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Ustream And Logitech Launch Plan
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Ustream And Logitech Launch Plan


Published on

Ustream and Logitech Launch Plan Review

Ustream and Logitech Launch Plan Review

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. You’re On.
  • 2. Logitech Program Launch Review June ‘09
  • 3.
    • Phase 1: Celebrity Cam Program
        • Partnership launch: Mid-June
        • Focus for Phase 1: Enabling
      • Promotional benefit: Enabling the Personal Broadcast
      • Tag line Idea: “Be You”
    Launch Plan
  • 4.
    • Getting the Word out
      • Launch Logitech banner ads on Ustream with special offer for purchase
    • Viral activity
      • Use of social media; viral promotion
      • Celebrity use promo
        • Twitter, shout out, other
      • Blogger out reach
        • Get tech bloggers to add video to their blog
        • Seed popular bloggers with cameras
    Phase 1 Program Elements
  • 5.
    • Twitter and Facebook Promo:
      • Logitech Twitter example:
        • “ Check out Diddy using a Logitech webcam on Ustrem”
        • Logitech teams with Ustream to enable the live broadcast, click here for the Special offer
      • Ustream Twitter example:
        • Link to tips for a higher quality broadcast
        • Link to a Logitech webcam video, “see the difference for your video broadcast with a Logitech webcam”
        • Special offer for enabling the personal broadcast from Ustream and Logitech with ….Link to purchase
    Phase 1 Social Media
  • 6. Phase 1 Partnership PR
    • Partnership between Logitech and Ustream announcement
      • Consider announcement for partnership to coincide with the pet program—better news story
    • Generate awareness of partnership
      • Ustream Blog, news postings, user experience stories
      • Call to action ideas:
        • Improve your video broadcast with a high quality Logitech webcam
        • Ustream teams with Logitech to provide Ustream broadcasters with recommendations for the best video quality and webcam choices with a special discount to Ustream broadcasters
  • 7. Web Cam Distribution
    • Distribution of 50 webcams to Celebrities
      • Identify the target list of celebrities to distribute the webcams and
      • Provide list to Logitech for review and approval
    • Contest: 25-50 webcam give away
      • Ustream user contest
      • Theme: “Star power, do you have it?”
      • Benefit to users: “it pays to look good, web cam quality makes a difference”
        • Prizes:
          • Webcam
          • Consider partnerships with artists for Back stage pass, or concert ticket prizes
  • 8. Phase 2: Advertising and Website
  • 9. Ustream Broadcaster Page
    • Ustream Recommends….
    • Recommendation of Logitech Webcams
    • Ustream tested for compatibility and quality
    • Don’t have a webcam? Link to Purchase
  • 10.
    • Add link to webcam chat to interactive shows supported by multiple video chat
    Link to Webcam Chat
  • 11.
    • Phase 3: Pet Cam Promotion
      • Sept. 1-Nov 31
      • Focus of Phase 3: Emotional
          • Seed cameras with Humane Society –20 select locations---Mid-August
          • PR effort:
            • Ustream and Logitech team up to promote and support pet adoption in partnership with the Humane Society
          • Partner with Local Humane Society.
            • Determine execution: SET UP STREAMS? PROMOTE ON SITE OR ONLY IPHONE APP
    Phase 3
  • 12.
    • Launch iPhone application
      • Promote with pet adoption meter on the Ustream site
      • Track and update with success metrics
        • Downloads
        • Adoptions
    iPhone App
  • 13. Logitech Business Embracing The New Market 2005 Today Personal Communication 1 to 1 Personal Broadcaster 1 to Many --- or Millions Live and Interactive
  • 14. Driving Demand Generation
  • 15.
    • App features:
      • Link to Logitech Camera Page
        • Information on WiLife and Webcams
        • Purchase
      • Aggregating votes
      • Votes viewable
    Pet Cam Application