Books to Read Gallery to honor National Author's Day 2013


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This is a collection of spiritual and personal development authors,such as Stephanie Gunning, Margaret Ann Lembo, Therese Tappouni, Ricky Roberts III and Janet D Thomas. These spiritual authors have been guests on Inspiration Nation Radio with host Teresa Morrow

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Books to Read Gallery to honor National Author's Day 2013

  1. 1. In Celebration of National Author’s Day
  2. 2. Teresa Morrow host of Inspiration Nation Radio PRESENTS
  3. 3. BOOKS TO READ Gallery featuring guests on Inspiration Nation Radio
  4. 4. Author Carol Woodliff From Scared to Sacred Find out more at
  5. 5. Author Carla Coates Through Thorns I Thrive Find out more at
  6. 6. Author Edie Weinstein The Bliss Mistress Guide to Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary Find out more at
  7. 7. Author Deborah Lloyd Believe and It is True Find out more at
  8. 8. Author Joan Jacobs 10 Critical Questions Your Doctor (Probably) Won’t Ask you Find out more at
  9. 9. Author Sue London Soar Above it All Find out more at
  10. 10. Lemons Lemonade and Life Author Janet D Thomas Find out more here at
  11. 11. Author Rosanne Bane Find out more at Around the Writer’s Block – Using Brain Science to Solve Writers Resistance
  12. 12. Color Your Life with Crystals Chakra Awakening Margaret Ann Lembo Angel Gemstones Cards Find out more at
  13. 13. Author Janet Nestor Nurturing Wellness through Radical Self Care Find out more at
  14. 14. Author Therese Tappouni The Gifts of Grief Find out more at
  15. 15. Awakening the New You Find out more at Author Ricky Roberts III
  16. 16. Me Myself and Mind Author Roberta Swartz Find out more at
  17. 17. The Great Truth Author Janet Pfeiffer Find out more at
  18. 18. Author Stephanie Gunning The Writer’s Book of Inspiration Find out more at
  19. 19. Power Tools : The Ultimate Owner’s Manual to Personal Empowerment Author Jean Adrienne Miller Find out more at
  20. 20. Touch the Whale Author Heidi Cowie Find out more at
  21. 21. Author Denise Cunningham Find out more at Whispers of Hope
  22. 22. Hope you enjoyed this edition of BOOKS TO READ Gallery
  23. 23. Presented by Teresa Morrow aka The Author’s Cheerleader and host of Inspiration Nation Radio Find out more about me at