Final transitions children services ppt


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Transitions Children's Services, non-profit FFA

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Final transitions children services ppt

  1. 1. Agency AnalysisBy: Maria Teresa Andrade
  2. 2.  Transitions Children’ Services provides needed services for foster children whose families are temporarily unable to care for them. Therefore, TCS’ main goal is to protect and defend the rights of the children, also finding them a safe home, welcoming, loving, nurturing and competent foster families.
  3. 3. Board of Directors CEO of the TCS’ agency CFO of TCS’ agency Supervisor of TCS’ agency TCS’ FFA TCS’ FFA TCS’ FFA Social Worker Social worker Social worker Homes & Homes & Homes &Foster Parents Foster Parents Foster Parents Foster Children
  4. 4.  Transition Children’s Services is a non-profit Foster Family Agency, that provides quality, culturally competent treatment foster care services to children and families in the child welfare/foster care system. TCS serves to different counties, which they are: Fresno, Madera and Mariposa county. It partners in philosophy and delivery of service with surrounding counties.
  5. 5.  Specific population-at-risk that TCS addresses is assisting and protecting foster children that are in the foster care system. Foster children who have been vulnerable of abused and/or neglect and removed from their biological parents. TCS’ serves foster children ages 0-18. Although, there is a law that was passed and is going to be effected on January 1, 2012. Regarding assisting and providing services to foster children is going to be up to the age of 21, for those whom are willing to follow the guidelines, can be remain in care.
  6. 6. Mission statement: Aims: TCS mission is to serve abused  TCS aims to use a strength based and/or neglected children who approach in recruiting, training and have been removed from their delivering foster care services with homes and are in need of loving, the underlying theme being that nurturing and competent foster foster care is a temporary living families. arrangement for children; reunification is the goal and To provide culturally sensitive cornerstone of case planning which services that reflect the goals and will be supported throughout the objectives of the placing agencies treatment plan process. from which we receive referrals. To recruit, train and support families interested in fostering children. Social workers will work to meet the needs of any child placed in foster care, support families who open their home to children and work with placing agencies as treatment plans are developed and implemented.
  7. 7.  TCS will offers case management services in a form of home visits, treatment plans, foster parent support services and crisis intervention services. TCS social workers will be expected to make weekly contact with consumers placed in our foster homes. TCS social workers will offer support to foster parents. Social workers will be available around the clock to provide crisis intervention services. This includes the assigned social worker during normal business hours and a rotating emergency response cell phone allowing a TCS representative to be available to any county personnel, foster child or foster family 24 hours a day.
  8. 8.  TCS social workers will be Masters level graduates in compliance with CCR 88065.3(b) (1). This level of education will allow for social workers to provide therapeutic intervention during normal and crises situations. TCS social workers will assist in the formulation of treatment goals that will be addressed by the treatment team (to consist of TCS social worker, county case manager, consumer, foster parent and any other authorized representative). TCS will also partner with the County and incorporate their intended services for the consumer, like mental health counseling, psychiatric assessment and services, biological family visits and treatment team staffing. TCS which is Foster Family Agency mainly provide services to foster children, and their foster parents. However many times the agency stuff is very involve with the biological parents as well, working along as a team with the case. The county provides services and trainings required and also optional for the FFA, foster parents, foster children and also outreach the community.
  9. 9. o In terms of social justice: TCS focuses on providing services for thefoster children who are in the foster care systemo In terms of human rights: TCS emphases a quote “To the world you may be one person, but for one person you may be the world”TCS’ vision statement is to see all children who have been removedfrom their homes reunified with their families. It is our goal to supportthe reunification process and transition children out of foster carewhen deemed safe and appropriate by the placing agency. TCSfeel that all children deserve a home and a family who will love andnurture them. Should a child need the services of a foster home, westrive to provide the best out-of-home care possible until a morepermanent plan can be achieved.
  10. 10.  In terms of social worker values: TCS practices are based on all the NASW Code of ethics which are the following: › service › social justice › dignity and worth of the person › importance of human relationships › integrity › competence.
  11. 11.