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Hackers ethics presentation
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Hackers ethics presentation


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  • 1. CONTENT Introduction Who Is An Hacker Types Of Hackers Roll Of Hackers Ethical Hacking Tools Conclusion
  • 2. INTRODUCTION The term “hack” was first used by US universitystaff in mid-1960s .Ethical hackers: Employed by companies toperform Legal attempt to break into a company’snetwork to find its weakest link. Ethical hackers aretypically have very strong programming andcomputer networking skill.Who Is an Hacker?Hackers: are actually computer enthusiasts whoknow a lot about computers and computer networksand use this knowledge with a criminal intent.
  • 3.  Hacking, Is the act of gaining access without legal authorization to a computer or computer network or network resources. Ethical hacking: Is the use of hacking knowledge to attempt to enter a network to find its loopholes and back doors.
  • 4. TYPE OF HACKERSBlack-Hat Hackers: They engage in theiractivities with bad intention andperform illegal activities such asdefacing websites and destroying data.They make changes in the loop andas some time they delete itfor fun only. They are bad guys. Theyare also called crackers.
  • 5. White-Hat Hackers: Use their skills & knowledge for good purpose .They helps in finding the loop holes in the security of asystem/network/server. They are generallycalled ethical hackers or penetration testers.They are good guys.Grey-Hat Hackers: Do not categorize their workas good or bad. its comes in betweenwhite and black hat, they also not haveauthorization to bypass the securitymechanism of a system/server/network,but they do it.
  • 6. Roll of Hacker Ethical hackers are motivated by different reasons, buttheir purpose is usually the same as that of crackers:Find out the frequent weaknesses in the security of targetsystems. Hackers: Access computer system or network withoutauthorization Breaks the law; can go to prison.Ethical hacker, Performs most of the same activities butwith owner’s permission
  • 7. Ethical hacking tools:Ethical hackers utilize and have developed variety of toolsintrude into different kinds of systems and to evaluate thesecurity levels. The nature of these tools differs widely.Sam spade:Sam spade is a simple tool which provides informationabout a particular host. This tool is very much helpful infinding the addresses, phone number etc.
  • 8. ConclusionOne of the main aim of these research is to makeothers understand that, there are so many toolsthrough which a hacker can get into a system. Itsvarious perspectives.Student A student should understand that no software ismade with zero Vulnerability. So while they arestudying they should study the various possibilitiesand should study how to prevent that because theyare the professionals of tomorrow