Investigate how far the trailer for dark shadows


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Investigate how far the trailer for dark shadows

  1. 1. Investigate how far the trailer for DarkShadows conforms to genre conventions Teri Kennedy-Smith
  2. 2. Why is horror so popular? Horror films are designed to scare and disgust viewers with evil characters, plots and events that can range from realistic to completely supernatural. Horror also gets people’s adrenaline pumping which helps the audienceto feel engaged with the movie as the feeling isaddictive. People also enjoy the fact that when they are watching a horror DVD they arecompletely detached from reality. Horror is also popular during Halloween as it offers people a sense of community and allows them to get in the spirit. Also, fear is the quickest and most dependable emotion that movie makers can bring out in us.
  3. 3. Architecture contrasts with the weather. The Facial expression shows weather is made to look calm however the discomfort and building is implying otherwise unhappiness which ties in with the genre. Dark surroundings, puts focus on her. The darkness symbolises something sinister.Dark Gothicforeboding architecturebuilding – low associated withangle making it genrelook bigger Barnabus is made to Archaic costume seem dominant and associated with gothic powerful from the low angled shot Low angle shot making her look vulnerable. Dressed in black which Chandelier is implies danger and a typical Low angle shot making something sinister and convention of Barnabus appear more dark a gothic dominant and powerful. genre Red curtains=gothic architecture. Links to genre. The red alsoArchways and indicates danger. Old piano is a typicalarched convention of gothic horror. Dark surroundings, putswindows: focus on Barnabus.typical The fireconventions of Warns the impliesa gothic genre audience danger and about her something character sinister The chains indicate danger and A coffin is a typical convention of a being contained. This hints to the gothic horror film. audience about the content of the movie. It is also associated with the genre The black coffin indicates Dark surroundings, puts focus on death and something the coffin. Puts focus on the coffin. sinister. This is a typical convention for the genre
  4. 4. Investigate the past representations of vampires and how and why they have changed since 1922In the 1922 movie: Nosferatu, vampires were pale, had fangs, areflection, a shadow and they were hideous. Also, if they made contactwith sunlight, it was fatal. They were immortal and had enhanced speed.They could shape shift into a wolf and they were followed by rats. Thesewere typical conventions of vampires in this time period because it wasstill based on vampires from the 1800’s.Dark shadows in 1966 shows a change in the typical conventions ofhorrors. Vampires are shown with ordinary skin colours, their fangsare retractable, the have no reflection however they have a shadow.This may be because of an advance in technology. Directors weremore willing to experiment therefore making fangs retractable.In Forever Knight 1992, vampires go back to being pale, howevertheir fangs are also retractable. Vampires also have a reflection anda shadow. Also, if they came into contact with the sunlight, it wasfatal. The fact that the fangs are retractable is significant because itmakes the audience more engaged with the movie as they feel thatthis is realistic and could happen in real life.
  5. 5. Frostbitten (2006), vampires have pale skin and their fangsgrow even bigger when they attack people. They have noreflection however they do have a shadow. The originalvampires in this movie look human all the time. All thevampires in this movie have orange eyes that turn red whentheir bloodlust is awakened. The vampires also haveexposed veins. The vampires shown in this movie areimmortal, have enhanced strength, enhanced senses,enhanced speed and unnatural healing. These vampirescan not fly but they can shape shift.Twilight, 2008, shows a change in the typical conventions ofvampires. Their skin is pale, harder than diamonds andsparkles in sunlight. They don’t have fangs but their teethare sharp and serrated and coated in venom, but notpointed. They also have a reflection and a shadow. Thiscould be due to the fact that people may have wanted orneeded a change to the typical vampires that they see. Thedirectors of the movie may have also wanted to trysomething completely different (a ‘game changer’).
