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Teradata Integrated Web Intelligence


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Company's today are challenged with a 360 degree view of customers, especially given the amount of interaction that takes place online -- a global, 24X7 channel. Teradata Integrated Web Intelligence …

Company's today are challenged with a 360 degree view of customers, especially given the amount of interaction that takes place online -- a global, 24X7 channel. Teradata Integrated Web Intelligence is a complete solution that enables you to measure and compare effectiveness of marketing programs across all channels and media, improve conversion rates, exploit multi-channel behaviors, and encourage channel migration from high cost to lower cost channels

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • -- Seriously, this depicts how customers make purchases today. -- They may start in a store, but they won’t make a purchase until after they receive a direct mail ad and then investigate the ad online -- <MAIN MESSAGE> THIS IS FORCING BUSINESSES TO DEVELOP A MUCH MORE INTEGRATED APPROACH TO THEIR MARKETING AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Teradata Integrated Web Intelligence
    • 2. 6,107,100 2872% 205,500
    • 3. 6,107,100
    • 4. The Today’s Customer Journey Is Complex
    • 5. Marketers Are Challenged
      • 360 Degree Customer increasingly online
      • Global, 24x7 dialogues
      • Integrating messaging across digital platforms
      • Shifting media and measurements
      • Web 2.0 and Data Proliferation
      • Disjointed reporting and analysis platforms
    • 6. Marketing Analysis, Action and Automation Teradata Teradata Relationship Manager Online customer adds product to “wishlist” Multi-step campaign Event trigger Product set for next best offer prompt; check inventory for availability Automated SMS sent to mobile phone, with link to web site and product offer, available at home store Customer goes online via mobile, customer buys product redeeming offer Interactive redemption rate analysis chart emailed to marketer Closet addition followed by web site purchase prompts 2 new scoring events New customer cross channel score; prompts email to customer for product review Complex event trigger: recent activity reflected in latest propensity model update; Customer back online clicks thru on Facebook link in email Positive-sentiment Facebook about his new products captured in DW; Teradata captures recent online behaviour and adds segment to TRM, based on value and purchases = “Influencer” segment, qualifying customer for new campaigns & offers TRM emails report to marketer: customer highly profitable Enterprise event due to change in product score; Alert report sent to Merchandising
    • 7. 8X Return On Investment (ROI)
      • Potential Additional Business Benefits
      • Search Engine Spend
      • Potential lost sales from customers browsing items out of stock
      • Telecomm marketing campaign based upon browsing/abandoning high value items online
      What are the benefits which could be achieved? Benefits Description Benefit Category Annual Benefit £K Personalised Homepages Revenue Personalised E-Mail Revenue Reduce Abandoned Baskets Revenue ECA Targeting Revenue Book Led Shoppers Cost Saving Phone (to web) Cost Saving Total Benefit POC Financial Measurement Demonstrate level of customer detail able with browsing online/offline behaviour Browse, no offline contact, reactivate, telemarketing Abandoned Basket and Order campaigns 18K no offline contact customers that are browsing Analysing customers use of quick order form Analysing customers who subsequently order offline
    • 8. Cross Sell/Up Sell Example
      • Burn Page Offer Process
      • On a daily basis, find all those accounts who encountered a burn page. Areas of Opportunity
        • A product or add-on not currently purchased
        • A premium level of service not purchased
        • An expired product
      • Immediately produce an email campaign to offer a “trial” to that service to entice usage
      • After trail period, confirm usage to the service/product via Omniture data
      • Follow up with an offer for service
    • 9. Acquisition Example
      • ‘ Look-a-like’ Campaign Process
      • Define “best” customers
        • Combination of Behavior, value and product depth and usage
      • Isolate common characteristics of these best customers
        • SIC, geography, revenue, employee size, D&B scores, etc
      • Apply those characteristics as search criteria to the overall universe to create a “hot prospect” list
      • Create campaigns to target these prospects
        • Potentially customize message based on SIC or product specific usage
    • 10. New Impact from EDW with On-line Data Domain Value Driver Data Type Customer
      • Customer engagement, intention and aspiration
      • Improve Conversion rates
      • Channel Migration
      • Cross-channel path analysis
      • Early customer defection identification
      • Enhanced customer loyalty measurement
