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  • Maybank cards social media framework draft

    1. 1. Building ContinuousSocial Media EngagementFor Maybankard1
    2. 2.
    3. 3. 3SocialMediainaByteSource: Mark Smiciklas, Digital Strategist,IntersectionConsulting.comSocial Media platforms / channels are like the buns of your burger.It holds and needs what’s in the centre to make it whole.
    4. 4. WhatisMaybankSocialMediatoCustomersDirect interaction toCustomers Customers should be able to interactdirectly with MBB via Facebook or Twitterfor instantaneous response Questions about MBB Products, ourlatest promotions or even our branchlocation/number all via SM Mitigation of complaints, unhappycustomers and reporting of staffs shouldbe transparent and handle with propercareBridging the gap• A point of contact for Customers•To direct request/request to correctdepartment•Reassurance to Customers that theircase/etc being handled•MBB can have some understanding oftheir customers base on FB, TwitterhandleCRM & CEM• Gathering of quality database isimportant to improve customerexperiences• Providing Merchants with a completecustomer behavioral orientation•Providing Customers of Merchant’spromotions to suit individual’s needs
    5. 5. 5 Keep real-time updates flowing – so othercan see Be honest and straightforward with details(as agreed by client)What the fans and followers want to feel:– Im heard, my opinion matters, someone willdo somethingTypical Turnaround time:As soon as you get update from Client /management
    6. 6. 6 Provide Resolution. This messaging should flow through all socialmedia channels, as well as be presented tothe media, and posted on websites andblogs. The messaging at this point should thankpeople for their feedback and patience– outline what the solution was– apologize as needed– reassure customers this was a learning lessonand steps are in place to avoid a similar situationin the futureTypical Turnaround time:As soon as you get update from Client /management
    7. 7. 7Everyone involved should be aware of – whom should decision comes from, what’sthe turn around time.Set up proper crisis escalation and management process.Not all unfavourable comments will lead to crisis. Sometimes just showing that youcare about them and want to help solve their problem is sufficient e.g. probe anddirect them to the right person to handle their issueDiscretion is necessary.Best to keep the fans / followers updated that you are doing something about it. Ifthe crisis is big, consider communicating it via various SM platforms and even yourwebsite (if need to).Keep the fans informed.
    8. 8. 8HowWecanuseSocialMediaFacebook -TwitterYoutubeInstagramItunes/PodcastLinkedinBlogging/BloggersThe Daniel Ariff ProjectWho is Daniel AriffDaniell Ariff is Listening
    9. 9. RoleforeachpossibleSocialMediaPlatformsforMaybankard9Platform RoleCentral point where content from twitter, Youtube, Instangram and Pinterestcan be pulled and liked, reshared and commented by fans.Short burst of update. Hashtagged conversation to create trending. To drivetraffic to website, facebook fan page, YouTube, blog, pinterest etc. Tweet canbe linked directly to facebook.Hosting of TVC, brand and UGC videos. Video link can be directly shared ontofacebook fanpage.Capturing of brand / product images, events or images related to product orbrand. Images captured can be linked and fed directly to facebook fanpage.Collation of images related to brand or products. Images updated can belinked and fed directly to facebook fanpage.