  6. 6. Conventions of a Movie TrailerFilm trailers are an important part of a films marketing campaign; they are like adverts for a film. Trailersinform potential audiences about a film with the purpose of encouraging people to see the film at thecinema.Key conventions of a trailer are credits and inter-titles. This helps the audience to know who is in the filmthat they are watching and also make a decision as to whether or not they may want to watch it based ontheir favourite actors. They also tell the audience what company made the film and also the film name.This offers the audience a sense of community and recognition. They are able to familiarise with theactors and company and thus make a decision easier. Sometimes there will be conversations betweencharacters and it helps the audience to base a further judgement on the film as they will decide whether ornot they like what is going on. The trailer could also have a voiceover.We see trailers on the TV, in the cinema, online, on DVD’s or tube stations etc. Sometimes, especially inthe cinema, they are targeted to their intended audience. So if someone is watching a 15 rated horrormovie in the cinema, the majority of the trailers will be 15 rated movies or lower and also in the horrorgenre.We usually see the trailers at the same time that the film is being edited. This is to hold the audience’sinterest. If the trailer is released too early, it means the audience is more likely to either forget about themovie or loose interest. If it is released too late, it doesn’t give the audience enough time to get excitedabout the film.Trailers engage the audience by giving a sense of energy; something more colourful and exciting thanreality. They do this by having jump cuts. It is a way of gaining popularity for the film. It also offers theaudience a sense of intensity; something more fast paced and fits more in over a short period of time andreality.Trailers are structured to include the best bits of a film to encourage as many people as possible to seethe film.
  7. 7. The architecture in the opening contrasts with the weather. The weather is made to look calm however the building is implying otherwise. The gothic architecture and the dark foreboding building hints to the audience what type of genre themovie is. The low angle shot also makes the building look powerful and dominant and it hints to the audience that this house will play a major role in the film. Themajority of the scenes from this trailer have a dark light or dark surroundings in or on them. This indicates something sinister. It also allows the audience to familiarise with the trailer and recognise its genre.
  8. 8. The trailer offers the audience a sense of intensity; something more fast-paced and that fits more in over a short space of time than reality. A trailer needs to offer this because they are only one or two minutes long and they need to place in scenes from the film that will most attract the audience to make them want to watch the movie. This also offers the audience a sense of energy; something more colourful ad exciting than reality. This attracts the audience because of the adrenaline rush they feel.
  9. 9. The main movie trailer tells the audience that the film will be a hybrid. A mix of both horror and gothic. Typical conventions of horror aregraveyards, coffins, full moon, mist, old/abandoned houses, shadows and darkness. Typical conventions of a gothic horror are mist, storms, demons, blood and churches.The trailer is also unconventional in some ways as it shows the woman as the antagonist. This contrasts with typical conventions because women are usually the victims in horror movies as they are seen as vulnerable.
  10. 10. The trailer tells the audience that the movie will not conform to typical conventions of its genre. It hints to the audience that the vampire is thehero. This goes against all conventions as vampires are usually painted to be seen as harmful, evil and hideous characters. The fact that the vampire in this movie will be the hero is a typical convention of a Tim Burton film. The pale faces and the gothic architecture shows the movie conforming to typical conventions. Shadows in the first screenshot imply something unknown or something hidden. This is used to intrigue the audience.
  11. 11. Twilight – New Moon The trailer of this film conforms to typical conventions of its genre however there are some ways that it doesn’t. The genre of this film is ahybrid of horror, teen and there is also a slight gothic element. New Moonis a movie that changes the way the typical vampires are viewed. We see a piano which is a typical convention of a gothic genre. The vampires follow the convention of coloured eyes and pale skin. Vampires are seen as both heroic and villainous in this trailer. This adds something new forthe audience. It is a way to engage them as it is showing them something that is rarely used in most vampire/horror movies.
  12. 12. The vampire in this movie is shown to be the hero in this movie. This doesn’t conform to typical conventions. The reason for the female actress is due to the fact this film is main audience is females and they would probably love to be in the middle of Edward and Jacob and have them fighting over them. The dark surroundings in the poster imply something sinister and unknown to the audience. This is a typical convention ofThe serif font gothic/ horror movies as it offersconforms to the the audience a sense of energygothic genre ofthe movie. It and intensity.makes it seem The vampires in this movie alsomore traditional. follow the typical conventions of vampires such as coloured eyes and pale skin.