Bring Your Two Worlds Together: Integrated Online and Offline Channels for a Unified Front

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Bring Your Two Worlds Together: Integrated Online and Offline Channels for a Unified Front



This Campaign Manager Leadership Series ebook addresses how marketers can use a multi-channel approach to meet customers preferred methods of communication regardless of channel. ...

This Campaign Manager Leadership Series ebook addresses how marketers can use a multi-channel approach to meet customers preferred methods of communication regardless of channel.

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Bring Your Two Worlds Together: Integrated Online and Offline Channels for a Unified Front Presentation Transcript

  • 1. TWO WORLDS TOGETHER Integrate online and offline channels for a unified front CAMPAIGN MANAGER LEADERSHIP SERIES BRING YOUR
  • 2. THE VIEW FROM OUTSIDE Your customers don’t recognize the boundaries of offline or online. They don’t see email, apps or customer service. They just see you – your brand and the experience they have with it.
  • 3. DIGITAL VS. TRADITIONAL For many marketers today, digital marketing hasn't proven real value. Meanwhile, others are saying that traditional channels are dead. Who’s right? Neither. You need both. And for many, that is the scariest answer of all. That means that they are forced to view their product and brands from very different perspectives, an often confusing experience that is compounded by an un-integrated understanding of the customer and the variety of teams and messages the marketer is coordinating. The truth is, those varying perspectives are what your customers experience every day. By adopting a holistic approach, marketers can create multi-channel campaigns that engage customers and generate higher response rates. In addition, integrating online and offline channels centralizes control and makes it easier to measure impact – improvements that are critical to optimize planning for future campaigns.
  • 4. TALKING TO – NOT AT – CUSTOMERS Communicating through digital channels means that marketers must reconsider how they communicate with customers. In this more personal one-to-one era, customers expect a more conversational tone. And that desire has spread beyond digital. Although spending on digital media is still a small percentage – just 13 percent of the total marketing budget for B2B1 – it has impacted communications everywhere. Customers today expect you to know them, and they expect a two-way conversation, regardless of where and how the interaction begins, or on what channel or platform the conversation begins. That means every communication should be considered based on how it will or could be received across multiple channels. This is a definite shift away from most marketers’ comfort zones, but one that ultimately will help build an authentic brand. AVERAGE MARKETING BUDGET SPENDING SOURCE: 1 - Laura Ramos with David M. Cooperstein, Tracy Stokes, Alexandra Hayes, Elizabeth Perez, “Focus B2B Marketing Budget Gains On Business Outcomes To Succeed In 2014”, January, 2014 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% 13% 87% DIGITAL MEDIA OTHER MEDIA
  • 5. PERCENTAGE OF GROWTH IN DIGITAL MARKETING SPEND SOURCE: 2 - AUG. 2011 FEB. 2012 AUG. 2012 FEB. 2013 AUG. 2013 FEB. 2014 11.2% 12.8% 11.5% 10.2% 10.1% 8.2% While the total expenditure on digital marketing is well behind that of traditional marketing, it is continuing to grow.2 0% 3% 6% 9% 12% 15%
  • 6. LOOKING FOR THE BLEND If you think you have your customers’ undivided attention at any point, you are most likely fooling yourself. The multi-screen day is how a majority of people now live. They watch TV with their tablets in their hands and their smartphones by their side. They type emails with webinars in the background. They drive to work while listening to podcasts and drive home (hopefully) using voice-activated SMS. The reality is that every communication you create has the potential to move into the digital realm. What brands need to consider is their ultimate objective, their customers’ preferred methods to get there and how brands can move them along. Then they need to understand how to bring information from all of those touchpoints together for a complete view of the customer.
  • 7. JUMPING ACROSS CHANNELS Like many organizations, American Eagle Outfitters is facing a common challenge – finding the right mix between digital and brick and mortar selling. To make matters more difficult, a large segment of their core audience of teenagers often don’t purchase their own clothes. It’s mom at the counter instead. “It’s important to know who they are and what they purchase…but it’s important for us to actually know their family,” states Rick Guntang, Senior Manager of Performance Marketing Operations. To ensure everyone was engaged in relevant conversation through the right channels, American Eagle Outfitters used Teradata solutions to focus on integrating all customer data. This gave the marketing teams the agility needed to send out multiple campaigns on multiple channels and create those relevant conversations. Now millenials might get an offer on their phone when they are in the store – but they are there because mom got an email coupon or a flyer in the mail. “American Eagle Outfitters is a data-driven business…we’re trying to parse all the information that we get from a customer into a unified type of message and make sure that they are able to be fun with our product and get into our stores and interact with our people.” Rick Guntang, American Eagle Outfitters Senior Manager, Performance Marketing and Operations
  • 8. MAKING A STATEMENT Hertz has been Zagat’s top pick for its “Customer Loyalty Program” for two years running for one main reason: they've found ways to delight their customers by coordinating conversations across multiple channels. Because all of their data is integrated for one version of the truth, they can create customized and consistent real-time interactions with customers. Messages and unique offers are sent via multiple channels – 3,700 call center agents, counter terminals, handheld devices and the Hertz website. For instance, through their “Carfirmation” program, loyalty members flying will be sent an email with the exact location and type of car they are about to pick up the second they land. If they don’t like that car, they can change it right then. Other touches, like using receipts to let customers know if their credit card is about to expire, help keep Hertz customers loyal. “Customers are very vocal about what they want. If you can’t deliver it to them, they’ll find somebody who can.” Greg Palk, Hertz Manager, CRM Applications
  • 9. MARKETING = COMMUNICATION As marketing evolves, it must account for how messages integrate and spread across the enterprise. The marketing ecosystem is expanding. Now fundamental business functions, such as planning, financial management, data analysis, and procurement, must be aligned in new ways. Ten years ago, would anybody have considered a bank statement to be a marketing asset? Now, more than ever, we need to think outside-in, integrating internal data and systems while we simultaneously integrate the customer experience to win in the market both short- and long-term.
  • 10. Teradata is a global leader in analytic data platforms, marketing and analytic applications, and consulting services. Teradata helps organizations collect, integrate, and analyze all of their data so they can know more about their customers and business and do more of what’s really important. Visit for details. 10000 Innovation Drive, Dayton, OH 45342 U.S. and Canada 1-866-548-8348, For International Callers: (937) 242-4030 Teradata and the Teradata logo are registered trademarks of Teradata Corporation and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and worldwide. Teradata continually improves products as new technologies and components become available. Teradata, therefore, reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice. All features, functions, and operations described herein may not be marketed in all parts of the world. Consult your Teradata representative or for more information. EB-8217> 0514 Copyright © 2014 by Teradata Corporation. All rights reserved. Produced in USA. LEARN HOW YOU CAN INTEGRATE YOUR ONLINE AND OFFLINE WORLDS FOR A CONSISTENT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Visit Us: | Follow on Twitter: @Teradata_Apps