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  • 1. SPORT QUIZ Amal Borroho 1º Bachillerato English
  • 2. 1-THE 8 MEDALS WERE: A) Won By Michael Jordan in 2005 B) Won by Michael Phelps in the Olympic games in 2008 C) Won by Rocky Marciano in the Olympic games in 2005
  • 3. 2-THE GOLDEN BALL WAS: A) Won by Lionel Messi in 2009 B) Made in China C) Stolen
  • 4. 3-IN 2008, THE OLYMPIC GAMES WERE:  A) Won by China  B) Won by Spain  C) Won by England
  • 5. 4- EVEREST WAS CLIMBED ON THE FIRST TIME: A) By Francisco Arredondo B) By Tom and Jerry C) By Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing
  • 6. 5- THE LARGEST WAVE: A) Was surfed by Edison Thomson in 2011 B) Was surfed by Garrett McNamara C) Was surfed by Lee Hi
  • 7. 6- 18.43 METRES LONG WERE: A) Jumped by Javier Sotomayor B) Jumped by Mike Powell C) Jumped by Jonathan Edwards
  • 8. 7- THE FIRST FOOTBALL MATCH WAS: A) Played 141 years ago B) Created 50 years ago C) Played 53 years ago
  • 9. 8- THE FIRST BASKETBALL MATCH WAS:  A) Created in 1756 in Chicago  B) Played in 1950 in Spain  C) Played in 1891 in Springfield
  • 10. 9- TENNIS WAS: A) Invented by a child B) Invented by Walter Clopton C) Invented by John Cosplay
  • 11. 10- THE FIRST BASEBALL MATCH WAS: A) Played in 18th Century B) Played in 15th Century C) Played in 19th Century