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How to measure web content readability and consistency:TERMINALFOUR t44u 2013

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'Measuring web content readability and consistency': Fergal McGovern from Clarity Grader discusses content ‘readability’; its impact on quality, brand integrity and brand consistency.

'Measuring web content readability and consistency': Fergal McGovern from Clarity Grader discusses content ‘readability’; its impact on quality, brand integrity and brand consistency.

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  • 1. Web Content Readability & Consistency – Measuring Why it matters? Fergal McGovern, CEO
  • 2. A little background
  • 3. measures: Clarity & Consistency
  • 4. Let’s consider clarity
  • 5. ‘Clear writing’ seeks to simplify written language; the result is clear and unambiguous communication. From: http://www.plainlanguage.gov/examples/before_after/index.cfm “When the process of freeing a vehicle that has been stuck results in ruts or holes, the operator will fill the rut or hole created by such activity before removing the vehicle from the immediate area.” OR “If you make a hole while freeing a stuck vehicle, you must fill the hole before you drive away.” Plain Writing Act of 2010 (Obama signed on Oct 2010), E.O. 12866 & E.O. 12988 http://www.plainlanguage.gov/plLaw/index.cfm Copyright Visible Thread 2011 – Confidential and Proprietary
  • 6. How do you measure unclear content? Clarity Measures for 9 Australian Universities Takeaway: Very Complex content on multiple pages. Level of long & run-on sentences very high. Passive Voice very high. Audience will not read or engage.
  • 7. A quick example
  • 8. Nice Graphic Design
  • 9. …but the text is a little less nice! The learner registration process will not be deemed to be complete until the appropriate fees have been paid to the Awarding Body. VS. To register as a learner, you must pay appropriate fees to the awarding body
  • 10. Why measure clarity?  People don’t read on the Web: they scan − Anything that makes the text more difficult to scan impedes communication.  People use the Web to find specific information and complete tasks − People use the web differently than print materials. If visitors can’t find the information they are looking for, they quickly go elsewhere. − Complex language puts a greater cognitive burden on your visitors.  Approachable web language builds trust − If your competitor has web copy that makes them look approachable, then you will look stuffy in comparison.
  • 11. What about consistency?
  • 12. An example challenge
  • 13. Is the UAL brand consistent in content?
  • 14. We created a simple dictionary
  • 15. Scan results across different sections of the site The inconsistent terms Takeaway: Inconsistent brand name used. Findability impacted
  • 16. Actual content With the aim of attracting a rich variety of contributions from a broad selection of people - from academia, media and practice - and utilise contributions for uploading to a newly established international repository for fashion to be housed at the London College of Fashion, University of Arts of the London.
  • 17. Why care about language consistency?  Key content likely not findable and searchable  Your audience may be confused and may not engage due to a mix of terminology  Your SEO keyword strategy may be diluted  Your content may not align with Brand/Corporate Standards especially for course names and approved/disapproved terms.
  • 18. Worried about Clarity or Inconsistency on your site? Drop by our stand for your free analysis Clarity Grader is powered by:
  • 19. Extras
  • 20. What are prospective ‘customers’ searching for? This is the list of nouns with frequency Each column is a university website 500 page scan with noun occurrences Takeaway: Student missing entirely in 1 site. Campus missing in 2 sites, information missing in 1. Prospective student will not find the information they need.
  • 21. Using Clarity Grader in your content process Content Planning 1. Content Creation Evaluate editorial quality of online content for: 2. Identify key targets for improvement. i. Readability & clarity of language. 3. Pinpoint the right corrective actions for each web page. ii. Legal & regulatory requirements Post-live Assessment Content Review 4. Assess the quality of content submitted: i. Readability & clarity of language. ii. Legal & regulatory requirements iii.Adherence to brand standards. iii.Adherence to corporate standard. iv.Consistency of terminology. iv.Consistency of terminology. v. SEO & Findability. v. SEO & Findability. 5. Evaluate the ROI on updated content by: i. Comparing with other metrics of web performance. ii. Assessing the quality of work vs. cost of contactors. 6. Plan a new cycle of content improvement.
  • 22. Average words per sentence: 10.5 Hard Words: 2.9% FOG Index (readability): 5.5 VS Average words per sentence: 21.6 Hard Words: 5.11% FOG Index (readability): 10.7 Copyright VisibleThread, 2011.