTERS: WHAT DO THEY DO?Distance & TimeU.S. Commuting by Distance (Source: Mintel)Annual passenger miles for public transit:53.4 billion (53,353,000,000)Annual passenger miles for cars:2.9 TRILLION (2,921,932,000,000) Average Commute Times National U.S. Averages 0-30 minutes: 65.5% 31-59 minutes: 26.5% 60+ minutes: 8% Averages from our survey 0-30 minutes: 77.8% 31-59 minutes: 11.1% 60+ minutes: 11.1%
  • 18. COMMUTERS: WHAT DO THEY DO?What are your commute-related media habits? Where do they get their news? How do they hear about traffic, weather and other events that affect their commute?
  • 19. COMMUTERS: WHAT DO THEY DO?How they inform themselves of commuting related issues: Our survey says: radio cellphones internet Older use radio more, younger use cellphones, both use internet 12 out of 17 of survey respondents say they listen to the radio 10/17 say they use the internet 6/17 use cellphones, but all 6 are in the 18-26 age group 6/8 respondents in their twenties use cellphones 54% of all commuters using public transportation use cellphones 77% of commuters 18-24 35% of commuters 45+
  • 20. COMMUTERS: WHAT ARE THEIR NEEDS & WANTS?VIDEO: What do commuters desire?
  • 21. COMMUTERS: WHAT ARE THEIR NEEDS & WANTS?Problems Facing Commuters
  • 22. COMMUTERS: WHAT ARE THEIR NEEDS & WANTS?LESS STRESS AND FRUSTRATION Audio: 2007 NPR story: Tell Me More on long commutes "Theres no geting around the fact that youre separated from your family by 100 miles."
  • 23. COMMUTERS: WHAT ARE THEIR NEEDS & WANTS?What would you change about how you receive news?Our Survey Results Easy access Brief/concise Print "...maybe if they connected th Visuals Customization Magic Bus with Personalization the AAT No delay A..." Blog format Less repetition Integrated solutions
  • 24. COMMUTERS: WHAT ARE THEIR NEEDS & WANTS?If you could receive your news in any way possible, what would your preference be?Our Survey "If I could get it customized to exactly Happy with what they what I want, and then have that sent to have now my phone in 60-120 character texts, just radio, newspaper, to give me a gist of whats going on, then I could pick what I want to read later at my television, online convenience." Concise lists Customized headlinesDo you care about legislation regarding commuting/traffic/construction/etc.?Our Survey Yes: 12 Sort of: 4 No: 1 Unsure: 1
  • 25. COMMUTERS: WHAT ARE THEIR NEEDS & WANTS?College Students Class thoughts...