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  1. 1. MEXICANOS EN HOLANDA UNIDOS POR LA DEMOCRACIA Cutberto Córdova, guitarist, composer and professor, graduated from the (MHUD) Faculty of Music of Veracruz State University specialising in guitar and Founded in Summer 2012, the platform MHUD integrates 3 organisations mastering in composition. His original works have been played by soloist(“#yosoy132-Holanda”, “Mexicanos en Holanda por la Paz en México” and and orchestras in several countries. Prof. Córdovas devoted docent“MORENA-Holanda”) and independents citizens in actions aiming to raise activity, ranging from children to postgraduate students, has given outstanding results, which include 30 world premieres. Students of Prof.awareness on the social and political reality of Mexico and to contribute to the Cordova have been awarded at national and international Guitar contests.strengthening of democracy and peace in our country. The list of international tours of Cutberto Cordova as lecturer, soloist and as member of orchestras includes dozens of cities worldwide. His recent work “Mictlán” was selected as a mandatory piece for the National Guitar Competition in Mexico in 2007 and 2008. Young guitar virtuous Bernardino Rodriguez joined in 2003 to the Faculty of Music of the Veracruz State University under the guidance of Cutberto Córdova. Currently, he studies at "Jacopo Tomadini" THE MOVEMENT OF 1968 IN MEXICO Conservatory in Udine, Italy with Stefano Viola. His participation in a The protests held worldwide all along 1968 were, in many cases, a response large number of festivals and contest has been recognised with prizes ofto perceived injustices at local scenarios. Youth stood up in both, capitalist highest level in Mexico, Italy, Spain and the U.S.and socialist countries demanding liberties and better life for everyone. InMexico, country which was then dominated by a quasi-democratic regime, “Mictlan” (2006)the riots of students demanding the release of detained colleagues and In “Mictlan” Cuberto Córdova creates a variety of innovativeliberation of the occupied by the army campuses turned soon into a wide soundscapes from personal experiences translated into the expressivesocial movement in the capital city. Intellectuals, trade unions, political resources of the guitar by including elements of the Baroque style, transitsorganisations and other sectors united in peaceful demonstrations to express through sound and variable rhythms that evokes music of Brazil enrichedgeneral dissatisfaction with the ruling regime. However, the understanding of with autoctonous motifs. The solo guitar, from an introduction thatthe needed solutions was not unanimous among them. On the other hand, the establishes a mysterious atmosphere, is able to sustain thecraze of the regime for protecting its image during the Olympic Games, that intriguing duality of life-death. According to precoloumbianhad soon to be celebrated in Mexico City, pushed a brutal operation planned traditions, those who died make an arduous journeyupon advice from U.S. intelligence that ended with the killing of hundreds of to “Mictlan”, a place composed of nine levels: the firstunarmed students and civilians by police forces and the army in the so called eight, full of challenges being the deepest ninth, where“massacre of Tlatelolco square” on October 2nd, 1968. Importantly, the eternal rest could be achieved.awareness showed then by civil society brought about a rich production andexchange of ideas that left a deep mark on modern Mexico despite the In the program relevants partsnegation of these historical facts by the regime for more than 30 years. of “Mictlan” concert are playedNowadays, youth and social movements find inspiration in the ideals of those as well as popular pieces ofwho struggled for a better society in 1968. Lationamerican trova style.