Terra Star Presented to NGOs - June 2009
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Terra Star Presented to NGOs - June 2009



TerraManus Technologies stands behind its commitment to the global struggles of hunger and poverty in developing countries.

TerraManus Technologies stands behind its commitment to the global struggles of hunger and poverty in developing countries.



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    Terra Star Presented to NGOs - June 2009 Terra Star Presented to NGOs - June 2009 Presentation Transcript

    • 1
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      What happens when you reinvent the wheel?
      You might just change the world!
    • TerraManus Technologies LLC develops Soil Conditioning and Cropping Systems designed to be the reconciling link between competing ag-related economic and environmental int
      interests, thereby enabling subsistence farmers around the world to sustainably break the cycle of poverty
      We are seeking the financial and political support needed to manufacture, market and distribute our technologies to subsistence farmers worldwide
      TerraManus CEO Stephen Carr speaking to farmers in Kenya
    • 4
      Farmers across the globe struggle to reduce costs and increase yields
      The earth is losing topsoil, run-off pollutes our waterways, and aquifer levels are falling at alarming rates
      80 countries now have water shortages that threaten health and economies
      The Problem – Econ vs. Environ
      • “The world today has reached 963 million people who are malnourished.” Jacques Diouf, Task Force Vice-Chairman and Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, January 2009
    • 5
      The Problem – Econ vs. Environ
      • Governments worldwide are imposing strict soil and water conservation standards
      • The current balance between economics and the environment is simply not sustainable
      • “Without massive and rapid intervention to address these three environmental factors [falling water tables, eroding soils and rising temperatures], a series of government collapses could threaten the world order.” Lester R. Brown, Scientific American, May 09
    • TerraManus Technologies LLC has developed poten-tially transforming technologies that have been designed to bring together these divergent constituencies and be the reconciling link between continued global economic expan-sion and growing envi-ronmental concerns
      Imagine the economic, social and political impact of such a company
      The Solution – TerraManus
      TerraStar in action in a farmer’s field in Minnesota, U.S.A.
    • 7
      The Soil Conditioning and Cropping Technologies of
      TerraManus include:
      TerraStar® – Patented Soil Conditioning Device
      TerraSystem™ – One-pass Cropping System
      TerraSaver™ – Human-powered Cropping System1(simple prototypes at left & right)
      The Solution – TerraManus
      1Developed specifically for the 1.4 billion subsistence farmers in less-developed countries around the world
    • 8
      TerraStar is a patented, inflatable, molded plastic wheel that creates reservoirs or weir systems of geometrically-ordered roughness™ (see right) which:
      consolidate soil (not compact)
      increase soil surface area
      hold water where it falls
      manage water flow
      improve water infiltration
      enhance soil quality, stability and productivity
      The Solution – TerraStar®
    • 9
      TheTerraStartechnology is designed to:
      • Increase crop yields and enhance plant health(see pictures of corn roots at right: top – control; bottom – TerraStar prototype)
      • Reduce soil erosion and water run-off
      • Recharge aquifers and reverse desertification through improved water management and increased infiltration
      • Reduce pollution of waterways
      • Improve soil quality by increased residual soil moisture and enhanced stability (see picture at left)
      The Solution – TerraStar
    • 10
      TerraStar overcomes the problems inherent in implementing new technologies in lesser developed countries. Advantages include:
      low cost
      locally manufactured
      not dependent upon othertechnologies
      ease of use
      light weight
      human or animal-powered
      The Solution – TerraStar
      Durability testing above, simple TerraSaver prototype at left
    • 11
      TerraStar Field Testing
      Central Mexico Study, University of Queretaro, Dr. Eusebio Ventura and Dr. Darrell Norton (2002 – 2006)
      • Almost 100% of rainfall was harvested, and there was no significant evidence of soil erosion or run-off
      • Water infiltration rates enhanced significantly, with residual soil moisture increasing by 52%
      • Average bean yield increase of well over 100% (see picture and chart at right)
    • 12