    10. 10. HowWecanuseSocialMedia:FacebookFacebookMaybank Cards cardholders to join our Facebook Site to increase the fan baseHave Year Long or Special promotion ONLY for Facebook FansCommunicate with Fan Base regarding Merchant’s PromoUpdate Fan Base on up coming events, special invites or relevant newsGive constructive Advices or suggestions to customer regarding CARDS/Banks MattersWish Fan Base Happy Birthday, Anniversay, etc
    11. 11. HowWecanuseSocialMedia:TwitterTwitterShout out promotions, events or special invitesHandle complaintsBranch/Products direction givingBlasting out Merchant’s special promoGive information regarding MBB/Bank/Financial matters#hashtag for different promo
    12. 12. HowWecanuseSocialMedia:YouTubeYoutubeCollection of all Maybank AdvertsCollection of all Events i.e : Malaysia Maybank Open, Bii Bali Marathon, etcTutorial Videos of “HOW TO” i.e Open bank account, operates ATM, etc
    13. 13. HowWecanuseSocialMedia:InstagramInstagramTo promote Branch i.e : Cleanest, fastest, most alert security guard, etcTo capture Best Smiling Staff Contest i.e #Mbb_AmpangRun tactical campagin i.e: Find the hidden Tiger in JLN AMPANG, Capture the coldestTiger, etc
    14. 14. HowWecanuseSocialMedia:PodcastItunes/PodcastWhitepapers in Audio format Financial Matters Interviews Maybank News
    15. 15. HowWecanuseSocialMedia:LinkedINLinkedinMaybank Staff updates i.e. Changing of directors, executivesStaff EngagementUpdated Resume for MBB to hire
    16. 16. HowWecanuseSocialMedia:BloggersBloggers (Local/International)Engage Bloggers to write about MBB Products, usages, experiencesBloggers to Dine at Merchant’s F&B and be seen using MBB CARDS for merchant’sPromoBloggers as Brand Ambassador to help promote MBB Products
    17. 17. Bloggerconnectprogramme17 Identify key high-traffic bloggers in variousverticals: fashion, lifestyle, gadgets, cars etc Establish a contact programme: Invitation to events Co-create new products/services Give them a peek behind the scenes Shopping with Maybank: an experienceof privilege and pleasure Sparks word of mouth, build credibilitythrough continuity
    18. 18. HowWecanuseSocialMedia:DanialAriffThe Danial Ariff ProjectWho is Danial AriffThe name that is on every single Maybank cards is totally anonymous to publicPublicize this mysterious man, as the best advocator for MBBDanial Ariff is ListeningHave people write to Danial Ariff and He’ll response
    19. 19. TreatsFairSocialMediaEngagementUsing Treats Fair to increase BaseInstant Login via Ipad to customers FB and Like our FB Gets Vouchers, treatspoints, etcRun Treasure Hunt Campaign to request Participating Customers to ; Instagram Lo Hong Ka’s most expensive Birdnest Tweet the location/dressing/name of our Mysterious Maybank Man “ Are you DanialAriff?”Identify Which Bloggers Writes what?Engage Ambassador Bloggers to participate in AuctionAuction Off Ambassador Bloggers to “Lunch”
    20. 20. Fan GrowthReachEngagementRateTraffic towebsite/blogSocial Buzz20Media BuyInteresting posting &ContentInteresting posting &contentInteresting posting & story.Incentive.Content, interestingpostings / storiesUnderstandwhatneedstobedonetoachievethem
    21. 21. Whatdowewanttoaccomplish– Increase “Likes”– Compile comments (good/Bad) as case study to improves– Audience Engagement– Listen and fulfill– Handle unhappy customers– Yearlong promo via Social Media– Tactical promotion for low season
    22. 22. 22TheruleofengagementValue ExchangeBrandFans /FollowersOffers ‘Values’Gives back loyalty,data, eyeballs,interaction, feedback,ideas, etc
    23. 23. Howcanwemeasureourresults– Count “likes”– Count Comments– Count Views
    24. 24. KPIforYourSocialCampaign241.Facebook app installation2.Registrations / leads3.Number of shares4.Number of comments5.Number of user generated content6.Reach from campaign auto posting /newsfeed / re-share
    25. 25. Link, Status,Quotes25Link & Status posting Quotes
    26. 26. CrossPollinatesocialmediachannels– Use youtube to feature twitter– Use Twitter to announce promo on Main site– Facebook to compile all likes
