Trade Finance Appetite List, 3rd quarter 2012


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A list of countries and banks in Africa & The Middle East as an indicative, non binding and by no means a definitive guide for trade finance transactions which our institutional partners shall retain the right to accept subject to credit approvals and current lines availability. For further information and an indicative quotation, please, visit

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Trade Finance Appetite List, 3rd quarter 2012

  1. 1. 2012 3rd quarterTrade Finance Appetite List AFRICA & THE MIDDLE EAST
  2. 2. www.credexport.comLa lista è non impegnativa e soggetta a variazioni. Banque Nationale d’AlgerieVengono indicati i paesi e le rispettive banche per Credit Populaire d’Algerieoperazioni di trade finance che i nostri partners Banque Natexis Algerieistituzionali si riservano di accettare salvo disponibilità The Housing Bank for Trade and Financedi linee e approvazione dei comitati di credito. Permaggiori informazioni e una quotazione senzaimpegno, visitate il sito AngolaThe following list of countries and banks is anindicative, non binding and by no means a definitive Banco Africano Investimentos Sarlguide for trade finance transactions which our Banco BICinstitutional partners shall retain the right to accept Banco Espirito Santo Angolasubject to credit approvals and current lines Banco de Fomento Angolaavailability. For further information and an indicative Banco de Negocios Internacionalquotation, please, visit Banco de Poupanca e CreditoCountry and Bank Lines Bahrain Algeria Al Baraka Islamic Bank The Arab Investment CompanyAlbaraka Bank Alubaf Arab International Bank B.S.C.Algeria Gulf BankAl Salam BankBADR BangladeshBanque Exterieure d’AlgerieBanque de Developpment Locale Agrani Bank 1
  3. 3. www.credexport.comEastern Bank Ltd International Commercial BankExport Import Bank of Bangladesh Salaam African BankSonali Bank Democratic Rep. of the Congo Benin Bank of AfricaBank of Africa FibankBanque Sahelo Saharienne pour l’Investissement et le EcobankCommerce Rawbank Congo (Republic of) Egypt (case-by-case)La Congolaise de Banque Albaraka Bank Egypt Ahli United Bank Alwatany Bank of Egypt Djibouti Arab African International Bank Arab Banking CorporationBank of Africa Bank of AlexandriaBanque de Dépôt et de Crédit de Djibouti Banque MisrBanque Pour le Commerce et L’industrie Mer Rouge Commercial International BankBanque Islamique Saba Egyptian Gulf BankBanque de Développement de Djibouti Export Development Bank of EgyptCooperative Agricultural and Credit Bank National Bank of Abu Dhabi, CairoDahabshiil Bank National Bank of Egypt 2
  4. 4. www.credexport.comNationale Societe Generale de BanqueSuez Canal BankUnion National Bank of Egypt Ghana Access Bank Agricultural Development Bank Ltd Ethiopia Bank of Africa BSICAwash International Bank Cal BankBank of Abyssinia EcobankCommercial Bank of Ethiopia Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) LtdConstruction and Business Bank Merchant Bank (Ghana) LtdCo-operative Bank of Oromoria S.C. Prudential BankDashen Bank SG-SSB LtdLion International Bank UBA Ghana LtdNIB International Bank Unibank Ghana LtdUnited Bank S.C. Zenith Bank Ghana LtdWegagen BankZemen Bank Iraq Gambia Bank of Baghdad Economy BankAccess Bank Iraqi Middle East Investment BankGuaranty Trust Bank Ltd Kurdistan International BankSkye Bank North Bank Trade Bank of Iraq 3
  5. 5. Jordan Islamic Bank Jordan Kuwait Bank Ivory CoastBank of AfricaBanque de L’AtlantiqueBanque Internationale Pour L’Afrique de L’Ouest Kenya(BIAO)Banque Internationale Pour Le Commerce et African Banking Corporation LtdL’Industrie (BICI) Bank of AfricaBridge Bank Chase Bank (Kenya) LtdEcobank Commercial Bank of AfricaSociete Ivorienne de Banque Diamond Trust Bank Ecobank Fina Bank Ltd Gulf African Bank Jordan I&M Bank Ltd Kenya Commercial Bank LtdArab Bank Prime BankArab Jordan Investment Bank PTA BankBank al EtihadBank of Jordan PlcCairo Amman BankCentral Bank of JordanThe Housing Bank for Trade and Finance LebanonJordan Ahli Bank PlcJordan Commercial Bank Bank Audi SalJordan Dubai Islamic Bank Bank MedJordan Investment and Finance Bank Bank of Beirut 4
