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How We Did It: The Case of the Defecting Telco Customers


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This presentation shows the in-depth look at how BSI: Teradata investigators were able to solve their scenario so quickly. It also features some work done by Tableau. …

This presentation shows the in-depth look at how BSI: Teradata investigators were able to solve their scenario so quickly. It also features some work done by Tableau.

To view the video, check out: BSI :

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  • 1. How We Did The Investigations Episode 1: “The Case of the Defecting Customers” Brought to you by and
  • 2. We’re Getting A Lot of Questions …
    • Hi Everybody,
      • We’re the brains behind the scenes and wanted to answer your questions about “how we did it so fast.”
      • This little write-up will give you an idea of our client’s architecture and some details of the BI screens.
      • Take a look, and if you still have questions, shoot them to us.
    • Yours truly,
    • Neuman Hitchcock and Pank Kapoor
    BSI : Tableau Level 3 PANKAJ KAPOOR
  • 3. Telco Gave Us Access to their Active Data Warehouse
    • This company has
    • 40M subscribers, ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) of $412.40/yr, churn of 1.5%/month
    • Teradata
    • 48TB Active Data Warehouse under our fingertips
      • 4-node dev/test system
      • 8-node ADW system, with 2-node backup, 3 yrs of data
      • Teradata Communications Industry Logical Data Model - contains integrated enterprise data, including product (MDM), customer, billing, contact center, order, call records, etc.
      • Right-time active data feeds from order entry, contact center, and web systems (< 15 minute latencies)
    • For more info about Teradata, go to
  • 4. Business Scenario: Defecting Customers
    • Equipment and services sales are down
    • Customer churn is increasing
    • Company isn’t sure why, so hired BSI to take a quick look
  • 5. 3 BSI Investigators on This Case
    • Frazier was the Lead Investigator
      • Revenues stalling
      • Customers defecting
    • Max analyzed
      • Premature product rollout
      • Sources of cancellations
    • Zoey analyzed
      • Competitor pricing
      • Installation issues
  • 6. Client Architecture Contact Center Corp LAN GoldenGate Teradata Production 8 Nodes 5600H 2 Nodes 5600H Standby Dev – 2 Nodes 5550H Test – 2 Nodes 5550H Reporting Informatica 48TB Order Management
  • 7. Telco’s Architecture Details
    • Source Systems
      • Order Entry – 4.8TB, 218 tables
      • Contact Centers – 2TB, 159 tables
    • Mini-batch Extract/Transform/Load from
    • both SAP front-end and Siebel Contact Centers,
    • every 5 minutes
      • Together, about 80-90M records/day
    • Corporate edict/goal/SLA:
      • no reports on any data more than 15 minutes old
    • 25 BI analysts run about 625 ad-hoc BI queries/day
      • Generate 4,200 “standard reports” per day for 12 user groups
      • User population of 134 “power users”, 1,450 report recipients who are “active,” 3,288 overall
      • 247 alerts/day about unusual situations, KPIs at risk
  • 8. BI Reporting Tool On Top
    • Reporting daily sales performance trends to senior managers categorized by channel, market segment, and product mix
    • Analyzing price points by product for pricing strategies that would positively impact revenue and simplify current customer pricing plans
    • Visualizing hundreds of sources of marketing, customer, and financial data to drive strategic and operational decision making
    Recently standardized on Tableau as the corporate BI reporting/visualization tool
  • 9. Frazier’s Investigations Customers Are Defecting
  • 10. Frazier’s Investigations Revenues Are Stalled
  • 11. Max’s Investigations Premature Product Rollout?
  • 12. Zoey Investigated Competitor Pricing Problem? ZOEY PICTURE
  • 13. Zoey Investigated Pricing – What Callers Said to Contact Centers
  • 14. Zoey Investigated Installations – On Time, SLAs Met
  • 15. Max Investigated Cancellations – Across Order Sources
  • 16. Max Investigated Sources of Cancellations – Drill Into Contact Centers
  • 17. Max Discovers Sales Drop-off Source – Three Contact Centers
  • 18. Summary The Case of the Defecting Customers Jason’s company was experiencing dropping revenues and increasing customer defections
    • BSI explored 3 hypotheses:
    • Premature product rollout
    • Aggressive competitor pricing
    • Installation issues
    • Based on data, we rejected all 3
    Drilling into the details exposed the real problem: Defections are coming from 3 Contact Centers, perhaps because they laid off some employees CASE CLOSED
  • 19. Learn More
    • Can your company do something similar?
    • With Teradata analytic and data warehouse solutions, you can provide BI analysts with right-time access to integrated data and insights, an unparalleled foundation for Business Intelligence
        • Active Enterprise Data Warehouse
        • Communications Industry Logical Data Model
        • Industry Analytic Solutions
    • With Tableau Visualization and Reporting you easily build, see, and drill down into strategic and tactical reports, and dashboards
        • Tableau Products
        • Product Tour
        • Visual Examples
    • Contact us to get started:
      • [email_address]