TERMINALFOUR t44u 2012 - Customer Feedback Session


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The final session of t44u 2012 was an open forum for clients to set the topics for discussion. Throughout the two days clients submitted suggestions and ideas for debate and those that receive the most interest (votes) shaped this session.

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TERMINALFOUR t44u 2012 - Customer Feedback Session

  1. 1. Guinness Store House, Dublin, Ireland12-13 November 2012
  2. 2. • Web Developer Productivity • Suggestions from Blend Interactive• Product capabilities • Suggestions from University of Oxford• Additional Services• Other topics? – you decide• This can be as quick (or long) as you like• Time for further discussion later if you like• Demo desks still out there
  3. 3. 1. File-based code asset strategy. "Files are the currency of web development."2. Turing-complete templating language with conditional and flow control logic3. Free text query ability, including the ability to query from templates4. Abstraction of templating code via file inclusion5. Event capture/trigger APIt44u 2012 - Agenda and Welcome 3
  4. 4. 6. Connecting publish & transfer7. Inactive Content is not the same as deleted8. Multiple content region page layouts9. Nested content layer10.Workflow diffs11.Web services API12.Expose template table for direct queryAnything else?t44u 2012 - Agenda and Welcome 4
  5. 5. • Extranet: Provide link from 6.2 (or earlier version documentation) to the latest version – ease of navigation • Bundles: Provide ability to save a branch in a bundle (Already logged as RDSM-8187) • Publishing: Provide list of changed & unused files post publish as a download • Web Services: Provide web service to list users by name (including logged on users) • Include Files: Provide ability to use nav objects in included media but reference the included section (and not the media library section) • Extranet: Increase range of best practice approaches for web developerst44u 2012 - Agenda and Welcome 5
  6. 6. • Event capture: Provide mechanism for logic associated with event capture (perhaps in programmable layouts) • Page Layouts/Direct Edit: Provide more flexible page layouts (multi region / column etc) • Page Layouts/Direct Edit: Provide ability to edit related content & other regions in page • Inline Edit: Provide simple Inline edit • Content Types: Provide ability to “nest” content types within content types (e.g. multiple Gallery Entry Content Types within overall Gallery Content Type) • Workflow Diffs: Provide better list of diffs for comparison of versions (changed data list etc)t44u 2012 - Agenda and Welcome 6
  7. 7. • Workflow: Provide UI/Tool to edit workflow queue (delete/approve entries etc.) • Workflow: Provide option for moderators to NOT be able to change a workflow • Linking: Provide ability to link across channels (even with warning) • Section Info: Provide visualisation of eventual section URL on published site(s) - & perhaps be able to navigate to section based on URL • Audit Log: Provide better filtering & ability to export audit log to Excel etc. • Log Files: Provide mechanism to clear out unnecessary log file entries (e.g. corrupt content)t44u 2012 - Agenda and Welcome 7
  8. 8. • Log Files: Provide timestamp & system ID in all log messages • TinyMCE: Provide mechanism to embed YouTube (or other code) • Direct Edit: Provide ability to turn on/off dierct edit by site/branch/role • SEO Checking: Provide improved description & docs for SEO & Accessibility checking & include “check writing” as part of API training • Sample Data: Provide as a bundle (Note: we can provide a Sample Data VM for now) • Preview: Provide PREVIEW button on section summary page (like publish now)t44u 2012 - Agenda and Welcome 8
  9. 9. • Publish now: Provide publish now option in yellow dropdown on site structure menu. • Publish Now: Provide option to “Publish Branch” • Site Structure: Improve layout when moderators have multiple different sections (not all in Site root) • Modify Content: Improve ability to select content from Hierarchyt44u 2012 - Agenda and Welcome 9