    27. 27. WinOnlineAwardsfor– Innovations– Multitude of Likes/Talk&Discussion– Security
    28. 28. CompetitivepositionifuseSocialMedia MBB Cards;
    29. 29. WhatMBBCARDSCandoforcustomers
    30. 30. ManyOtherSocialTools
    31. 31. SomeSocialMediaStatistics2013
    32. 32.  The journey continued in 2012. 8 campaigns, > 350,000 fans, Maybank facebook page performancerivals CIMB and is higher for page quality.32Source: SocialBakers
    33. 33. Somekeynumbers33500,000iPad users today50%Of Malaysianson smartphones byend 2013
    34. 34. Everyday…….347.7 millionlog intoFacebook25 minuteson Youtubeper session
    35. 35. MalaysiaInternetUsers35Source : Comscore & Effective MeasureAverage Time Spent: 1hr+ perdayMostly aged between 18-35,biggest group is professionals
    36. 36. Top13SitesinMalaysiaMalaysian online audience still spendthe highest amount of time oncommerce sites.Source: COMSCORE 31st JAN 2013Media/Measures TOTAL UV (000) TOTAL MINUTES (MM)Total Internet : Total Audience 11,800 13,696MUDAH.MY 2,813 190MAYBANK2U.COM.MY 1,956 41AIRASIA.COM 1,113 17CARI.COM.MY 1,085 39CIMBCLICKS.COM.MY 1,033 17THESTAR.COM.MY 894 8MALAYSIAKINI.COM 884 21MAXIS.COM.MY 877 7HMETRO.COM.MY 873 22MYLAUNCHPAD.COM.MY 655 4GROUPON.MY 639 8PBEBANK.COM (w/ history) 452 7CELCOM.COM.MY 364 6
    37. 37. MediaConsumptionHabits37
    38. 38. 1. Create a target to achieve: page views, Facebook fans etc2. Build a calendar of continuous presence in social media: out of sight is out of mind forthe average consumer.3. Dominate social media during campaigns, maintain lower level of presence during lulls,but don’t be absent.4. Key paid platforms from media POV: Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.5. Use social/digital media to act as a tag on for digital campaigns eg Maybank cardshashtag at the end of ads, in press ads etc. This works on the multi-screen principle.6. Create value in social media coinciding with key cards events eg Treats Fair, new cardlaunches, shopping season etc7. Involve bloggers as brand advocates: establish a blogger connect programme, connectingwith top lifestyle bloggers etcElementsofstrategyforMaybankCards38
    39. 39. (Benchmarks are based on values that would result in critical savings forthe bank, not necessarily on competitor levels. We would calculate thevalue of earned media and media savings resulting from this base of fans.If Maybank can share costs of card-based communication, we cancalculate possible savings (eg brochures, SMS etc sent to cardbase))Suggestedtarget:anacceleratedrateofgrowth39Period FacebookFansTwitterFollowersYoutubeviewsQ4, 2013 500,000 25,000 200,000Q2, 2014 1 million 75,000 500,000Q4, 2014 2 million 150,000 1,000,000
    40. 40. Possiblecalendarwithpeaksandlulls40Format July August September October November December January February March April May JuneFacebook Sponsored stories, like adsTwitter Promoted tweets, offers, accountsSharing/seeding Shares on FB, TwitterBloggers Posts, articlesYoutube Pre-roll ads, Mastheads
    41. 41. 41Your engagement plan should be built towards achieving your overallobjective of being in SM.1.Set a budget and long term KPI• fan growth, engagement rate, reach, increase in socialbuzz2.Build a calendar of content (monthly, week, daily) – (the dietprescription for your page)3.Decide the content balance (%) brand / off brand / commoninterest content.4.Decide on a theme for your content.• Festive oriented, event oriented, gender oriented, interestoriented,5.Diversify the content formatsBuildingandEngagementPlan
    42. 42. Quizzes,Polls,Question42
    43. 43. Gamesorcontestwithgamificationelements43
    44. 44. Helped Maybank acquire > 100,000 Fans across facebookpages & Twitter.
    45. 45. 45MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Jan ‘13EarthDayFEB ‘13Treeof LifeOverview of all IdeasMother’s dayFather’sdayFamilyLook-alikeEuro2012OccupyTheLadiesOlympicsYourOlympicsHari RayaFamilyClicksDeepavaliTheLights ofDeepavaliChristmasThe‘’GoodDeeds’ giftThankYouValentine’sBe aValentine’sStarCNYCNYRe-uniterMalaysian OpenSwing-offBadmintonChallengeMaybank Social Media AdvocatesCelebrationsSportsCRAlways-On
    46. 46. ThankYou!46