      • Life Time Value measurement
      • Visitor Data
      • Keyword bid management
      • Advertising Response
      • Media Mix
      • Advertising Attribution
      • Media Spend
      • Ad. Campaign mgt.
      • Paid Search
      • Display ad
      • Ad spend
      • Social Networking
      • Brand Monitoring
      • Peer group messaging
      • Net Promoter Score
      • Social media
    • 11. > Unified LDM IWI Physical Data Model Data Collection Adapters Key Technology Partners IWI IP+Partner Ecosystem Faster Time to Market Proven Integration Vendor / Source Independent Best in Class Components
    • 12. Extended Web Subject Tables
      • Off-line and transaction orientated data tables extended to include very specific “web” activity including:
          • “Web events”
          • “Web operations”
          • “Web search”
          • “Web site”
          • “Web visit”
          • “Web Advertising”
          • “Social Media”
      • All these tables focus those activities in driving, acting, interacting or exiting web page
    • 13. Additional Attributes Web Visit Web (visitor) Events Web Search session ID shopping cart events search action visiting “persona ID” game play event search name type of browser media play search event spoken language campaign event search result the cookie used ad serving keyword search the actual content and components viewing event search engine ad and creative banners items for lookup
    • 14. Extended Web Subject Areas
      • Three key areas that can drill into extended behavioral data including:
      • Search = the purpose of this subject is to capture the search keyword used by the visitor and the status of the search activity:
        • all aspects of online search activities – both external to the visited web site and internal to the visited web site search information is captured in the WEB SEARCH subject area
      • Event = Capture all activities performed while online that track as an ‘event’ including such things as:
        • purchases, view shopping basket, shopping basket additions, shopping basket deletions, downloads etc.
      • Visit = Capture all activities surrounding an individual visit including:
        • ‘ web page visit’ all activities surrounding an individual visit – including all views, paths and page views
        • ‘ web object view’ which allows specific ‘personalization’ engines to be reviewed – providing insight to which recommendations have been served and then converted
    • 15. Teradata IWI Web Sourcing Toolkits
      • Business needs assessment
      • Websourcing
        • 4 Google (Analytics, Ad Words, Dart Adv. and Pub)
        • Microsoft BING, Yahoo!
        • Webtrends, Omniture and Coremetric
      • Data collection and file delivery testing
      • Mapping online data into Teradata IWI physical models
        • Load data into staging table(s) using Teradata standard load utilities
        • Processes the desired Webtrends fields and populates them into Teradata’s IWI physical data model
        • Web analytics data populates 4 subject areas, 25 tables and unlimited fields
      Load into IWI Physical Model Step 1 Source Web Analytics File Step 2 Staging
    • 16. Webtrends Open Architecture Website Mobile Site Applications Mobile IVR Set Top Box Facebook Video Tag WTOD- Redundant DC SDC Servers SDC Files Web Analytics Data Scheduler/ SFTP REST API Data Collection API SDC Log File delivery SFTP Adaptor
    • 17.  
    • 18. On Teradata.Com
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        • Improve Every Customer Interaction Using Smarter-Consolidated Data Teradata’s Rob Tuttle outlines the significant value of combining and integrating a company's online customer behavior data with offline data.
      • White Papers
        • Unlocking the Potential of Integrated Marketing Data This white paper, by Jim Sterne of the Web Analytics Assoc. and Paul Barrett of Teradata, discuss the competitive advantage of getting, integrating and using customer data.
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        • Integrated Web Intelligence In this podcast Dr. Edouard Servan-Schreiber from Teradata explains integrated web intelligence. Teradata offers a solution that facilitates the combination of web data with all of a company's existing marketing data.
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        • Web Analytics and Teradata Integrated Web Intelligence Kim Dossey talks with Claudia Imhoff about what’s new with web analytics and Teradata Integrated Web Intelligence
      • Demo
        • Teradata Integrated Web Intelligence Fusing Both Worlds Into One: Integrating customer web behavior with historical data for better decision-making and improved business value with Teradata Integrated Web Intelligence
      • Data Sheet
        • Teradata Integrated Web Intelligence Solutions Teradata Integrated Web Intelligence collects and integrates web behavior into your data warehouse to provide access to a more comprehensive customer view.
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