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[1 hr Lecture] Designing a Culture of Co-Creation
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[1 hr Lecture] Designing a Culture of Co-Creation


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My talk at the Big (D)esign Conference 2012. Synopsis below. …

My talk at the Big (D)esign Conference 2012. Synopsis below.

Design doesn’t happen inside a vacuum. It happens inside teams, inside the context of relationships, inside physical spaces, inside organizations with very particular cultures. Ignore that intricate ecosystem, and you might as well give your project a death sentence.

Teresa Brazen will draw from her experience bringing this holistic outlook to the design process. Pulling from methods used in filmmaking, fine art, design research, facilitation, improv, and UX design, she crafts “intentional environments” for her teams and clients. These literal and figurative environments cultivate work that is actionable, co-created, co-owned, and much more likely to succeed in the world.

She’ll discuss the benefits of intentional environments, walk you through how to design them and share methods for keeping them activated throughout the design process. You’ll walk away understanding how to cultivate intentionality and inspire teams and clients along the way. But more importantly, you’ll have a powerful new framework that will enrich your entire design process.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. #cooper@cooper@TeresaBrazen 2
  • 2. #cooper@cooper@TeresaBrazen 3
  • 3. What if there was asmuch intentionalityaround culture asdesign?
  • 4. Culture is a key driver ofinnovation & creativity
  • 5. "What we can do is construct anenvironment that nurtures trustingand respectful relationships andunleashes everyone’s creativity.” Ed Catmull, President Walt Disney Animation Studios & Pixar Animation Studios
  • 6. Designing anintentionalenvironment
  • 7. Look within.
  • 8. “Your ability to learn faster thanyour competition is your onlysustainable competitive edge.” Dr. Morgan Gerard VP Chief Resident Anthropologist, Idea Couture
  • 9. Competing Values Framework McKinsey’s Org Health Index Building Blocks of Design Studio Culture
  • 10. Cameron Gray Lynne Waldera Sarah NelsonVice President, Engineering, Mindflash Founder & CEO, InMomentum Principle & Founder, Tapir & Tine
  • 11. Today:Culture assessment +design a new practice.
  • 12. “How did you become you?” Lynne Waldera Founder and CEO, InMomentum
  • 13. “Have an ideal dynamic in mind.” Cameron Gray Vice President, Engineering, Mindflash
  • 14. Cooper U values1 Be people, first.2 Make time for play.3 Create work spaces that nurture.4 Actively celebrate success.5 Get curious about critique.
  • 15. Activity1. List companies & environments you areinspired by. Think outside of your industry.2. List specific attributes or practices.
  • 16. “Culture is generated from ongoingcontributions and discoveries fromboth studio owners andemployees.” David Sherwin Success by Design
  • 17. “Every time you add a person to thegroup, the dynamic changes.” Sarah Nelson Principle & Founder, Tapir & Tine
  • 18. “Social interactions are places whereyou can introduce and sustainchange.” Lynne Waldera Founder and CEO, InMomentum
  • 19. Source: Debaird, Flickr
  • 20. Source: Odonata98, Flickr
  • 21. ActivityReflection: List three rituals or practices that yourcompany or team is doing TODAY that embodythe group’s values.
  • 22. “Level the playing field.” Cameron Gray Vice President, Engineering, Mindflash
  • 23. Now YOU!
  • 24. ActivityBrainstorm a new practice.
  • 25. ActivityBrainstorm a new practice...that would get youfired.
  • 26. ActivityNow, how do you bring that idea down to earth?
  • 27. Environments happen.Make them intentional.
  • 28. Thanks!Teresa