IMC Plan for Wildwood Unleashed (PowerPoint)

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Designed for my MBA marketing communications class and based on a fictitious pet hotel/boarding facility.

Designed for my MBA marketing communications class and based on a fictitious pet hotel/boarding facility.

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  • Wildwood Unleashed is a new pet hotel/boarding facility in the Wildwoods, scheduled to open in May 2014. The facility will be open on a seasonal basis, from May 1 through mid-October of each year. It will primarily board dogs, as this is where most market demand is (small animals are often left at home, in the care of friends or pet sitters), but will also offer space to board cats and birds. Customers can drop off and pick up their pets themselves, or alternatively (for an additional fee) utilize the facility’s pick-up and drop-off service.
  • The pet industry continues to thrive despite poor economic conditions overall. Very few hotels in the Wildwoods accept pets, and those that do tend to have strict restrictions on breed, weight, etc. Wildwood Unleashed can accommodate dogs of any size or breed, along with avians, which most boarding facilities do not accept. Visitors to the Wildwoods who use Wildwood Unleashed will enjoy the convenience and cost savings of dropping off their pets when they arrive in town, and picking them up when they leave, so that they do not pay for boarding time that they do not need. Additionally, pet owners will have peace of mind, knowing that their pet is not only in a safe, secure facility, but is staying nearby.
  • Since Wildwood Unleashed is a brand-new business, the main objective is to build awareness of the facility among Wildwoods visitors and other Wildwoods businesses, especially hotels, because we want them to refer their pet-owning customers to Wildwood Unleashed.The website will be the heart of the Internet marketing plan, with a blog and social media integration. Google likes this better than SEO voodoo and tricks.Local cable TV commercials – no other boarding or pet sitting service is taking advantage of this opportunity.Press releases – can get stories tying Wildwood Unleashed to the revitalization of Wildwood, the rebuilding of the Jersey Shore, and the push to make the Wildwoods more pet-friendly.Print advertising – local magazines (Delaware Today, Philadelphia) and free tourist handouts and maps.Direct mail to hotel and private rental owners – most do not accept pets.Presence at local expos and events, even those that are not pet-related, such as the Wild Half Marathon in May 2014.
  • Branding and messaging – finally, your pet has their own place at the Shore! Save money, time, and hassle.
  • Version 1 of magazine print ad.
  • Alternate print ad.
  • Smaller version of print ad for free maps & brochures, and for smaller magazine ads.
  • Local cable TV commercial.
  • The website and social media channels should be established as soon as possible, so that the website gets seeded in Google and other search engines. Likewise, social media marketing in the form of Facebook and Google + posts, and Tweets, should begin as soon as possible. Actual search engine marketing (Google AdWords, etc.) should commence after the New Year, to capture early vacation planners. Since AdWords are “pay per click,” there is no harm in running the ads sooner rather than later; if no one clicks on the ads, the customer does not incur charges.Two press releases will be written and distributed: one right after the New Year, and one prior to the grand opening. The first press release will introduce the business, and the second will build interest in the grand opening. The direct mail campaign should also commence around this time, and the facility can begin having a presence at expos and community events.Because television commercials and print ads cost far more than SEM, these campaigns should be started in the spring, as the facility heads toward its actual grand opening
  • The bulk of the budget will be on producing and running the TV commercial, but it’s worth it, because no other boarding facility or pet sitter is using TV advertising. Print advertising is the 2nd most expensive, as we are using magazines and free tourist handouts.Internet marketing does not cost a lot if done right – do not fall down a rabbit hole with AdWords.


  • 1. Wildwood Unleashed IMC Plan Teresa Rothaar MBA 7602 – Fall I 2013
  • 2. About Wildwood Unleashed • • • • Brand-new pet hotel/boarding facility in the Wildwoods Opens May 2014 – season May - October Mainly dogs, but also cats & birds Customers can drop off pets or have them picked up at their hotel
  • 3. Market Opportunity • Thriving pet industry • Area hotels not petfriendly • Big push by tourists and year-round residents for pet-friendliness • Convenience • Cost savings • Peace of mind
  • 4. Communications Vehicles • Marketing objective: media blast to build awareness of new business • Internet marketing o o Search engine marketing & social media marketing • Local cable TV commercials • Press releases to newspapers & local media outlets • Print advertising o Magazines o Tourist handouts • Direct mail to hoteliers & private rental owners • Presence at expos & events
  • 5. Branding & Messaging
  • 6. Magazine Print Ad V.1
  • 7. Magazine Print Ad V.2
  • 8. Small Print Ad
  • 9. TV Commercial
  • 10. Marketing Timeline
  • 11. Marketing Budget
  • 12. Marketing Budget (Cont’d)
  • 13. The End