      Central Mexico Study – TerraStar enabled these bean farmers to move from 48” row centers to 12” row centers with no fertilizer or irrigation. Also pictured are the planter and TerraStar roller used in the study.
      TerraStar Field Testing
    • 13
      Soil Erosion Study – Dr. Darrell Norton, President of PedoTechnologies, Inc., June 2006
      TerraStar Field Testing
      “. . . each [TerraStar] reservoir will capture 2/3 of a pound of sediment per inch of rainfall. When this is converted to a per acre basis, the TerraStar system has the potential to trap 30 tons of soil per acre per inch of rainfall.”
      Control plot on left and TerraStar prototype plot on right
    • 14
      Arise Research & Discovery (2006 – present)
      • Tomatoes – 42% yield increase
      improved appearance and consistency
      No staking required in TerraStar plot(due to enhanced plant structure)
      • Potatoes – 21% yield increase
      Improved consistency & appearance
      • Corn – 12% yield increase
      Improved plant structure
      • Erosion
      9” rainfall in 24 hours (spring ’08), control plot corn washed out and replanting required, TerraStar plot corn undamaged
      • Nitrates
      TerraStar reduces nitrate levels in watershed by about 50%
      TerraStar Field Testing
    • 15
      Chesapeake Bay Watershed Study2(March 2008)
      • Ag run-off has devastated the Bay’s ecosystem
      13.1 million tons of soil erosion annually
      44 million pounds of nitrate run-off
      14 billion gallons of water wasted each year
      • TerraStar usage has the potential to:
      Reduce soil erosion by up to 90%
      Conserve 3,348 gallons of water per acre per year
      Significantly reduce nitrate run-off
      • TerraStar may produce $3.8 billion of environmental and economic benefits for the watershed over the next 5 years
      TerraStar Field Testing
      2Conducted by James Porterfield – former Director of Special Research Projects for American Farm Bureau Federation® (retired Sep 2007)
    • Manufacturing and Distribution
      • Discuss Kenyan manufacturer (Polytank)
      • Discuss potential distribution partners in Kenya
      • Discuss micro-lending arrangements
      • Discuss contract to purchase crops from TerraStar users
    • 17
      “If combined with current advances in plant genetics and sustainable input products, the TerraStar holds great potential for feeding the world's poor.”
      –FortunatusOkwiri, Team Leader, Poverty Reduction Unit, United Nations Office of the UNDP, Nairobi, Kenya
      Independent Validation
      “Based on the results of ongoing research with the University of Queretaro and feedback information from INIFAP and organizations like the Produce Foundation, we are pleased to recommend the wide spread adoption of these products [TerraStar/ TerraSystem].”
      – Gabriela Deecke, Technical Secretary, Secretary of Rural Development (Mexico)
      “TerraStar is positioned to overcome the chal-lenges of commercial viability with their inno-vative approach to advancing productivity and sustainability in agriculture”
      – The Larta Institute
    • 18
      “The TerraManus technologies truly represent the next generation of successful crop production and resource management tools for farming.”
      – Dr. Darrell Norton, President, Pedotechnologies
      “There is no other product we know of in this classification of agricultural equipment that can achieve the results the TerraStar has achieved to date.”
      – Dr. Roy Stephen, President, Arise Research & Discovery, Inc.
      “I believe that TerraStar and TerraSystemoffer the best hope for a sustainable crop pro-duction system with worldwide application.”
      – Dr. Eusebio Ventura, Senior Professor, University of Queretaro, Mexico
      Independent Validation
    • 19
      Management Team
      Stephen Carr – CEOCo-Founder with over 12 yrs of Ag development, commercialization & management experience
      Gregg Whittaker, Ph.D. – CFOEntrepreneur and former Managing Director with Chase Securities in NYC, specializing in strategic planning and management of start-up companies
      Tony Hartlage – Production ManagerOwner and Manager, Hartlage Plastics Manufacturing; plastics industry expert
      Thomas Page – ManagerExecutive Vice President, Pony Express Bank: and Owner/Manager, Page Agricultural Holdings
    • 20
      TerraManus Technologies LLC technologies are designed to be the reconciling link between competing economic and environmental interests around the world, enabling subsistence farmers worldwide to break the cycle of poverty
      Years of independent testing and research have shown that TerraStar usage addresses a variety of environmental issues, including soil and water management effectiveness, while increasing crop yields, enhancing plant health and reducing input costs
      We are seeking the financial and polit-icalsupport needed to manufacture, market and distribute our technologies to subsistence farmers worldwide