10 Steps to becoming a Facebook Guru


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New to Facebook or need a quick way to help someone get to grips with Facebook. These 10 simple slides highlight Facebook key features

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10 Steps to becoming a Facebook Guru

  1. 1. Click here to view your friends latest updates View your personal homepage Up date your Status here Join a Network, typically your physical location (Edinburgh, New York) Generally you write on other people walls Click here to add contact information Add notes / news updates / blogs here Upload a Photo of your self here
  2. 2. Click on Friends to begin Enter your Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo email address and password. Facebook will then search your address book for people already using the social network or alternatively invite them to join On your existing network of friends, you can view their friends and add them You can also send a email directly to them Alternatively you can find friends by searching your contacts from Outlook or AIM. You can also find friends from places you have worked or schools you have attended
  3. 3. Send them a private message Leave a comment on their notes Say hello by poking them At the bottom of their profile leave them a public message, link, video or picture
  4. 4. Click on groups and search for something that interests you. Here I’ve search for Edinburgh Groups. You can either view the group and or join the group straight away If your overloaded with to many groups, try filtering them
  5. 5. View members of the group Add something to the discussion board Upload a photo Join a related group Write on the wall
  6. 6. Click on Applications to view your current applications Click on the Application to find out more information about the application and others using it. Edit the how the application behaves on your profile Tidy up your profile when you get bored of it, by removing it Add a new application to your profile
  7. 7. View applications by popularity, most users or the latest You can search for a new application Browse applications by classification You can also get applications that work outside Facebook, straight from your desktop or web browser View the most popular applications that your friends have installed Once on the Application page click on the blue button to install it
  8. 8. Click on the Photos to view and add photos Click here to add Photo’s to your profile View photos others may have taken of you Photo’s recently taken by your friends Tagged photo’s of your friends Give your photo’s a Album Name The location they where taken Add a description Decide on who can see your photos
  9. 9. Click here view and add Events Search for new events Events you are attending Create a new Event Events your friends are attending Export Events to Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, or Google Calendar. People who will be attending Photos, videos and information related to the Event Select whether you will be attending
  10. 10. Privacy Settings Account Settings Profile Settings and personal information View your friends who are currently online View your friends Status updates in a time line format