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Teri cristaldi hw420-01-unit9project
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Teri cristaldi hw420-01-unit9project


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Self reflection on

Self reflection on

Published in: Health & Medicine, Spiritual

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  • 1. Running Head: My Holistic/Integral Health Plan Page 1 of 7 HW 420-01 Creating Wellness:Spiritual and Psychological Aspects of healing Unit 9 Project My Holistic/Integral Health Plan Professor Maule Kaplan University Teri Cristaldi February 14, 2012
  • 2. My Holistic/Integral Health Plan Page 2 of 7 My Holistic/Integral Health Plan I. Introduction: Why is it important for health and wellness professionals to develop psychologically, spiritually and physically? What areas do you need to develop to achieve the goals you have for yourself? For credibility and empathy. As the Dacher stated, "to become the agents of a more expansive health, we mustbegin with our own life." (Dacher 2006). I believe if we can grow and develop our selvesphysically, psychologically and spiritually we will glow with health, have a calm andpeacefulness about us others will want to possess. They will want us to be a guide fortheir own personal development. To be able to be guides, we will need to know the wayand how to take the steps to develop our integral health. To be empathic while otherslearn, we must have experienced the same difficulties in the practice. The journey to integral health will encompass a lifetime and I will be learning andgrowing the rest of my life. My daily practices will need to include activities andpractices in each aspect of my being. Since the state of my physical health and fitness iswhat others see first, I am putting in place the exercises I need to improve the fitness ofmy body. II. Assessment: How have you assessed your health in each domain? How do you score your wellness spiritually, physically, and psychologically? Describe what scale used to score myself in these areas Upon reflection, I would consider my physical well being to be 7 out a 10. For myage, I have had very few health issues, rarely even get a cold, and look younger than myage. I have since my 20’s eaten and used natural foods and natural remedies mostly and Ibelieve it has paid off with my good health. My shortcoming is that I have never had a
  • 3. My Holistic/Integral Health Plan Page 3 of 7regular fitness program. I cook, do housework, garden, bowl and occasionally walk mydogs. I now walk 12 hours during my shifts at work and I have experienced some toningand dropped a few pounds. My spiritual well-being is probably a 6 out of a 10. I recently came to the realizationthat I can be a spiritual person without being religious. I believe that I am compassionateand truly care about the welfare of others. I do feel a connectedness with all people andbelieve that we are all responsible for each other. I practice sending out positive andloving thoughts to everyone. My psychological health is maybe an 8 out of a 10. I am a fairly relaxed, caring andcompassionate person that gets along with others. I like to help people and share healthand wellness ideas with them. I find getting outside and working in the yard and gardenvery uplifting and relaxing. I enjoy listening to the songs of the birds and smelling thefragrant plants and flowers.III. Goal development: be very specific so you can measure List at least one goal you have for yourself in each area, Physical, Psychological (mental health) and Spiritual. My goal for my physical well-being would be to get more cardiovascular exercise bywalking with my dogs. To improve my strength and flexibility, I am learning Pilates andYoga. My spirituality goal is to continue to use the relaxation, meditation, and the Loving-Kindness practices I learned in this class as well as read the daily devotionals in myScience of Mind magazine that I receive monthly. I find this to be very inspirational.
  • 4. My Holistic/Integral Health Plan Page 4 of 7 To reach my goal for my psychological health, I am practicing The RainbowMeditation as it will help me focus positive thoughts on being centered, grounded, beingloved and being able to love and feel balanced. I was also trying to ascertain what mylife’s purpose and work is not that I have raised my children and they are doing well intheir own life’s journey. For this goal, I am planning on continuing my education tobecome a chiropractor. I believe it will provide me the most opportunity to care for othersphysically as well as nutritionally. Being a chiropractor, I can practice for the rest of mylife and mentor others in the field.IV. Practices for personal health: What strategies can you implement to foster growth in each of the