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Turbocharge Your CRM with Web Data

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Presentation by Rob Tuttle at the Teradata 3rd Party Influencer's Meeting April 2010 in San Diego, CA

Presentation by Rob Tuttle at the Teradata 3rd Party Influencer's Meeting April 2010 in San Diego, CA

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  • 1. Turbo-Charging CRM with Web Data Rob Tuttle Director of Solutions Marketing Teradata
  • 2. The Problem: Two Sets of Disconnected Data > Website Banners Messaging Email Blog OFFLINE MARKETING Catalog Fax TV Direct Mail Word of mouth Call Center Print ONLINE MARKETING
  • 3.
    • Enhance Offline Offers
      • With online behavior
      • 250% increase in call conversions
      • agents generated 4x more revenue
    • Enhance Online Offers
      • With “offline” data
      • Increase website conversion rates 3-5X
      • Increase email conversion rates 8-12X
    • Measure Channel Effectiveness
      • True value of online channel
      • Revenue attribution
    Value from Integrated Data > Welcome Tim! Preferred Member See your rewards! View your profile Special Preferred Member discount! Save $200 today on European TotalTrip Packages! Fare Watcher SFO $83 to San Diego $198 to Dallas
  • 4. Online Behavior Triggered Events >
    • Identify where the customer has abandoned
      • Abandoned shopping basket
      • Personal details
      • Delivery options
      • Payment options
      • Submit Order
    • Identify if the customer purchased the product through another channel; e.g. Store.
    • Targeted campaign to customer who abandoned their basket
    Campaign Who
    • Determine which customer abandoned
    • Identify what items were abandoned
    • Check if the Product abandoned is still available and in stock
    Check Trigger: abandonment Qualification: did not buy through another channel, and still in stock Personalization: customize the offer for this visitor > price, discount, interest rate, shipping, etc. > creative offer - graphic, messaging > channel - email, direct mail, phone, etc. Visa
    • Incremental sales
  • 5. So What Is This Really Worth? > Plus: email, direct mail, contact center, etc. Current Reasonable Potential Visitors Per Month 500,000 500,000 550,000 % Visitors Who Buy 0.029 0.032 0.050 Buyers Per Month 14,500 15,950 27,500 Buyers Per Year 174,000 191,400 330,000 Average Purchase $125.00 $137.50 $137.50 Monthly Revenue $1,812,500 $2,193,125 $3,781,250 Annual Revenue $21,750,000 $26,317,500 $45,375,000 Value $4,567,500 $23,625,000
  • 6. Why Hasn’t Everyone Done It? >
  • 7. Roadblocks to Success
    • Getting the Data Right
      • Comprehensive
        • Include all online behavior types
      • Integrated
        • Linked to “offline” customer information
    • IT Resources
      • Sourcing the data
      • Website tagging
      • Ongoing maintenance
    > A comprehensive, integrated database REQUIREMENT Minimize Online/IT Resources REQUIREMENT
  • 8. Teradata Solution: Teradata Integrated Web Intelligence
    • Integrated Data Model
    • High performance adapters
    • Industry Consulting
    • Teradata Relationship Manager
    > Website Social Media Website Website