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Ag Innovations Showcase
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Ag Innovations Showcase


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This presentation was given by Stephen Carr, managing member of TerraManus Technologies at the first ever Ag Innovations Showcase held at the Danforth Plant and Science Center in St. Louis, MO …

This presentation was given by Stephen Carr, managing member of TerraManus Technologies at the first ever Ag Innovations Showcase held at the Danforth Plant and Science Center in St. Louis, MO

150 people, drawn from the investment community, large agribusiness, experts in agriculture and biosciences, and top-notch innovators eagerly engaged in conversation and exploration.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. 1
    TerraManus Technologies LLCSoil Conditioning & Cropping Systems
  • 2. Overview
    TerraManus Technologies LLC develops Soil Conditioning and Cropping Systems
    designed to address a variety of divergent issues and be the reconciling link between competing ag-related economic & environmental interests worldwide
    Tap $100 billion+ ag implement market
    Seek Strategic Partnersto commercialize our technologies in order to position the company to be acquired
  • 3. Management Team
    Stephen Carr CEO Co-Founder with over 12 yrs of Ag development, commercialization & management experience
    Gregg Whittaker CFO Entrepreneur and former Managing Director with Chase Securities in NYC, specializing in strategic planning and management of start-up companies
    Darrell Norton Research Manager President, PedoTechnologies and world renowned expert in soil management
    Tony Hartlage Production ManagerOwner and Manager, Hartlage Plastics Manufacturing; plastics industry expert
    Thomas Page Manager Owner/Manager, large farming operation providing hands on experience in ag industry
  • 4. Farmers across the globe struggle . . .
    . . . to reducecosts and increase yields
    . . . while run-off pollutes our waterways
    . . . as aquifer levels are falling
    . . . and the earth is losing top soil
    . . . when Governments impose strict soil
    and water conservation standards
    . . . knowing the bio-fuel market is booming, but requires greater access to cheaper crops
    The Problem – Econ vs. Environ
    The current balance between economics and
    the environment is simply not sustainable
  • 5. TerraStar is a patented, inflatable, molded poly wheel
    that creates reservoirs or weir systems of geometrically-ordered
    roughness™ (GOR) which:
    consolidate soil (not compact)
    increase soil surface area
    hold water where it falls
    manage water flow
    improve water infiltration
    enhance soil quality, stability and productivity
    The Solution – TerraStar ®
  • 6. The TerraStar technology is designed to:
    • Increase crop yields and enhance plant health (see pictures of corn roots at right: top – control, bottom – TerraStar prototype)
    • 7. Reduce labor, chemical and water costs
    • 8. Recharge aquifers and reverse desertification through improved water management and increased infiltration
    • 9. Reduce soil erosion and water run-off
    • 10. Reduce pollution of waterways
    • 11. Improve soil quality by increased residual soil moisture and enhanced stability
    The Solution – TerraStar
  • 12. Company Position – PreRevenue
    Completed Field Testing
    Manufacturing Processes in Place
    Created Distribution Channel
    Defined Market Potential
    Search for strategic partners to drive market demand
    Position the company for acquisition within 12-24 months
  • 13. TerraStar Field Testing
    “. . . each [TerraStar] reservoir will capture 2/3 of a pound of sediment per inch of rainfall.
    When this is converted to a per acre basis, the TerraStar system has the potential to trap 30 tons of soil per acre per inch of rainfall.”
    Soil Erosion Study – Dr. Darrell Norton, President of PedoTechnologies, Inc. and TerraManus Technologies LLC Manager, June 2006
    no run off
    Control plot on left and TerraStar prototype plot on right
  • 14. Almost 100% of rainfall was harvested and there was no significant evidence of soil erosion or run-off
    Central Mexico Study , University of Queretaro, Dr. Eusabio Ventura & Dr. Darrell Norton (2003 – 2006)
    TerraStar Field Testing
  • 15. Tomatoes 42% increase in yields
    Improved appearance and consistency
    No staking required in TerraStar plot ($1,500 per acre savings)
    Potatoes 21% increase in yields
    Improved consistency & appearance
    Corn 12% increase in yields
    Improved plant structure
    9” rainfall in 24 hours (spring ’08), TerraStar plot corn undamaged
    TerraStar reduces nitrate levels in watershed by about 50%
    TerraStarField Testing
    Arise Research & Discovery (2006 – present)
  • 16. Manufacturing and Distribution
    TerraStars are manufactured by
    VH Manufacturing, Inc.
    a leader in the production of plastic agricultural parts
    TerraStars are distributed primarily via the existing sales and marketing networks of our strategic partners
    May Wes Mfg.(a subsidiary of Pride Solutions, LLC) is currently our sole strategic partner
    a market leader in manufacturing and distributing durable,
    high-quality polyethylene attachments for agricultural implements
  • 17. Diversified Market Potential
    Corn & Soybean Growers
    Vertical Markets
    Vegetable Growers
    Industy Site Prep
    Landscape &
    Turf Industry
    Livestock Producers
    Strip Mining
    “Green” Agencies
    Third World
    Countries & NGO
  • 18. Market Estimates
    Estimated Unit Sales
    Market Penetration
    1historical market penetration rates for hybrid corn
    2estimated market penetration rates for TerraStar
    3approximately 30 TerraStars per implement unit sale
    4TerraStar implement developed for the 1.4 billion farmers in LDCs (see picture at right)
  • 19. Opportunity
    Additional Strategic Partners
    to position TerraStar technology as a BMP and to drive market demand in conjunction with their products
    to integrate TerraStars within their tillage/planting implements and attachments and drive sales via their existing marketing and distribution channels
    Attract Interested Investors
    With less than 1% market penetration, TerraManus could have an enterprise value of approximately $1 billion
    We anticipate selling the company within 12 – 24 months
    We are currently raising an additional $500,000
    in equity funding via the sale of participating preferred equity in order to fund our ongoing research and operations
  • 20. Conclusion
    TerraManus Technologies LLCSoil Conditioning & Cropping Systems
    The reconciling link between competing economic and environmental interests around the world
    TerraStarusage addresses a variety of environmental issues, including soil and water management effectiveness while increasing crop yields and reducing input costs