following domains; Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual. Provide at least two examples of exercises or practices in each domain. Explain how you will implement each example. I plan on doing a 10 to 15 minute fitness routine daily that includes running up anddown my stairs 10 times as a warm-up then do some Pilates and Yoga exercises. I can dothese at home without the use of equipment using my own body as resistance. Then Iwould like to start walking my dogs on days the weather is good so I can commune withnature and support my cardio fitness. For my psychological health, I will practice The Rainbow Meditation that I copiedfrom the Crime of the Century lesson. (, n.d.). This exercise I will do uponwaking in the morning. After I do several stretches in bed, then I can reflect on the colorsof the charkas and recite the thoughts pertaining to each color. I feel it start my day with avery positive attitude.
  • 5. My Holistic/Integral Health Plan Page 5 of 7 Additionally, I will practice the Subtle Mind exercise, as I want to truly start listeningto people with a quiet mind so I can listen with my whole being. I have trouble reallylistening to people as I am always thinking of a reply or my mental chatter drowns outwhat they are saying. For my first Spiritual exercise, I will continue to practice the Loving- Kindnessexercise so I can become less self centered and focus on the health and well-being ofothers. I believe this practice will allow me to be able to include myself in this loving-kindness healing and help reduce negative self-talk and stress. My second spiritual exercise is to start reading the daily devotionals in Science ofMind magazine each morning. This month’s issue, February, has articles titled, “TheRevolutionary Power of Prayer” and “Activism vs. Contemplation” as well as the dailyinspirational readings. Today, Valentine’s Day, the inspirational words are “With love, all things arepossible.”(Science of Mind, 2009, page 47).“Won’t you be my Valentine?” I hear my Beloved ask in the silence of daybreak. “Will you allow me to share my universe with you and to give you all that I have-all that you see and what remains in the unseen?” God beckons, as the sun begins toilluminate the day of lovers. “May I love you through your mate, your children, your family, your friends, yourco-workers, the strangers you meet, and even those who appear to be your enemies?” theCreator-of-All invites. (Science of Mind, 2009, pg.47).
  • 6. My Holistic/Integral Health Plan Page 6 of 7 I like to start and end my day reading a few inspirational words from thismagazine. Since brain research (neuroscience) is currently exploring “how contemplativepractice can have a positive impact on attention, memory, perception, imagery and a hostof other mental functions.” (Dacher, 2006). I think practicing contemplative thinking willhelp when I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed out which causes me to start feelingdepressed and using negative self-talk which only makes matters worse. If I practicequieting my mind, practice gratitude and caring for others this will allow me to be moreat peace. V. Commitment: How will you assess your progress or lack of progress in the next six months? What strategies can you use to assist in maintaining your long-term practices for health and wellness? Physically I will evaluate my physical fitness using the President’s Fitness Challengetests. This will provide a starting point. I will also take my physical measurements andweight. I can assess my improvement using these measurements after 6 months. I willwrite on my calendar the days I work out to help me stay on track of my goals. Forexample, today, I know that I ran up and down my stairs, (10 steps), and I was windedand my legs were burning after 7 times up and down. That is the starting point for thatone exercise. I have recorded it on my calendar. I can use my writings in my blog postings as a point of reference and also this projectsince I assessed where I thought I am now with regards to my physical, psychological andspiritual health. I will be able to reflect on how my thoughts and feelings change withcontinued contemplation practices. I will be able to gauge how well I am able to clear and
  • 7. My Holistic/Integral Health Plan Page 7 of 7quiet my mind as I continue practicing. I will be able to see how others react to me as Itry to listen with my whole being. I feel this is a good time to start journaling also as away to keep notes on my progress. References:Crime of the Century.mp3. (n.d.) Retrieved on February 12, 2012 from:, E. (2006). Integral Health: the path to human flourishing. Published by Basic Health Publications, Laguna Beach, CA.Science of Mind Magazine. (2009). A guide for spiritual living, Volume 82, No. 2,Published at Golden, CO.