  6. 6. www.credexport.comBanque Libano-FrancaiseBBAC SalBLOM BankByblos Bank MalawiCreditbankCredit Libanais International Commercial BankEmirates and Lebanon Bank National Bank of MalawiFenicia Bank Sal (formerly known as Bank of Kuwait NBS Bankand the Arab World) Reserve Bank of MalawiFirst National BankFransabankJammal Trust Bank MaliLebanon Gulf Bank Banque pour le Commerce et l’IndustrieLebanese Swiss Bank Banque de Développement du MaliSoc Gen de Banque Libanais Banque Nationale de Développement Agricole Banque Sahelo Saharienne pour l’Investissement et le Commerce Libya EcobankAl Waha BankAman Bank MauritaniaBank of Commerce and DevelopmentGumhouria Bank Banque de Développement du MaliLibyan Foreign Bank Banque Mauritanienne Pour le Commerce deNational Commercial Bank L’IndustrieSahara Bank Banque Nationale de Développement AgricoleWahda Bank Banque Nationale de Mauritanie 5
  7. 7. www.credexport.comBanque Pour le Commerce et Industrie Oman Morocco Bank DhofarAttijariwafa Bank Bank MuscatBanque Marocaine du Commerce Exterieur Bank SoharBanque Marocaine pour le Commerce et L’IndustrieCredit du Maroc Palestine Nigeria Al Rafah Microfinance Bank Arab Bank branchesAccess Bank of Nigeria Ltd Bank of PalestineDiamond Bank Ltd Palestine Investment BankEcobankEnterprise Bank Ltd (formerly Spring Bank)Fidelity BankFirst Bank of Nigeria Ltd QatarFirst City Monument Bank LtdGuaranty Trust Bank Commercial Bank of QatarKeystone Bank Ltd (formerly PHB Bank) Doha BankSkye Bank Qatar International Islamic BankSterling Bank Qatar Islamic BankUnited Bank for Africa Ltd (UBA) Qatar National BankWema BankZenith Bank Ltd 6
  8. 8. Animal Resources Bank Saudi Arabia Bank of Khartoum El Gharb Islamic BankBanque Saudi Fransi El Nilein Industrial Development BankNational Commercial Bank Emirates and Sudan BankSamba Financial Group Export Development Bank Faisal Islamic Bank Farmers Commercial Bank Senegal Industrial Development Bank of Sudan Islamic Co-operative DevelopmentAttijari Bank Omdurman National BankBanque Islamique du Sénégal Saudi Sudanese BankBank of Africa Savings and Social Development BankBanque Atlantique Sudanese French BankBanque Sahelo Saharienne pour l’Investissement et le Tadhamon Islamic BankCommerce Workers National BankBanque Régionale de MarchésCrédit Mutuel du SénégalCrédit Libannais Syria (lines suspended)Caisse Nationale de Crédit Agricole du SénégalDiamond Bank Al Baraka Bank SyriaEcobank Arab BankInternational Commercial Bank Bank of Jordan Syria Bank of Syria and Overseas Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi Sudan Cham Bank 7
  9. 9. www.credexport.comFransabankThe International Bank for Trade and FinanceSyria Gulf Bank TunisiaSyria International Islamic Bank Amen Bank Arab Tunisian Bank Atijari Bank Tanzania Banque de L’Habitat Banque Centrale de TunisiaDiamond Trust Bank Banque Internationale Arabe de TunisieEximbank Banque Nationale AgricoleNational Bank of Commerce Banque de Tunisie SA Banque Tuniso Libyenne Societe Tunisenne de Banque Tunis International Bank TogoBanque Sahelo Saharienne pour l’Investissement et leCommerce TurkeyBanque Togolaise de DéveloppementBanque Togolaise pour le Commerce et l’Industrie Albaraka Turkish Participation BankBanque Populaire pour l’Epargne et le Crédit AkbankBanque Internationale pour l’Afrique au Togo Aktif BankDiamond Bank AlternatifbankEcobank AnadolubankUnion Togolaise de Banque Asya Finans Katilim Bankasi Denizbank Finansbank GSD Yatrim Bankasi 8
  10. 10. www.credexport.comKocbankKuveyt Turk Katilim Bankasi Richiedi una Quotazione Online, senza impegnoTurkland Bank (formerly MNG Bank) Apply for an indicative quotation OnlineSekerbankTC Ziraat Bankasi www.credexport.comTekfenbankTekstilbankTurkiye Finans Katilim BankasiTurkiye Garanti BankasiTurkiye Is BankasiTurkiye Vakiflar BankasiYapi Bank Yemen (on referral)Co-operative and Agricultural Credit BankInternational Bank of YemenIslamic Bank of YemenNational Bank of YemenSaba Islamic BankTadhamon International Islamic BankYemen Bank for Reconstruction and DevelopmentYemen Commercial BankYemen Gulf BankYemen Kuwait Bank for Trade and Investment 9